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Unlock Your Immortality Through Modern Alchemy

Ancient Knowledge Moved Forward Discover unconventional spiritual and health breakthroughs using the science of Modern Alchemy, white powder and monoatomic gold, the Elixir of Life, and the Philosopher's Stone. Improve your health, activate your light-body with elements in their mysterious "monatomic" state.

Native Remedies For Calming and Other Healing Influences

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Enjoy Native Remedies for your body, emotions, mind and spirit. Improve your health using modern and traditional herbal formulas.

Alkalized Water Is the Foundation of Good Health

You will find that drinking loads and loads of ionized water between whole, complete meals instead of snacking is one of the most essential aspects of wholeness and excellent health. Please learn more about an excellent source of water alkaline ionizers here: Water for Life USA - Live Healthy
Ionized Water and Fasting

If one is serious about feeling healthy, it is essential to drink at least a half-gallon of ionized water a day instead of snacking between meals. Too many times one tends to eat long before one really needs to eat, thereby putting on far more weight than is needed, far more strain on the digestive system than needed while leading to obesity and all the diseases that go along with it.

Seven Steps to Wholeness

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The body needs plenty of chances for it to rest, fast and cleanse itself out between meals. The whole digestive system needs flushing out with loads of high pH water on a regular basis to prevent all sorts of problems that would otherwise occur.

Aklaline Mineral Water-Fasting
The Most Essential and Most Healthy Habit of All!

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If one simply snacked all day on various beverages and various forms of popular snack food, even if somewhat healthy (only exception would be fresh fruit and/or vegetables) one's pH intake would tend to remain far below optimal levels forcing the body to constantly take remedial action such as the secretion of parathyroid hormone to leach calcium (which is alkaline) from bones into blood.

This neglect may not be too bad to begin with, however after many years of this constant habit of never replenishing the body's alkaline reserves (and also not replenishing trace mineral reserves), there can be massive bone loss (osteoporosis), cartilage loss (arthritis), tooth decay and kidney stones. It is quite common to see old people limping around and completely bent over, shrunk down, and quite crooked.

Even the very young people whose bodies are still growing, but living entirely on junk food, sodas and convential red-meat and bread-based diets, will often encounter very fragile ("green-stick") bone formation, while always being easily prone to broken bones and slow healing. This condition or poor bone development can be extremely dangerous, especially while being heavily involved in active sports as most young people are, as some injuries can be fatal if not permanently debilitating if one's spine or skull is fractured.

This tragedy is so pervasive, it is often considered "normal" for an eighty-year-old to be quite bent or hunched over while at the same time having to wear dentures in place of what was a very long time ago, a full set of healthy teeth. Of course, what has happened all along is that the spine has degenerated as more and more living bone tissue was sacrificed to keep the body's pH at the right level to maintain homeostasis. If the blood's pH even goes down a little, then convulsions and a heart-attack would occur--hence the body's desperation to keep alkaline levels at normal levels no matter what the long-term costs might be.

In some people, especially thin or skinny people who have minimal bone tissue to spare, such symptoms as severe arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, cysts, etc. can occur much earlier in life. This condition can be the most tragic of all conditions, because even while still relatively young, the delicate nervous tissues within the spine become exposed causing the most horrendous pain imaginable, crippling one's natural mobility or ability to get around. Because they are still active, this situation can be very frustrating, financially, physically and emotionally painful indeed. It is also tragic that so many go in for surgery only to remain in just as much pain as before without the real source of the problem ever being properly addressed.

But this long-term crippling effect of never replenishing alkaline and trace mineral reserves is not the only reason why one should drink plenty of alkalized water (including dolomite, a pinch of sea salt and hopefully some Microhydrin or silica hydride) between meals while supplementing with all kinds of minerals (not just calcium!), there is also the need for the body to remain free of toxins mainly in the form of highly destructive free-radicals or molecules missing one or more electrons.

These deadly free-radicals are often the result of accumulating metabolic waste, rancid food stuffs, and pollutants not yet removed by the liver and kidneys. They are very dangerous because they attach themselves to some of the most vital locations in the cells in every cell of the body causing the cell membranes to break down while throwing a "monkey wrench" deep inside the delicate working of the DNA and RNA of the cellular body leading the creation of all manner of mutated cells and even cancer cells.

And as if all of the above were not enough, one's entire sense of well-being plus one's ability to think, remember and enjoy life gets eroded as more and more brain cells are destroyed by these free-radicals. Obviously by now one should notice a very strong connection between acidic conditions and high levels of free-radical toxins. It has been found that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment, but as long as tissues are bathed in an acidic toxic soup as is a typical result of most western lifestyles, nothing can stop it.

I like to compare the aging situation to the same process that has occurred in an old book. Many books published before the 1980's tended to be constructed from an acidic paper which over time turns yellow and falls apart. However, more and more publishers realized there was a problem, as entire libraries were losing more and more old books every year to father time. However they learned to spray these old books with alkaline-forming substances that neutralized the acid that was causing the book to fall apart in the first place. From now on, all books are printed on a much more alkaline paper which will stay intact for a far greater period of time than any of the original acidic paper formulations.

In a similar way, too much acid-forming food and beverages eaten and drunk every day, day after day, without the corresponding daily fast on alkaline mineral water will inevitably rob the system of its natural vitality and wellness, leading one ever closer to debilitation, disease, old age and death.

There are other benefits that are extremely important too, such as the sense of lightness and spiritual connection that goes along with the vitality of regular fasting. One can meditate in a much deeper state of being and concentration, as the mind seems calmer, clearer and much less distracted by wayward thoughts. There is also a subtle energy in nature called "prana" or "orgone" energy that one can definitely start to feel going into every cell of the body and even expanding one's chakras toward infinite heights of well-being, transmutation and energy.

The idea of prana becomes a regularly experienced phenomenon, and no longer a far-fetched notion as so many Earth-bound, materialistic scientists would presume. If this energy can be so strongly and so overwhelmingly felt whenever one goes out in nature, then there is no denying it exists.

You might consider getting a water ionizer. I found one of the greatest sources of water ionizers ever, which is located at the following link: water ionizers. If you feel you can't afford an water ionizer, at least make sure the water you drink and fast on between meals is filled with plenty of alkaline minerals such as dolomite and silica hydride (Microhydrin).

For more information on how to regenerate your life, your bones and your teeth, please investigate my e-book, Seven Steps to Wholeness by purchasing and downloading a copy on the page reached from the below link.

You might be interested in purchasing my E-Book:
Seven Steps to Wholeness

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