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Alkalized Water Is the Foundation of Good Health

You will find that drinking loads and loads of ionized water between whole, complete meals instead of snacking is one of the most essential aspects of wholeness and excellent health. Please learn more about an excellent source of water alkaline ionizers here: Water for Life USA - Live Healthy

Healing Dental Caries - Page 2

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How to Heal Dental Caries With the Palaeolithic Diet

Much of what we have been taught about tooth decay in schools and colleges is either wrong or incomplete. Interesting research by Ramiel Nagel and Dr. Weston A. Price explains why incorrect nutrition is the real cause of tooth decay. This material presents alternative dental research.

Seven Steps to Wholeness

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You can heal your dental caries with alkaline mineral water, dolomite, Microhyrdrin, regular brushing with a tooth remineralization paste and correct nutrition, including a life-long alkaline-forming diet loaded with antioxidants, vitamin D and cod liver oil all of which are so vital for your dental health.

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Dr. Weston A. Price and the "Factor X" Butter Oil
Your Diet Should be Rich in Essential Fats, Proteins, Vitamin A, 5000 IU Vitamin D, and Vitamin K

Fortunately, back in the 1930's and 40's a researcher by the name of Dr. Weston A. Price found out what had happened to our diet by studying the diets of ancient cultures still around at that time and helped to revive some of the old ways of farming that would bring back what is lost in modern milk and butter production.

I recently discovered a website where you can order "butter oil" which is a centrifuged oil derived out of raw butter from cows fed only on fresh, spring pasture grasses. It is very high in various vital nutritional resources such as an "activator X" actually known to halt the formation of dental caries and not at all available in modern diets but was quite common in primitive diets. For more information on this amazing butter oil, go here: One might also try 100% pasture grazed raw butter sometimes available during spring and summer months from: which tends to be high the "activator X."

According to Dr. Weston A. Price, it is essential to have the butter oil with a particular brand of fresh Norwegian cod liver oil and not just any fish oil. However, I discovered it may be possible for vegetarians to combine the butter oil with a vegetarian vitamin D formula, essential fatty acids, and vitamin A from spiralina, chlorella and/or a vitamin supplement, all 74 macro and trace minerals, phospholipids from lecithin, and essential fatty acids from fresh, raw flaxseed oil and still enjoy good results as long as there are plenty of antioxidants in the diet as well.

If you have cavities, the "activator X" (also known as "Factor X" and works best with Norwegian cod liver oil) work synergistically with the vitamins A and D and essential fatty acids in the cod liver oil to build up a permanent barrier of enamel directly inside any dental caries one might happen to have, but one must be very careful to protect the caries from any further decay with brushing after every meal using any of the alkaline toothpastes described later on in this document, especially the NovaMin which contains a powerful tooth enamel rebuilding formula of calcium sodium phosphosilicate.

Those who don't like the idea of using fish oil (If I can avoid it, I would prefer not to use products that require the destruction of the animal to obtain them) one can always try using butter oil only with vegetarian sources of A, D, phospholipids (found in lecithin), and essential fatty acids (found in fresh, cold-pressed flax seed oil) which might work just as effectively as cod liver oil for some people.

One might try to consume more than the usual amount of vitamin D, or up to 5000 IU per day which is the same amount obtained from a few hours of sunshine. Of course, there is a well established relationship between lack of vitamin D and dental caries, especially in growing children. Up to 5000 IU of vitamin D per day is essential for tooth remineralization, healthy bones and general well-being.

Alkaline Nutrition Can Save Your Teeth
Oral Hygiene is Essential - Brush Regularly with Tooth Remineralization Pastes

The following information may not only save one's teeth and gums, but also one's life. Why? Because many underlying causes of disease are affected as well.

Save your teeth with super food green food powders containing dried wheat grass juice, barley grass, adaptogenic herbs, chlorella, spiralina, etc. while at the same time being highly alkaline-forming. There might be other options besides the "Factor X" butter oil to help maintain healthy teeth and heal dental problems.

My theory is that if "Factor X" comes only from those cows lucky enough to be grazing on green grasses and herbs all day long, then why not simply add more super food green powders to one's diet? It has been assumed by certain green foods advocates that for a long time that greens (high in vitamin K, chlorophyll and magnesium) such as lettuce, wheat grass juice, and chlorella can rebuild damaged teeth. There are also plenty of chlorophyll potions and supplements available in every health food store that might be of some benefit to tooth enamel.

Avoid all beverages such as sodas, colas, beer, coffee, alcoholic/sugary beverages, and "foods" such as sweets, dried fruit, refined carbohydrates, cakes, cookies, and all other such nutritional catastrophes widely and sadly mistaken for nourishment or food.

If one has to have something, it would be far better to enjoy a refreshing non-sweetened herbal tea such as green tea. Avoid the modern American diet (MAD) as much as possible! The common American habit of eating pizzas, hamburgers, French-fries and chips, while drinking beer, colas and pasteurized milk is spiritually, morally and physically disastrous. Instead please follow the nutritional guidelines discussed in this document most appropriate for your special needs.

Please also be aware that even the most healthy food and substances such as citrus fruit, lemons, lemon juice, sauerkraut, apple cider vinegar, acidophilus (essential for healthy digestion), vit. C crystals, and kombucha (recommended on various parts of my website) contain concentrated acidic substances that can remove tooth enamel if too much is consumed, too often. Never have snacks containing these substances, and never snack anyway, period. Have the kombucha, sauerkraut, etc. only as a small, but essential part of a main meal for flavor and better health, which should only be of benefit when part of a complete meal.

Live mainly on an organic, mineral and antioxidant rich diet of fresh, alkaline forming fruits (such as acai, blueberries and goji berries), vegetables and greens high in chlorophyll (super food green powders and/or spring greens, lettuce, wheat grass juice, kale, collards, etc.) in the diet as well.

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How to Heal Dental Caries With the Palaeolithic Diet

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