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Pranic Nourishment and Breatharianism

Somehow, certain individuals, usually advanced yogis such as Prahlad Jani have managed to live on the "breatharianism diet."

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Claims of Breatharianism Can't all be Hoaxes
Inedia Seems Accessible Only Through Attunement to a Higher Vibration

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Of course it would be marvelous if anyone who really desired or needed to could actually live without food, especially if caught up in a major war, famine or natural disaster where much of the food supply is wiped out. Obviously, breatharianism (inedia) is not at all an option for the overwhelming majority of human beings, unless as some have suggested, that some major core beliefs and deeply held self-concepts regarding food and nutrition must be changed to allow for a new subtle energy process in the human cells to begin.

The common denominator with breatharian human beings is their often strong connections with all things spiritual while having spent long periods of time in meditation as their body cells convert to finer and finer forms of nourishment such as raw food, then raw juices, then just plain water before completely abstaining from everything except air and prana. Masters of yoga say inedia is possible but only over a very lengthy time of gradual and systematic withdrawal from food, comparing food to some sort of drug we are all rather drastically addicted to for vital nourishment. Of course, too fast of a withdrawal from food usually results in total starvation.

Some of the most outstanding and well-documented breatharians include certain miraculous cases such as Giri Bala and Therese Newmann reported on in Yogananda's book, Autobiography of a Yogi and today's Prahlad Jani who all suddenly became breatharian at an early age through some vision, supernatural being and/or divine intervention. Giri Bala and Therese Newmann have long since passed on, however the 80+ years-old Prahlad Jani remains alive today.

Prahlad Jani said he was blessed with the ability to go completely without food or water at an early age by an angelic figure he descibed as the goddess Amba, one of the names of the Hindu goddess Durga. Actual breatharianism seems to be a supernatural power bestowed only upon a lucky few individuals throughout history. It seems these few lucky individuals are here just to remind us that there is indeed the possibility of a greater force or power in the universe that mainstream science still seems to want to remain completely ignorant about. Unfortunately most materialism-bound scientists, academics and other researchers remain hopelessly cynical and skeptical of anything paranormal, supernatural or spiritual simply because it seriously clashes with their overwhelmingly strong assumption that nothing exists and nothing ever can exist beyond the physical world around them.

Even after Prahlad Jani's two stays in a hospital, the first being for ten days and the second for fifteen days, western materialistic scientists still did not pay any serious attention at all (due to their strong pretense or prejudice) to a most spectacular discovery regarding a very significant and potentially amazing possibility--the incredible ability for some individuals to live completely free from the need to eat or drink. However, orthodox western scientists assume that metabolic energy can only come from food, and anyone saying or claiming otherwise is automatically shown the exit!

When body cells are somehow tuned to a higher frequency of energy they can be sustained by quantum energy. This may sound strange to some people, yet many of the UFO's seen in our atmosphere do visit our world from their "higher frequency" world by lowering their frequency to match ours. Only then can these space craft be seen from our rather crude level of existence often darting around in our atmosphere at seemingly impossible speeds and directions and most likely powered by this same quantum energy. It may be possible that Prahlad Jani's frequency was slightly adjusted upwards during his vision of a goddess touching him who may have been a Pleiadian or other extraterrestrial from one of the higher vibrational worlds who appeared to him as the goddess Amba.

Matter given a higher vibration tends to dematerialize in the similar manner as spirits in a physical medium seance room. Obviously Prahlad Jani could still be seen by everyone else, but his increase in vibration was nethertheless just sufficient enough to allow an interface of interaction between his cells and the very nourishing subtle energies (or pranic nourishment) of dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter may be astral matter existing at a higher frequency we cannot see which can include perfectly nourishing astral food substances. Prahlad Jani may still have been an extraordinary being to begin with, because if the average person was blessed in the same way as Prahlad Jani was at the age of 11, thet person would probably burn up due to the extraordinary infusion of prana (higher vibrational energy) required to start such a profound process as pranic nourishment. His lifetime without any form of physical food or drink could also be compared to manifesting fruit out of thin air as various siddhis throughout India's history have claimed to do so.

Prahlad Jani was kept under constant and close observation proving to actual physicians and other researchers present that absolutely no food or water was ever taken or excreted throughout the whole 10 days during a hospital stay in 2003 and then another stay for 15 days in 2010, while remaining under close scrutiny in a carefully isolated room under constant surveillance with a time-lapsed video camera. It was utterly amazing that a human being could even go 15 days without food or drink especially while not creating any external excretion of urine, etc. let alone for a whole lifetime that the 82 year-old Prahlad Jani had claimed. Even three days without any external excretion of urine would put the average person into a severe state of shock or death from Kidney failure.

But what was even more amazing was the degree of closed-minded prejudicial arrogance some western "experts" and other skeptical scientists held against the credibility or validity of the India hospital's research results and documentation simply because of their physicians' Indian national background and extraordinary claim. Not only that, some of the materialist scientists most ignorant comments and remarks were very derisive and very insulting toward the Holy Man himself, Prahlad Jani who within himself is deeply absorbed in the Light of God which he sees from his inner eye. "The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light." --Matthew 6:22

If indeed Prahlad Jani is not eating, then where is he getting his source of energy? There is a mysterious "dark energy" that pervades all of space that physicists call "vacuum" or "quantum" energy which sustains all the atoms in the universe (keeping them spinning forever), and even though it is extremely minute, it consists of electromagnetic waves of a fractal nature and infinite complexity, rather like the surface of the ocean. Its energy at ever-increasing levels of minuteness my become infinitly complex.

Space at its most minute levels also seems to to be curled in five to eleven dimensions creating a multi-dimensional "fabric." Without such a "fabric" how else would electromagnetic radiation be possible? Otherwise what else would carry light so that we can see all that which is in front of us? Just as our atmosphere carries sound, something in space must carry light. Even if one's cells could somehow tap into a small fraction of that quantum energy, it would still be enough to sustain one's life indefinitely. As apparent by his inner vision of an Infinite Light he must have been sustaining himself from that Source that most religions would call "God" for nearly his entire lifetime since the age of 11.

Ever since I first heard of breatharianism back in the late 1970's by reading that book, Survival into the 21st Century, I tried very hard to becaome a breatharian myself because of all the incredible food sensitivity and digestion problems that I suffered from which nearly drove me insane. The brain symptoms were the most unbearable I ever suffered from and I could not go anywhere or do much of anything because of the severe anxiety and depression. Most of my symptoms disappeared after fasting for a day or two, but long periods of fasting and abstemious raw food eating left me too weak, skinny to have the confidence to keep it up. In fact common sense told me, I still needed to find much better and more sensible solution than just going without food for long periods of time.

Nevertheless, after nearly thirty-seven years of trial and error, I managed to finally create a wonderful regimen that provided both the benefits of daily cleansing and fasting on alkalized water while eating only very, very whole and complete high-antioxidant meals whenever needed, which was often only once per day, and sometimes only every other day. This diet regimen resulted in incredible states of blissful pranic nourishment, healing and rejuvenation. Even my tooth decay reversed and permanently healed and never needed to see a dentist ever again, at least not since 1975 and now it's 2012! I finally wrote a very unique e-book explaining the whole process toward joyful spiritual eating, ascension and enlightenment.

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