Voices in the Dark:
My Life as a Medium

Voices in the Dark - Autobiography of Leslie Flint

Two Worlds Publishing Co. 2000 Edition (Now available directly from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust)

Voices in the Dark - Autobiography of Leslie Flint

Macmillan Co. 1971 1st Edition (Amazon.com)

Voices in the Dark - Autobiography of Leslie Flint

Psychic Press 1988 Edition (Amazon.com)

Learn more about Leslie Flint's extraordinary life as a rare direct-voice medium. His remarkable autobiography, Voices in the Dark: My Life as a Medium is available at Amazon.com and directly from the Leslie Flint Educational Trust.

Chapters of Experience
by Douglas Conacher

Chapters of Experience - Douglas Conacher

Douglas Conacher was a London Publisher who passed in 1958. He began speaking to his wife, Eira through the direct voice mediumship of Leslie Flint. At least 19 paranormal voice recordings were used to help compile the following book, Chapters of Experience. Even though it appears to be out of print, a few copies are available on Amazon.com.

A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds - Gwen Vaughan

A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds - by Gwen Vaughan

By Rudolph Valentino through the pen of Gwen Vaughn. Information recieved by Gwen Vaughn at seances held by Leslie Flint from 1962 to 1972. Rudolph Valentino communicated personally to her, many stories, opinions, and details about his life and experiences. A Tapestry of Life in Two Worlds. Available in Kindle format on Amazon.com.

A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife - Victor Zammit

This book presents highly convincing evidence amounting to proof for the existence of the afterlife. It shows that after investigating the evidence some of the most brilliant men and women scientists and others came to the conclusion that we all survive death. Go here to find out more: A Lawyer Presents the Evidence for the Afterlife

In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship

In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship written by Robin P. Foy

Based on twenty-two years of research, this compelling and revelationary book contains spectacular eye-witness accounts of seance phenomena and dramatic communi- cations from several famous people, notably Sir Winston Churchill, from the spirit world. Fascinating information written by Robin P. Foy. Go here to find out more: In Pursuit of Physical Mediumship

Lucillus and the Demise of Atlantis

On August, 27, 1962, Lucillus (a past life of Dr. Marshall who is also in spirit) came through one of the seances talking about the time of Atlantis and how advanced spiritually and materially parts of that society had become. Unfortunately, there were also individuals who had become extremely adept in the power of black magic and unfortunate events leading to the demise of Atlantis came about.

In the above video, Lucillus speaks about his past life in Atlantis as a Lemurian. Video generously provided by The New Leslie Flint Educational Trust Channel

In this Powerful Seance Recording, Lucillus Spoke of a Great, Prehistoric Civilization that Existed Long Before the Atlantic Ocean Completely Covered It Up

Lucillus explains that at the time of Atlantis, they had mastered forces of nature that only now are being re-discovered. They enjoyed painting and sculture and created sophisticated music played on advanced musical instruments. High priests became extremely adept in the power of psychic energy: some for spiritual and some, unfortunately, for very base reasons.

Lucius Lucillus is a being who represents Dr. Marshall's past life in Pompei. Dr. Marshall is a spirit (representing his most recent lifetime) who regularly came through as one of Leslie Flint's spirit guides. Atlantis is a name later given to a country that was not called Atlantis at the time it existed. It existed on what is now parts of the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean during the ice age when ocean levels were much, much lower. Much of it was surrounded by a huge wall that protected it from massive, roaming animals and wild, often war-like hominoids that lived out their lives in the jungle forests and swamps surrounding this country. Lucillus lived a lifetime in this country as a member of an ancient Lemurian tribe or group that was the most advanced mentally and spiritually. The Lemurians were a great race of people who learned to utilize forces of nature that only today are beginning to be discovered again. During his past life as a Lemurian, he was a son of Piloninus, a great leader at that time. The name, "Lucillus" has nothing to do with his Lemurian lifetime; it is a Roman (Latin) name given to him during a past life in Pompei.

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In this seance, Lucius Lucillus spoke the following message:

Communicator, Lucius Lucillus (or possibly Dr. Marshall): [Unintelligible whisper]

Sitter Rosie Creet: "Yea! All ready! I had to be patient."

Communicator, Lucius Lucillus: "Greetings my child."

Rosie Creet: "Greetings to you, Lucillus."

Lucius Lucillus: "I trust that you have not been waiting too long."

Rosie Creet: "No. I was only afraid that perhaps you may not be able to come through."

Lucius Lucillus: "Last time when we met, I promised to tell you, if possible a little about that country which we now term, 'Atlantis'."

Rose Crete: "Oh yes please."

Lucius Lucillus: I presume the name that has been given, "Atlantis" springs from some far gone time when for some reason or other, the Atlantic Ocean was named, and in some long distant time previous in man's history when land joined the continent of Europe and the Americas, when there was no sea, but here and there only rivers and swamps, there was this country which man has since called, "Atlantis." It was not so named in those times. Indeed it is so long ago in history, that very little now is remembered, for it is man's very earliest beginning almost as man, and there was a great continent overrun by many tribes often as one might well imagine, at war, one with another.

There were vast spaces where there was no habitation, and great forests, and great mountains, great deserts, and after perhaps one had traveled hundreds and hundreds of miles, you would come upon a form of civilization. But not all the tribes, not all the peoples were near unto the animal kingdom. There was one group called "Lemurians" who had advanced far indeed before their time, or so it would seem in comparison to the rest of the nomadic tribes and human beings such as they were who dwelt in that time. And because of their great superiority, not only in numbers, but in knowledge, and in advancement mental and spiritual, these souls had great power. But in this group of Lemurians, there were some who were discontent, some who were ambitious, and some who delved into what you would term today, "black magic." They were of a very low order, and yet, they had great power.

Lemuria and the Lemurians were a great race of people, as I've already said, far ahead of their time, great in wisdom, knowledge and experience, and learned to harness the elements, and learned to utilize forces in nature, which even today are only just beginning to be discovered again. In fact, centuries after Atlantis was swamped and became sea, the ancient Chinese rediscovered many of the things that were common knowledge to the Lemurians. There was a fraction among the Lemuirians of a group of individuals who had delved into the occult and had utilized it for base aims, and they had assumed, eventually at least, a form of power, and they in conjunction with many of the nomadic tribes, brought together a great force that attacked the capital of the citadel of Lemuria, and in consequence, it was sacked, it was burned, and untold numbers of peoples were killed, and the lower elements under this group took command, and held sway for many years, then generations of time, until a great catastrophe befell the world in the form of a meteorite or at least something from outer space, something from the heavens flashed, and fell and hit Lemuria and caused it to sink, caused it to disintegrate, and it became a massive sea.

I'm telling you this vast history in a very small portion, trying if I can to give you a rough outline so that you can have at least some picture by which to build a realization of a life long extinct, of a peoples long extinct, and in particular, I wish to as it were, to fill in certain details, gradually, especially in regard to yourself, in regard to the medium, and in regard to certain other peoples. Because, as I think I told you previously, to my knowledge, your first incarnation was in what you call, "Atlantis" as indeed was my first incarnation, and incarnation of others linked with us.

We had taken a place in this Lemuria in which we were progressing far beyond the peoples of our time and of our age. We had discovered many things which benefited the peoples of our time, and as I told you, our cities were vast and built in great dignity. We had great architects, we had great artists, we had great individuals who brought all the resources of their gifts and their arts to create, and we had built up a great society, a great group of peoples who's knowledge was tremendous. And at the submerging of Lemuria, the Earth fell back thousands of years in consequence, but there were these factions, were these massive numbers of peoples who were illiterate, who were near unto the animals. Many of these tribes who lived in the wastelands, in huts, in caves, in the grounds, these were the lower elementals who had not progressed. They had very little brain power, and very little power of any degree. Their only talent, if it was a talent, was to ape, the beast of the fields, the wildlife, and they lived very much akin to the wildlife.

Those in our midst who resented the goodness, and the power of goodness, and the wisdom, and the realization that these peoples had of the communion with spirit of high degree. These peoples took upon themselves to overthrow. We did not have kings or queens or emperors, for we had gone far away from that idea. We lived in a harmonious state of being where it was automatic. Certain souls, because of their nature, because of their obvious development on spiritual lines, automatically you might say, became, in a sense, the heads of state. There were ten houses, or ten groups, if you like, of peoples who in the dim distant past before had been ten tribes, and they had by centuries of effort developed and become a wise and wonderful peoples, and the tribes or the groups in [the merit?] and when we had what you would term formal government, one from each group would be chosen because of his or her merits. We would have equal footing of name.

One of these tribes or one of these groups is the group to which you and several others belong. I am speaking of this because I want, if I can, in our talks, to develop our history, to develop our lives and our works through these ages of time. Of course when we talk about Atlantis or Lemurians, we are talking about possibly 50,000 years ago at least. In certain parts of your world today, are on occasions, fossilized bones have been found. Vast animals roamed the wilds and the forests and these, of course, were a great danger, especially to the nomadic peoples, not so much perhaps a danger to the Lemurians, and to those of us who had civilized ourselves through generations of time. We built vast cities encircled by great walls which were impregnable.

The beginning of the downfall of Lemuria were the few in number within our cities who in themselves resented the power, as they interpreted it, of the tribes. They were, as you would say perhaps, the "black sheep" of the families. They were individuals who had not developed to any real degree but followed in the wake of those more wise and gave, perhaps, a semblance of wisdom because living with it they could not hope to partake of it, but they within themselves were of a low order, and they banded together, and eventually by their conniving, overthrew many of the cities.

There were many souls in that time which I speak, who are known to you under varying names through varying times. You were then a daughter of one called Piloninus. Piloninus was one who in himself was a leader, a man of great wisdom and knowledge, one who had great respect, who commanded with great regard and affection. You were his daughter, and I was his son, which would make us therefore bother and sister in this early incarnation of time. We've all been born into a household where everything that one could wish was possible. We were taught the ancient wisdoms and the arts, and in this time of which I speak, music played a most important part in our lives.

Music was a created form, even in that time of which I speak: more civilized than it has been since, possibly. This may have happened [gap in recording] I've told you the past be difficult to understand some of the things I will say to you will be difficult to realize, but I know your great love and interest in music, and it is important therefore I speak it, because in that day and age, music played an important part in the lives of Lemurians. Every household, every group brought forth individuals with great talents, some in a musical sense would compose, others would play on instruments (instruments long since forgotten) but who's tonal range was far superior to anything you know today. The nearest that one can say to that age in regard to music, of course, would be the music of the spheres, our spheres.

We have and we had then great orchestras, great musicians, many instruments, not as perhaps you might assume just stringed instruments, but instruments of a nature which one can hardly begin to describe because there is, in a sense, there is no way of describing them. But you and I were brought into the arts from childhood in music, particularly with your self and my self. I was most interested in what you call painting: the art of decoration. The instrument that I speak through and use, he was himself was an initiate in the temples, and we worshipped the one God, the one Force, the one Life, the creative, and the life-giving, and we in our temples, used music and color in a way that's never been used since on Earth.

Lemurians were people who meld in magnificence, but not in the sense that some might consider it used, not forced temptation, but for sheer love of beauty. The Lemuirans were a race of people who worshiped at the shrine of beauty. They saw beauty in all things, even in ugliness, and they endeavored, indeed they strove desperately, to help the less fortunate peoples and the tribes; it was difficult for their wisdom was lacking, indeed their brain power was small. They were so like unto the wild animals. It was difficult to pierce their minds, it was difficult to create in them a desire for progress even. Because they were similar in appearance to human beings, and we recognized them as our brothers and sisters, we tried to assist and to help them, and many thousands of Lemurians in consequence lost their lives in these expeditions and in these attempts to help these lesser souls.

All these things I am trying to tell you are difficult for varying reasons, because there's is much I want to say that I cannot find any method or way which I could depict or describe it to you. What I am trying to convey to you is, that when the evil overcame the good, when the Lemurians were trying to overcome by the lesser, and most animal-like humans, whether is was an act of the divine, I am not prepared and cannot say. But all I know is, that there was a great upheaval in the skies, and shafts of lightening, and great noise from out of the heavens came, what appeared to be a shooting star, which as it approached the Earth, became in size enormous, like unto a ball of fire, and it did pierce the center of Atlantis, and it create like a volcanic eruption, and in consequence, the land became like boiling mud, a boiling lava, and after many years it ceased to exist as land and it sank gradually and was overcome by the waters, what you now call the Atlantic Ocean.

Some time it is possible, some venturous spirits, may descend into the Atlantic seas and unearth some of the treasures on this remembrance of what was once a great race of peoples. But it was evil forces that were let loose in Atlantis, because they killed all the Lemurians, all the people's wisdom, the goodness who spiritually had become most wise, most developed, but it is often the way life, whether it is in ancient Atlantis, or whether it is in modern times in which you now dwell, but quite often for a time, evil overcomes good, for goodness seeks not power, goodness seeks not the things of the Earth for the Earth's sake, goodness does not retaliate, goodness gives love.

In all the great teachings and great ones, the great philosophers, these things have been said, and all who've suffered in consequence, but goodness, though it sometimes seems to diminish or be pushed aside, it rises, because goodness is spiritual, and spiritual things do not die. The evil of the Earth, the evil of men's minds, these things for a time hold sway. When the time comes, goodness weeps, because goodness itself must find its own reward, and it is always of a spiritual kind, and not a material.

Atlantis, which is so long ago, so dimly recorded and remembered, even by souls on this side, nevertheless the tribes which I speak of, which we were part of and one tribe in particular, we have gone through eons of time and many experiences together, and we have brought out and have given forth in consequence much knowledge and wisdom to others. This generation in which we now exist, and the medium exists, and other souls you know for instance, each one of you are fulfilling a plan, you're opening doors that others may enter, and they will see through you the wisdom that you have found and which you yourselves give forth to those who would receive.

This is a time of great reward for you. You must not fail yourself. You must not fail to have faith in the realization that your life has been one of service, not perhaps as some would use the term, service, but you would have served, in your own fashion and in your own way. Though your own life may not have been according to your own desiring, in a sense it was, for you chose to return to Earth that you might fulfill in some measure some plan that had been conceived in your own spirit in league with others and in cooperation with others. You are now finishing that work that was started long ago. Do not ask me, or I cannot explain to you exactly how this is being done, for it is not for you, even now, to fully comprehend it.

Those of the tribe called the "House" so long ago it started are still working as they did in ancient times for the upliftment of the lessor souls, the uninitiated, the undeveloped, the evil and the foolish and unwise, and you are playing a part that is enabling another within your self and many other souls to bring about the fulfillment of a plan. Though you may feel that your part is an insignificant one or a small one, it matters not, though we do not consider it as such. There others around you that you know of and others you have yet to know who are playing a bigger part, a more important part as you see it. But it is because you are all important: each one to the fulfillment of the plan to the House of the tribe that you have chosen to return again and again in different ages and different times to bring enlightenment to a number of people, to give them courage and to give them inspiration, to search, to seek and to find, and, in turn, they themselves become the bearers of good tiding and in consequence be uplifters of man that they may give forth outright that which you have seen and given yourself.

The instrument I use is one such; there are others too, some whom you know and others you know not of, but all have been brought together, some on your side and some on this, and we are all one peoples, one group, that started so many, many, many centuries of time ago in ancient Atlantis, the tribe or one of the tribes of Lemuria. You my child, and I, and other souls are continuing our work to bring wisdom, to bring enlightenment, great truth in the darkness of your world. Though your world has changed much over the centuries, no matter what changes may have come, the hearts and the minds of people remain much the same. There are those who dwell in darkness and do not see light. There are those who receive light and aspire in consequence to give light.

We are all serving and working and cooperating together, and the work of the instrument I use was started long ago which gradually now is undergoing changes doing indeed that which we hoped he would do. These things are beginning to take shape and you should see in the coming months as I have promised you, changes, surprising changes, and in regard to that what you term illusion or psychism shall give to you such extraordinary proofs, but more important than proofs, revelations of the spirit which will make for your happiness so that you will have the satisfaction of knowing that when your time is due to be delivered from the Earth body, you shall leave it to the full realization that you have achieved, that your work has been accomplished and the work of the spirit continues through others.

The links that bind us are so strong, so tremendous, that one cannot for one moment depict or describe it, for we have so been linked through many, many, many experiences. We have been much to each other in so many different ways, and we are part of a great picture of which we are but small portions of the whole. He who created in the first instance and gave us life, gave us the ability to seek and to strive and to uplift ourselves so that much that is in the picture has been created as a great beauty. Here and there there are those who compliment this picture. By the darkness and drabness as it indeed must well be, and even they who yet remain and have much yet to learn, they are our bothers and our sisters and we shall so give to them that which we have found, that their light shall shine forth also, and we shall accomplish much in consequence. When all is finished and our work is done, that which we have created shall be beautiful to behold.

You my child, in the late years of this earthly life, have been given an opportunity that few may have, because you yourself in conjunction with others who may have had, have made it possible for you are fulfilling the task that has been sent you, and you shall have the joy of seeing that task finished in some part, at least, before you join us, and you shall be on this side eventually. Rejoice in what has been achieved and should be grateful for all the incarnations and experiences that you've had and the wisdom you have found in consequence, and when you are enjoying it here, with certain souls in particular who have been so much to you through past times, indeed shall you find that peace and that happiness that your heart seeks.

These things that I speak to you about are realities. There are those in your world who do not comprehend. There are those who do not wish to know and understand. There are those who are held down by all manner of things, chiefly, of things within themselves because they are earthbound, we shall release, we hope at least some, of their chains. We shall open their eyes to some extent to truth, and we shall have the satisfaction of knowing at least that there shall be others who will take our place and do our work, and we shall work with them and through them in the years that are yet to come, for our task is to save humanity, to bring peace, true peace, to bring knowledge, to bring truth that mankind may find the path to the real happiness of the spirit. We have great things yet to do, and when the time comes, these things shall be made apparent to you and to others.

There are a few years yet left to you. Those few years that are left shall be years of great joy for you and great wisdom. We shall support you in all manner of ways, not only of the things of the mind and of the spirit, but we shall support you in the material sense in regard to your physical body, that it may continue to stand the stress and the strain of the material things a little longer so that you will have the joy of the fulfillment of spirit while yet upon Earth.

All these things that I have promised, and all that others have promised you, shall in due course be revealed to you in patience and in love. We shall work together and we shall find together the path of enlightenment, and of truth, that we shall in turn help others to tread that path, that we have the wisdom, even and sure path, the path of the spirit and illumination.

My blessings to you child, and I shall come again when you sit next. Whatever time you choose, if you choose three on the hour, or the morning or the afternoon, or nine or ten, or eleven or midnight itself, I shall come. My peace and my love be with you. Fair well!

Rosie Creet: "Fair well, Lucillus."

Mickey: "Buy-buy Aunty Rose, see you again soon!"

Rosie Creet: "Yes, darling." (recording ends)

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