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Astral Experiences

If one can simply "awaken" in a higher or separate realm beyond the physical while sleeeping or in deep meditation, an amazing realization of one's own spiritual nature can take place.

The Scientifically Proven Reality of Life After Death

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Daily Life in an Enchanting Astral Village
I Experienced an Odd Dream that Seemed Very, Very Real

Occasionally, I am blessed to enjoy some truly amazing lucid dreams that seem to indicate some realm or plane of existence above this one that is full of bliss, wonder and excitement.

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Maybe it was all just a dream, but it seemed so real, and so vivid that I could swear there was an external, independent reality to it. From what I have learned from such dreams, many mystics would say that indeed there could be some actual influence coming through from an upper afterlife realm.

Before this experience occurred, something very significant happened: upon waking in the middle of the early morning hours (Monday, July 16, 2012), I noticed a very constant, and very definite clicking sound in my inner ears, like a very loud watch ticking and many high-pitched sounds. I think the masters of old would assume these were astral sounds? I then went back to sleep and had the following experience.

This experience started out as a vivid dream and I was confused at first finding myself in various different situations that were quite odd, each time thinking I got lost or lost something. Then I realized these experiences had to be a dream so no longer remained alarmed.

In a sense I experienced a min-awakening that could help explain or illustrate what spiritual enlightenment would be like on Earth as I "woke up" into an inner reality of utter joy and ecstasy and no need of any externals as soon as I realized I was simply having a dream and could find whatever I needed, rather than having to carry things or "possessions" around with me. I started to discover and explore many amazing scenes of great beauty while finding myself in great ecstasy.

I found myself walking/floating in a world of amazing color and beauty. It was fresh and alive with lightness. I marched for miles and miles through clean, multi-dimensional worlds full of color. Great natural open spaces, oceans and seashores became visible. My agoraphobia which I always suffered from on Earth COMPLETELY disappeared! I could if I wanted float up into an atmosphere filled with multiple layers of mist. I therefore entered into a samadhi as I rose up into the sky like an aircraft. The most amazing thing of all was the bliss, the incredible, utterly amazing bliss and joy of being there, so vibrant, so much lightness, so full of life and so intensely interested in the whole experience.

There were also many inhabitants living in various kinds of buildings and enclosures, mostly rather quant and very enchanting. Plants and shrubbery seemed to grow over many of these dwellings, not at all in a haphazard way, but in a deliberate and decorative way. I encountered many people with all sorts of backgrounds.

Their cottages were adorned with L. E. D. lighting powered by battery or chemical action. The people told me it was simply their world; they did not think of it as an astral plane. There was no pollution anywhere. Whatever was used, consumed or discarded seemed to vaporize or disappear very soon. So there were none of the environmental problems that happen on Earth. One lady who had lived in this condition of life for a very, very long time apparently "died" right in front of me. In an ecstatic trance she "melted" into a vaporizing bundle of flowers and gossamer clothing. Of course, all she did was simply move on to a higher strata of reality, yet could probably return at least temporarily to the one I was in at any time.

I looked around and did as much research as I could while trying to stay there for as long as could. In other words as long as possible before having to go back to awakening my body which would obviously end the experience. I managed to remain longer in this wonderful place or condition of life by concentrating on the bliss.

I could see flowers, trees, huge fields of grass. I could actually look down a beautiful street with traffic lights and street lights that appeared to have some traffic on it, but not much. The streets with cars and traffic lights may have been a reflection of a scene from Earth, I do not know or its astral counterpart. There was available in this environment a kind of perfect spiritual freedom, happiness and joy that goes way beyond anything one normally finds on Earth yet many of the things of Earth apparently could be found here.

Everything and everyone appeared in 3-d, living color--as real as one possibly could get. The weather was misty, the air was fresh, and everywhere was in a state of twilight. The sky above the mist was dark, beautiful and clear and I could ascend into it at will any time.

I tried to ask as many questions as I could as fast as I could, but time seemed different, and no one seemed to be in a hurry to answer my questions as if I was expected to learn as much as I could on my own! There was no trash anywhere, it was so clean. If anyone or anything "died" or was discarded, it immediately disappeared or vaporized. There was a reality to this experience that was inexplicable, like it had to have been definitely more than just a dream. The inhabitants surrounded themselves with plants, animals and their pets. They were very social in their way of life, often living in close quarters with each other.

I can't remember much more as the memory tends to fade after awakening, but the experience itself seemed utterly real and quite colorful. Everywhere appeared to be a life-like, independent reality--what I would consider an astral world very close to the Earth plane in its appearance and nature. This little "town" or "village" seemed to be surrounded by nature. The roads were really wide-open and nearly empty. Everything I experienced was fascinating, full of joy, beauty and interest.

Then to my dismay I finally had to woke up! Nevertheless, I ran over to the computer to write this experience down before my memory completely faded away. This amazing and phenomenal experience was not at all the first one I experienced; it has happened to me many times before, but did not write all of them all down before fogetting them.

Fortunately I did write down at least two other "dreams" like this one that were even more incredible. To find out more, you can follow this link to my other website: Astral Projections and the Astral Planes.

While the evidence of an afterlife is overwhelming, existing in every country and culture throughout the world, actual scientific proof may be harder to find. Nevertheless many scientific studies have successfully confirmed the existence of consciousness outside or independent of the physical body. I wrote an e-book containing much more information confirming the existence of life after death.

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What do the most reliable mystics, yogis and mediums say regarding the afterlife? You will learn far more about the perfectly natural and absolutely beautiful realms of life after death than most people ever do in a lifetime. This information is as scientifically verified and complete as I can possibly make it. How can one be certain there is an afterlife? Why does mainstream academic science continue to reject the afterlife? Is there any real scientific proof or evidence that there is life after death? If so, what is the afterlife really like? Knowing that we all must ultimately face death someday, it is extremely important to know all one can regarding the afterlife. Go here for more info.

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