Voices in the Dark:
My Life as a Medium

Voices in the Dark - Autobiography of Leslie Flint

Two Worlds Publishing Co. 2000 Edition (Now available directly from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust)

Voices in the Dark - Autobiography of Leslie Flint

Macmillan Co. 1971 1st Edition (Amazon.com)

Voices in the Dark - Autobiography of Leslie Flint

Psychic Press 1988 Edition (Amazon.com)

Learn more about Leslie Flint's extraordinary life as a rare direct-voice medium. His remarkable autobiography, Voices in the Dark: My Life as a Medium is available at Amazon.com and directly from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust.

Chapters of Experience
by Douglas Conacher

Chapters of Experience - Douglas Conacher

Douglas Conacher was a London Publisher who passed in 1958. He began speaking to his wife, Eira through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint. At least 19 paranormal voice recordings were used to help compile the following book, Chapters of Experience. Even though it appears to be out of print, a few copies are available on Amazon.com.

A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds - Gwen Vaughan

A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds - by Gwen Vaughan

By Rudolph Valentino through the pen of Gwen Vaughn. Information recieved by Gwen Vaughn at seances held by Leslie Flint from 1962 to 1972. Rudolph Valentino communicated personally to her, many stories, opinions, and details about his life and experiences. A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds. Available in Kindle format on Amazon.com.

A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife - Victor Zammit

This book presents highly convincing evidence amounting to proof for the existence of the afterlife. It shows that after investigating the evidence some of the most brilliant men and women scientists and others came to the conclusion that we all survive death. Go here to find out more: A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship

In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship written by Robin P. Foy

Based on twenty-two years of research, this compelling and revelationary book contains spectacular eye-witness accounts of seance phenomena and dramatic communi- cations from several famous people, notably Sir Winston Churchill, from the spirit world. Fascinating information written by Robin P. Foy. Go here to find out more: In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship

The Brother John Recordings

The knowledge and messages of the spirit to this material world of darkness must come out! We cannot ignore the vital importance of these messages not only as a presentation of powerful evidence and proof of survival after death on higher spheres, but also vital knowledge that this materialistic world of darkness, conflict and confusion desperately needs. Therefore I have uploaded one of the largest online collections of Leslie Flint recordings ever compiled originating from the early 1950s up until late 1980s. Because these recordings were made over 60, 50, 40 and 30 years ago and often on what would now be considered antique tape recorders, the quality of some of these recordings may be very poor, have much background noise and/or difficult to understand. In some cases, it would be best to use headphones. Please support the Leslie Flint Educational Trust which originally provided hundreds of similar recordings.

The Brother John Collection of Leslie Flint Recordings

Daisy Judge, a renowned medium at the time, attended multiple seances with Leslie Flint from 1960 until 1977, and was able to communicate with her beloved spirit guide, Bother John, most likely John of Glastonbury (1393-1464CE) a Benedictine monk whose real name was John Seen. His work in the afterlife is to lecture and teach in the lower spheres the "Message of Life" where it is most badly needed to souls still held down by materialism and earthly bonds. His main focus however has been his work through his "instrument" Daisy Judge to guide and uplift those still living on Earth. The following is a rather lengthy collection of tapes from many of the sessions she enjoyed with Bother John. NOTE: Because many of the tapes are only short segments (not sure why) I made a note of the exact length (in minutes and seconds) of the recording on each link. The short length of most of these tapes may explain why there is such an usually large number of them.

Brother John - undated #12 .mp3 - Length: 4:30

Brother John - undated #16 .mp3 - Length: 4:56

Brother John - undated #17 .mp3 - Length: 3:55

Brother John - undated #25 .mp3 - Length: 4:30

Brother John - undated #128 .mp3 - Length: 4:11

Brother John - undated #144 .mp3 - Length: 3:23

Brother John - undated #1412 .mp3 - Length: 3:14

Brother John - undated #1612 .mp3 - Length: 3:00

Brother John - undated, regarding character .mp3 - Length: 5:05

Brother John - undated, regarding old people .mp3 - Length: 3:24

Brother John - recorded 10-2-1960 .mp3 - Length: 3:17

Brother John - recorded 3-10-1961 .mp3 - Length: 17:50

Brother John - recorded 3-16-1961 .mp3 - Length: 4:13

Brother John - recorded 4-14-1961 .mp3 - Length: 15:41

Brother John - recorded 12-14-1961 .mp3 - Length: 5:16

Brother John - recorded 1-25-1962 .mp3 - Length: 27:55 (hum)

Brother John - recorded 4-14-1962 .mp3 - Length: 5:22

Brother John - recorded 8-13-1962 .mp3 - Length: 22:24

Brother John - recorded 2-11-1963 .mp3 - Length: 3:52

Brother John - recorded 3-4-1963 .mp3 - Length: 3:21

Brother John - recorded 6-10-1963 .mp3 - Length: 18:49

Brother John, Part 1 - recorded 6-10-1963 .mp3 - Length: 5:29

Brother John, Part 2 - recorded 6-10-1963 .mp3 - Length: 5:06

Brother John - recorded 7-1-1963 .mp3 - Length: 3:36

Brother John - recorded 8-12-1963 .mp3 - Length: 5:04

Brother John - recorded 9-23-1963 .mp3 - Length: 4:43

Brother John - recorded 12-9-1963 .mp3 - Length: 19:53

Brother John - recorded 1-6-1964 .mp3 - Length: 19:55

Brother John - recorded 1-30-1964 .mp3 - Length: 24:26

Brother John - recorded 3-31-1964 .mp3 - Length: 17:34

Brother John - recorded 5-25-1964 .mp3 - Length: 24:53

Brother John - recorded 7-27-1964 .mp3 - Length: 3:21

Brother John - recorded 10-29-1964 .mp3 - Length: 19:08

Brother John - recorded 12-7-1964 .mp3 - Length: 15:45

Brother John - recorded 7-1-1965 .mp3 - Length: 5:13

Brother John - recorded 8-25-1965 .mp3 - Length: 3:31

Brother John - recorded 10-18-1965 .mp3 - Length: 18:41

Brother John - recorded 1-12-1966 .mp3 - Length: 23:59

Brother John - recorded 2-10-1966 .mp3 - Length: 14:01

Brother John - recorded 4-19-1966 .mp3 - Length: 4:24

Brother John - recorded 6-1-1966 .mp3 - Length: 5:11

Brother John - recorded 7-19-1966 .mp3 - Length: 5:24

Brother John - recorded 11-12-1966 .mp3 - Length: 20:38

Brother John - recorded 1-18-1967 .mp3 - Length: 3:13

Brother John - recorded 2-15-1967 .mp3 - Length: 16:29

Brother John - recorded 4-6-1967, Christ-Resurrection .mp3 - Length: 12:54

Brother John - recorded 5-1-1967 .mp3 - Length: 18:03

Brother John - recorded 7-12-1967 .mp3 - Length: 15:47

Brother John - recorded 9-28-1967 .mp3 - Length: 15:10

Brother John - recorded 11-2-1967 .mp3 - Length: 28:33

Brother John - recorded 12-7-1967 .mp3 - Length: 30:14

Brother John - recorded 2-22-1968 .mp3 - Length: 23:48

Brother John - recorded 3-29-1968 .mp3 - Length: 5:14

Brother John - recorded 6-21-1968 .mp3 - Length: 3:41

Brother John - recorded 9-12-1968 .mp3 - Length: 23:40

Brother John - recorded 11-4-1968 .mp3 - Length: 3:56

Brother John - recorded 12-2-1968 .mp3 - Length: 27:21

Brother John - recorded 6-2-1969 .mp3 - Length: 4:14

Brother John - recorded 11-4-1969 .mp3 - Length: 5:52

Brother John - recorded 2-11-1970 .mp3 - Length: 23:43

Brother John - recorded 3-6-1970 .mp3 - Length: 26:47

Brother John - recorded 3-26-1970 .mp3 - Length: 19:06

Brother John - recorded 4-7-1970 .mp3 - Length: 19:28

Brother John - recorded 5-6-1970 .mp3 - Length: 15:58

Brother John - recorded 6-3-1970 .mp3 - Length: 23:23

Brother John - recorded 6-30-1970 .mp3 - Length: 22:23

Brother John - recorded 10-23-1970 .mp3 - Length: 26:50

Brother John - recorded 11-20-1970 .mp3 - Length: 24:55

Brother John - recorded 12-16-1970 .mp3 - Length: 5:23

Brother John - recorded 3-17-1971 .mp3 - Length: 4:52

Brother John - recorded 4-20-1971 .mp3 - Length: 5:23

Brother John - recorded 5-20-1971 .mp3 - Length: 5:43

Brother John - recorded 6-3-1971 .mp3 - Length: 4:42

Brother John - recorded 4-17-1972 .mp3 - Length: 29:50

Brother John - recorded 6-1-1972 .mp3 - Length: 4:38

Brother John - recorded 8-31-1972 .mp3 - Length: 4:34

Brother John - recorded 2-16-1973 .mp3 - Length: 30:27

Brother John - recorded 3-30-1973 .mp3 - Length: 35:15

Brother John - recorded 6-22-1973 .mp3 - Length: 30:48

Brother John - recorded 9-4-1973 .mp3 - Length: 29:09

Brother John - recorded 12-3-1973 .mp3 - Length: 28:08

Brother John - recorded 2-8-1974 .mp3 - Length: 26:00

Brother John - recorded 8-2-1974 .mp3 - Length: 30:15

Brother John - recorded 11-9-1974 .mp3 - Length: 27:31

Brother John - recorded 2-11-1976 .mp3 - Length: 33:18

Brother John - recorded 11-4-1976 .mp3 - Length: 33:17

Brother John - recorded 9-13-1977 .mp3 - Length: 20:37

Please support the Leslie Flint Educational Trust which originally provided hundreds of similar recordings.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need support, please contact webmaster or leave a note at my FB group, Realms of the Afterlife.

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The Scientifically Proven Reality of Life After Death

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Is there life after death? How can one be certain there is an afterlife? Why does mainstream academic science continue to reject the afterlife? Is there any real scientific proof or evidence that there is life after death? If so, what is the afterlife really like? It is extremely important to know all one can regarding the afterlife otherwise ignoring Spirit and remaining materialistically closed minded could have extremely negative consequences. The following subjects will be covered:

Materialistic Science Rejects the Afterlife as Being a "Fairy Story"

Here Are Four Scientifically Proven Out-of-Body Experiences

My Search for Truth and Personal Experiences from the Afterlife

Leslie Flint: An Inconvenient Truth for Christian Theologians and Skeptical Scientists

Leslie Flint's Impossible Powers: Why Did He Not Make Millions as a Parlor Trick Showman?

BadPsychics.com Forum Administration/Members Hate my Information!

Leslie's "Etheric" Guests Never Coughed or Sputtered

Messages From the Afterlife - How the Paranormal Voices Came Through

The Exciting Reality of it All

An Absolutely Natural, Complete and Profoundly Fulfilling Existence

The Colors Are Far More Vivid, Extensive and Varied

Eating and Sleeping in the Afterlife

Afterlife Interests, Skills and Hobbies

Lifestyles in the Afterlife

Why Some Souls Start Out Earthbound

Is There a Hell? Are There Negative Experiences in the Afterlife?

What Happens When One Abuses Power?

The Problem with Suicide

The Problem With Reincarnation (Not My Favorite Subject)

Climates and Geography of the Astral Spheres

The Beauty of Astral Nature and Spiritual Utopia

Communication With Animals and Singing in an Etheric Atmosphere

Astral Relationships, Sex, Reproduction, Families, and Astral "Old Age"

Illumination (Sun?) of the Astral World

The True Nature of Dark Matter

Does Time Exist in the Afterlife?

Can Distance be Measured in The Astral World?

Astral Travel (Projections)

The Right Conditions for Astral Projection to Occur

Various Forms of Projection: From Clairvoyance to Complete Immersion

Two Astral World Experiences I Really Enjoyed

Communication With Earth

Epilog: Only the Beginning

All This Information for Only


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