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Science of Wholeness

The amount of knowledge gained through the physical world is huge. The sciences and resulting technologies created a new world of instant information, longer lives, and so many more options and choices. Nevertheless, stress, depression, anxiety, and unhappiness seem also to be so much more commonplace, and there is still so much more to understand regarding the true nature of life, the universe and reality.

Seven Steps to Wholeness

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With existing and developing nuclear powers still threatening our future, major global energy and financial crisis, and so much strife, unrest, natural disasters, etc. going on in our world, it seems the dire prophesies of 2012 are turning out not to be as far-fetched as often surmised.

A Science of Wholeness Is Deeply Needed by All
Sensual Desires and Materialism Separate Us from Spirit

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In spite of the wondrous new technologies, and so many other problems of living solved, the basic human condition remains the same: struggling, working, eating, urinating, defecating, mating, and sleeping all amounting to nothing more than birth, suffering and death! Whenever confronted by the terrible mystery of death and the profound grief that often goes with it, no one seems encouraged to talk about it, and so much of its actual reality is eclipsed by all manner of distractions, religious dogmatic ideas and personal beliefs, while classical science, barring all realities of the spirit, limits consciousness to the brain.

With everyone ultimately ending up in a box or jar of ashes and/or buried six feet under, it is no wonder so many are confused and depressed by life! And so goes the saying, "Eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die." An awful reality confronts anyone really trying to dig deep into life's true meaning. In time everyone is confronted by the obvious terror of inevitable decline, disease and mortality. We are left in a world of stark emptiness and loneliness as long as one remans stuck in the world of materialism and that of the physical senses.

Fortunately, there is so much more to the universe than what can be perceived by the physical senses. In fact the physical senses can be great obstacle to the real treasures of wholeness that everyone in their own way are actually searching for. Not only do the physical senses deceive people with a false image of an external world seemingly separate from everyone else, they distract one from the very real truths hidden deep within the soul or spirit. Evolutionary forces designed our brains mainly to be aware of and process information of an outside world where a false sense of separation from inner joy and love create all sorts of desires and cravings for all manner of experiences, including food, sex, money, power, and other external attractions.

One lives in a whirlwind of activity, driven by aggressive desires and longings for all manner of stimulations while trying to fill the void within. So many are so absorbed in their work, their friends, their religions, their children, their future hopes and dreams, etc. while the hypnotic conglomeration of life's cacophony seems to go on and on forever... except for the physical body, which inevitably falls apart, dies and decays.

I must admit I found all life's human needs and activities very tiresome and often times utterly frustrating. Maybe it's because I have not been as successful as most people, however, over the long and painful process of growing up, I found out just how flawed and even absurd physical life on Planet Earth really is! The worst part of living in my early twenties, thirties, etc. was the experience of constantly having to find work to survive. And then if one is lucky to find work, it is usually all day involving very hard and concentrated effort for barely enough to keep soul and body together.

The rest of the time would be eating, sleeping, showering, then driving back to work! Whenever I tried to have a girlfriend, it seemed all she cared about was how much money I was earning, and all she wanted to do was buy, buy, buy, and seemed to always have a long line-up of other boyfriends besides myself! Nothing in my life made any sense whatsoever, and most people around me rarely seemed to talk about anything meaningful; everything in life seemed so utterly cruel, stupid, frivolous and meaningless.

Then one day I noticed I was losing my hair, and more wrinkles showing up on my face. Of course I was mortal too on top of all the previous insults and disappointments I suffered through. I soon found myself caught in the worst place imaginable: wanting to end my life, yet at same time utterly terrified of death. I would suffer horrible anxiety attacks as my fear of death increased and desperately needed to know more about death, dying and whether or not there actually is a soul.

Upset by Debunkers, My Search for the Truth Never Ended

I knew there had to be far more to life than this crazy cacophony strapped down by so many multiple flaws and limitations. I searched for answers everywhere, starting with Christianity, then Christian Science, Religious Science, Lobsang Rampa, and then one fine day, my neighbor gave me a book to read. She said it was about the life a yogi who's interest in the West brought him over to New York, California and other places in the U. S. to teach Kriya Yoga. I was very grateful for Paramahansa Yogananda and many other great mystics, teachers, authors, etc. on the fascinating subjects of meditation, alternative healing, and life after death. Later on I also discovered some really great books on near-death experiences such as Betty Jean Eadie's Embraced by the Light and Dannion Brinkley's Saved by the Light.

Yet at the same time, many of the late 20th century scientists kept me doubting any of these wonderful truths actually existed. Materialistic scientists such as James Randi and Susan Blackmore, for example painted a very bleak world view that everyone's paranormal, mystical, near-death, out-of-body, and extrasensory experiences can all be explained away as the brain's reactions or hallucinations caused by oxygen starvation, drugs, stress, etc. and that death indeed is the final show, comparing the light seen by many dying patients to that white, fading dot after switching off an old vacuum tube TV set!

I grew very depressed and despondent after learning about their research debunking everything paranormal as either being magician's tricks or tricks of the imagination. Even my belief in herbs, vitamins, alternative medicine, raw foods, etc. to cure all diseases was challenged and debunked by all manner of doctors at the American Medical Association as being just quack medicine and quack science and one can only rely on their side-effect ridden toxic pharmaceuticals. So would everything I thought would be the answer to all my needs and deep spiritual longings simply be written off as quack science and medicine? It was all most distressing that my most cherished values of natural healing, the reality of the paranormal and my great, life-long love of anything related to God and Spirit would be so challenged.

My own personal interest in science started early in my life. I was fascinated in optics and used to build my own telescopes. The last two I built where an eight inch reflector and then a ten inch one. The earth's moon, Mars, Jupiter's moons and bands, Saturn's rings, star clusters and nebulae showed up in my eye piece. I studied many subjects related to science and astronomy was one of my favorites. So I knew beforehand that what some scientists had to say regarding the limitations of consciousness and the non-existence of the soul had to be respected. If death truly is the end of everything one ever knew, experienced and suffered through, I would have to say it seemed like the absolute worse thing imaginable. I mean to go through all the trouble of growing up, all the years of severe humiliation, suffering and all manner of frustrations, etc., and then, the only "final reward" for all the pain, suffering and misery we are forced to go through, is to die??? Wow, what a raw deal!

However, There Have Been Too Many Miracles to Debunk!

Vague religious ideas and beliefs certainly were not enough to calm my terror. Of course I was raised a Christian, and have my heart-to-heart connection with Jesus; only problem was, I could not prove any of it. In fact a religious experience could simply be a "rush of endorphins" associated with the sense of love one would get after sincerely praying to Jesus or God for help. All could be explained away as just chemicals or hormones in the brain that would be acting as a comforting mechanism.

Was there any proof anywhere for anything? Did any of the miracles in the Bible really happen? Or how about those amazing miracles reported by Paramahansa Yogananda in his extraordinary classic, Autobiography of a Yogi? Did yogis in recent history also perform miracles similar to those in the Bible? There was something much more convincing about Autobiography of a Yogi that not only seemed to "prove" the existence of yogis that could levitate, astral project and live without food, but also many of the mysteries I often pondered regarding the Bible also cleared up, therefore helping to deepen my faith in the Christ and some of the miracles in the Bible.

However I still felt the need for something more definite that would prove not only prove once and for all the existence of life after death, but also explain exactly what it is like on the "other side." I tried to find every reliable source of information I could on this subject. It was so hard, especially before the time of the internet, to find the exact information I was searching for. I had cable TV throughout the 1990s and recorded every program I could find on the paranormal, UFOs, death and dying. Gradually I realized that there had to be something to all this phenomenon, in that something was definitely going on, exactly what I still did not know. Angels did seem to exist because so many saw them, not as hallucinations, but as apparitions that actually saved their lives, gave them vital information or correctly warned one of an oncoming obstacle or accurately predicted a future event.

The Most Amazing Miracle of All

It was not until I had been researching the internet several years after the start of the new millennium did I really start to find some convincing answers and some of the most extraordinary evidence of life after death I could possibly imagine. Some experiments were conducted proving that consciousness can indeed exist outside of the body while asleep or even while dying. Many near-death experiences reported hearing conversations and seeing events occurring miles away that were positively confirmed that they actually happened.

One incident reported by Kimberly Clark Sharp cofounder and president of IANDS and author of After the Light, involved a dying patient seeing a tennis shoe on the roof of a hospital while out of her body. Sure enough, the very same tennis shoe could be found lying on the roof top of a hospital far above and out of sight from where the patient temporarily "died." Even I and close family members had many strange experiences, especially after my mother passed away in 1991 that simply could not be explained in any other way except as paranormal.

The young child's English voice sounded something out of the Twilight Zone to me! My jaw dropped to the floor and hair stood on end while listening to Bobby Tracey's vivid description of his mother's astral house, his astral school, his teachers, the man with a red cap who ferries him and many other children across an etherial river to an astral island, and how he and his mother died in a car accident! I was able to find this and many other paranormal direct voice recordings like it from nearly any website that featured the direct voice medium, Mr. Leslie Flint. One can find hundreds of recordings usually lasting somewhere between ten minutes to an hour long.

I cannot convey their extraordinary nature and convincingly real two-way conversations here. It is impossible to describe all of them, therefore one has to listen to them and decide for his or her self whether or not they are genuine. After reading Leslie Flint's book, "Voices in the Dark" and listening to all of his tapes, I have not a shadow of a doubt they are real. Every test, every measure was given, and no one was ever able to disprove perhaps the most remarkable direct voice medium who ever lived, Leslie Flint. The afterlife is not only real, but a very natural, complete, all-satisfying, beautiful and wholesome existence extending far beyond our own most of which is impossible to depict and describe in materialistic terms. I finally have something to live for and now feel my life on this physical world of great limitation and darkness has great meaning and purpose.

Living a pure lifestyle while improving my attitude with scientifically validated spiritual truths related to spiritualism and the afterlife helped a great deal. I also wrote extensively many articles throughout my websites and the following amazing ebook, The Scientific Reality of Life After Death.

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The Scientific Reality of Life After Death

What do the most reliable mystics, yogis and mediums say regarding the afterlife? You will learn far more about the perfectly natural and absolutely beautiful realms of life after death than most people ever do in a lifetime. This information is as scientifically verified and complete as I can possibly make it. How can one be certain there is an afterlife? Why does mainstream academic science continue to reject the afterlife? Is there any real scientific proof or evidence that there is life after death? If so, what is the afterlife really like? Knowing that we all must ultimately face death someday, it is extremely important to know all one can regarding the afterlife. Go here for more info.

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