Heal Your Emotions: The Anti-Anxiety Diet, Herbs, and Food Supplements for Wholeness

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Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue

I had to bear up to some of the worst panic disorder and depression ever. It was truly horrific, the symptoms were dreadful! I would suffer heart palpitations, insomnia, mental disturbances, horrible thoughts, and terrible panic would keep me up all night until the early morning hours when only then I would finally get some sleep which would have to last until noon.

Seven Steps to Wholeness

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Anxiety Disorder, Chronic Fatigue and Depression
How I Remedied It Without Drugs

Sometimes I would have to sleep in all day. This problem would be terrible for my business as an artist and maintenance manager. Whenever I tried to eat something I would get severe depression right after the meal and then fall asleep in the the afternoon until 6 pm after which I would finally have some energy to barely get what needs doing as fast as I possibly could before the annoying cycle would repeat itself.

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I suffered horribly for years and years throughout most of my youth and adult life. I also developed terrible agoraphobia and social phobia, especially right after some very distressing experiences in the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th grades. During that time, I was picked on and bullied often incessantly, for hours at a time. Completely mortified and overloaded with too much stress, worry and the constant pressure to keep up with my schoolwork, my grades also suffered horribly. Fortunately, the hazing tapered off during the last two years of high school and throughout college I was finally able to get on with my education without too much disruption from others. I majored in art and took many classes in psychology, religion, philosophy, nutrition and astronomy.

From age 14 and into my early 20s, I developed a life-long crippling combination of several problems, not just anxiety, but also severe depression, mysterious weight loss, severe acne, poor digestion, food allergies, vertigo, and a form of chronic fatigue syndrome. I became what was in fact a basket case of all manner of perplexing and extremely annoying symptoms. Unfortunately conventional medicine at that time (1980-2000) was almost completely useless for the type of problems I was suffering from. Conventional doctors, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists would say it was all psychosomatic and put me on antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs to control the symptoms. None of these worked at all, the but side effects sure did and the drugs along with the doctor bills, psychiatry bills, etc. were expensive! Yes, the side-effects were devastating and made me even more depressed.

After years and years of being utterly dismayed by the ineffectiveness of the drug therapies, hours and hours of useless, time consuming and expensive psychiatric therapy sessions, medical groups, etc. I decided to try various forms of alternative medicine even though the conventional psychiatrists, doctors, etc. warned me against nutritional and other alternative therapies as being quack treatments at best, and at worse, the potential to do great harm.

Fortunately I ignored their "dire" warnings because they did not feel intuitively correct. Following my heart and therefore trying alternative, spiritual and natural therapies seemed so much more interesting and promising for me! Only problem however was the huge task ahead of sorting out what worked from all the things that did not and had to go way beyond what conventional medical doctors warned would have no effect or even worse, cause "God knows what." Although the alternative treatments seemed much more promising, and sometimes seemed to help and in spite of their warnings, never encountered any harmful side-effects (extremely important!), they were still nevertheless rather ineffective in general and I still had to search deeper and deeper into the field of alternative medicine for what would really help me.

Even though I was barely functioning throughout the time of my search for desperately needed answers, I spent all of my college years and beyond buying and reading every book I could find on the subject of the nutritional and/or alternative treatment of anxiety, agoraphobia, chronic fatigue and depression. I strongly suspected more and more that correct nutrition was the answer.

After comparing my terrible pharmaceutical drug experiences with the so called "snake oil" and "quack medicine" products from natural herbal, mineral and vitamin sources, I was shocked to find in general a far greater degree of satisfaction and even some actual relief using the "snake oil" products!

Having suffered from so many years and years of traumatic anxiety attacks, depression and utter hopelessness, and then to finally find some relief using "quack medicine" made me realize then and there just how misappropriated the authoritative medical establishment really is. Not having any side-effects, being much more easily available and less expensive, I ended up trying everything the health food industry could offer that I thought would even remotely help my suffering and started feeling better for the first time in my life using these formulas and other alternative methods such as meditation, yoga, and saturating my room with negative ions from negative ion generators.

After the new century began, my research gradually moved over to the internet and replacing the local library and health food bookstores, "Google" became my greatest and most valuable resource. I eventually found out about ionized water and alkaline raw food diets. I learned all I could about these exciting new possibilities which I also incorporated into my daily lifestyle creating unmistakable improvements in my health and overall well-being, especially the extremely good habit of drinking loads of negatively ionized water between meals instead of snacking.

After learning all I could about minerals, trace elements, monatomic ions, etc. I found even further improvement in my health after including these valuable gems. I therefore took what many would consider excessive amounts of vitamin D, raw eggs (contains sulfur), food grade yeast (phosphorus), dolomite, mineral supplements and colloidal trace elements and found to my amazement not only further improvements in my mental outlook, but also a rather dramatic regeneration of my teeth! I also noticed much healthier looking hair, skin and nails. While many others in my age seemed affected with back and arthritic joint pains, massive dental bills, etc., I had no trace of anything like that.

I also found incomparable benefit from all manner of super foods, green powders and herbal formulas, especially those most often used for anxiety, fatigue and depression. These included herbs and botanical sources such as barley grass, kelp, turmeric, cayenne pepper, rhodiola rosa, ashwaganda, maca, eleuthero (Siberian ginseng), damiana, bacopa, ginkgo, St John's wort, chamomile, lemon balm, etc. To my astonishment, these herbs not only completely stopped the depression and prevented anxiety attacks, they also gave me a great deal of bliss and lots of tremendously good side effects!

I also changed many other personal habits that many people would never consider, such as conservation of sexual energy (celibacy) for better meditation, transmutation and spiritual reasons. Now with everything combined so far, I often find myself boosted into truly incredible heights of joy, love and bliss. However all of these things, as wonderful as they are, I still suffered from some social anxiety, the need to take naps during the day, and some agoraphobia. But never mind, the overall psychological effects and other health benefits from various non-drug alternative "quack medicine" and/or "snake oil" sources is simply incredible!

There is also a spiritual side to my story of life-long illness and recovery. In my life-long search for spiritual answers, the conventional scientific knowledge saying that we are strictly limited to the lifespan and severe limitations of the physical body and brain only made my view of life even more hopeless, terrifying and dismal. From the scientific materialistic viewpoint, my fear of death and the utter injustice I had to endure was simply overwhelming. The idea of simply losing everything through severe illness and/or death without any compensation at all the severe emotional pain caused by my illness and other people utterly horrified me. Life seemed utterly unfair!

Even though I found some consolation in various forms of the Christian religion, it certainly did not begin to answer any of my real questions and longings. What I therefore found to be absolutely essential were several books and websites on near-death experiences and the afterlife, the old paranormal voice recordings of Leslie Flint, the teachings of Abraham (channeled through Ester Hicks) and those of the extraterrestrial from Essassani, Bashar (channeled through Darryl Anka). Bashar's and Abraham's wisdom on the law of attraction and other great truths far outshone any other I ever heard. Simply knowing without any doubt whatsoever of the existence and reality of the afterlife and the scientific validity of all spiritual truths, made everything so much easier for me to cope with and to come to terms with.

Now you know some of the great challenges I had to face and how I overcame them. First I tried conventional systems of diagnosis and treatment with absolutely no success whatsoever, and if anything, the exacerbation of symptoms. I therefore had no choice but to try alternative medicine which felt much more comfortable and natural to my way of thinking, feeling and living anyway. Eventually I found that instigating certain habits such as drinking loads of water instead of snacking, then consuming of generous amounts of raw food, minerals, antioxidants, super food formulas, green powders, and especially the herbs really helped my mental outlook on life.

Living a pure lifestyle while improving my attitude with scientifically validated spiritual truths related to spiritualism and the afterlife helped a great deal. I also wrote extensively many articles throughout my websites and the following amazing ebook, Seven Steps to Wholeness.

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