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Alkalized Water Is the Foundation of Good Health

You will find that drinking loads and loads of ionized water between whole, complete meals instead of snacking is one of the most essential aspects of wholeness and excellent health. Please learn more about an excellent source of water alkaline ionizers here: Water for Life USA - Live Healthy

Healing Dental Caries - Page 1

All Information Here Can be Found in my E-Book:
How to Heal Dental Caries With the Palaeolithic Diet

Much of what we have been taught about tooth decay in schools and colleges is either wrong or incomplete. Interesting research by Ramiel Nagel and Dr. Weston A. Price explains why incorrect nutrition is the real cause of tooth decay. This material presents alternative dental research.

Seven Steps to Wholeness

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You can heal your dental caries with alkaline mineral water, dolomite, Microhyrdrin, regular brushing with a tooth remineralization paste and correct nutrition, including a life-long alkaline-forming diet loaded with antioxidants, vitamin D and cod liver oil all of which are so vital for your dental health.

Terrified of the Dentist?
Something is Definitely Wrong With Conventional Dentistry

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Back in 7th grade, I had a friend who was really religious.

He was brought up a Christian Scientist and I was just getting very interested in it too.

So one day I asked him, "Can Christian Scientists heal cavities as well?"

Smiling with a mouth filled ear to ear with amalgam fillings and braces to help straighten things out, he laughingly replied:

"Well that's my little secret!"

When God cannot heal your dental caries and only the dentist with a drill and a potentially lethal mix of mercury, silver, tin, copper and zinc can, there is something seriously wrong somewhere. Some people don't seem to be bothered that much having to rely so heavily on the conventional dentist "torture" treatment while having the potential possibility of mercury poisoning for life.

Even worse is the fact that most dental work eventually must be replaced with even larger fillings and often even root canals and finally dentures. And such drastically unnatural treatments are rarely without side-effects or other health consequences and complications. This expensive "torture" never ends, because, even those who regularly visit a dentist, brush and floss after every meal and avoid sweets often continue to lose just as many teeth as one who never bothers with dentists in the first place.

I never forgot the first few times I had to get cavities drilled and filled! Gagging over and over again on dental X-ray films stuffed deep inside my mouth while being exposed to dangerous X-rays; that awful dreading and anticipation of the next "drill and fill" appointment; that freaky "smoking" smell of the tooth enamel as the drill gets hotter and hotter while trying not to gag on it! That unforgettable horrible sensation of the nerves being invaded into by that hellish drill! Eeeeeeeech!!!!

This form of torture is indeed no solution, just another problem of constantly dreading the next time I have to go to a dental appointment only to find out I have more "pin holes" that will need drilling and filling. If only they could simply fill them, it was the drilling sensation that I found absolutely ghastly. It was enough to give me the screaming willies! I think I'd much rather allow my teeth to rot out than ever go through that horror again! I was 13 when I had my last filling and decided then and there I was never going to get another, no matter what!

Is there no alternative to "drill, fill and bill"? Surely nature cannot be so stupid as to simply allow teeth to rot and eventually fall out costing millions of hapless individuals billions of dollars in dental bills! Obviously it can only be something that humans are doing wrong and not nature.

Yes, there is definitely something wrong with what humans are doing with nature! And it is, no doubt, the modern American diet (MAD) that is so appalling, so opposite to what the body truly needs for a healthy existence. Along with vulnerabilities in all the other parts of the body, the teeth and gums also ultimately lose the battle.

Even though nature has provided many answers to this problem such as tooth remineralization, unfortunately, humankind has somehow managed to obliterate every one of them with modern day convenience food, carbonated beverages, and shortcuts in food production resulting in the elimination or loss of some of the most important factors that used to prevent tooth decay throughout prehistory.

I am not the only person who knows the fact that poor nutritional intake is the real, underlying cause of tooth decay and related health problems. Ramiel Nagel in an excellent television interview, explains that what we eat is the real cause and cure of tooth decay, not bacteria. Also see his "Cure Tooth Decay" webpage on his website at:

Introducing the Palaeolithic Diet
Heal Decayed Teeth, Painful & Bleeding Gums with Correct Eating

Primitive diets from the Stone Age were rich in a "Factor X" and many alkaline minerals. I believe there was once a "Garden of Eden" where humankind actually lived in perfect harmony with nature. Human bodies seem to have evolved on a largely alkaline, high fiber diet of mainly fruits, vegetables, tubers, nuts such as almonds and seed such as sesame. Before agriculture wild plants and herbs of the forest provided most of the nutrition and the soils were extremely rich in minerals, especially alkaline minerals such as lime, magnesium, potassium, trace minerals, volcanic ash, and salts. Of course there was none of the heavy reliance on acid forming grain products and alkaline mineral depleting carbonated beverages so popular today.

For protein, early humans must have lived off of raw fish, raw bone powders, bird's eggs, and goat's milk. After agriculture was developed, the world population grew to unprecedented levels, and the same soil tended to be planted over and over again and the surrounding ranges tended to be overgrazed by domestic animals causing a gradual loss of minerals and a slow malnutrition or "aging process" in humans never before experienced where they started becoming more and more fragile, frail and wrinkled as they grew older. As vital minerals became scarcer and scarcer, and vaster quantities of acid-forming foods such as cooked meat, wheat and rice introduced into the diet, tooth decay also started to show up.

Early domestic animals grazed freely in rich, green pastures filled with vital herbs and grasses and therefore created a perfect milk that was fresh, complete, raw and naturally free of harmful bacteria. Unfortunately as agriculture became commercialized and more competitive, humans tried to cut corners, and in the name of efficiency cows were penned up in tiny cubicles and fed various acid-forming grains, antibiotics and even worse: animal by products!

Because of the new diet and stresses applied to the animals, the milk was no longer as alkaline-forming, often was contaminated with salmonella and/or other pathogens, and therefore had to be pasteurized which destroys many of the vital enzymes naturally present in raw milk. It also now lacked a certain "Factor X" or "Activator X," gamma linolenic acid, and many other vital substances needed to support healthy teeth and bones. At this point tooth decay became a normal, expected part of growing up and as one grew older, gum problems, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other degenerative diseases also became very common.

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How to Heal Dental Caries With the Palaeolithic Diet

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Say hello to healthy teeth and gums, renewed vigor, mental clarity, better over-all health, and a lean trim body. The key? Your health depends on drinking loads of water between meals instead of snacking while living on a high-protein diet based on a Paleolithic or "hunter-gatherer" type regimen of 100% natural whole super foods. The less often one eats, the longer time the teeth, gums and digestive system have to heal and rebuild themselves.

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