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Skepticism and Prejudice

One of the main things that stop mainstream scientific research funding for many new and potential exciting areas of research is the profound skepticism often seen in the mainstream media.

The Law of Abundance

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It is natural and necessary of course to be cautious whenever one reads about some wild claim, however prejudicial condemnation of subjects and people before actually fully understanding their real purpose and life-experience is tragic. Of course some of the most derided scientists in history were those who developed some of the most significant inventions of all time such as wireless communication and heavier-than-air-powered flight.

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Whenever some idea seems too far-fetched, then of course it is immediately condemned as nonsense. Most scientists and physicians immediately discredit the phenomena of breatharianism as something that can't exist simply because of how far such a possibility is outside of their common reasoning, thinking or logic. "No, breatharianism is impossible, all hogwash because it is well-established fact that people can't live without food." So we end up with a prejudicial condemnation of a subject long before it could be properly researched and analyzed. Even worse, anyone claiming to be nourished solely on prana as some yogis have described for centuries is immediately labeled a crackpot, fraud or as some sort of joke for no other reason than for the "breatharian" lifestyle being followed.

A perfect example is the Indian holy man Prahlad Jani also known as Mataji. He was immediately dismissed as a fraud by many skeptics, yet no one ever found any evidence whatsoever of him eating anything, ever. And yet because it is "scientifically impossible" to survive without food and water for so many years says the MCI (Medial Council of India), they automatically assume Prahlad Jani is a hoax. And this is the common way any such phenomena occurring outside the comfort zone of conventional thinking is reacted to.

If indeed breatharians actually exist, then how would such a person get the energy and protein needed to sustain life and rebuild tissues? Energy has to come from somewhere, so how is it possible for some people to be breatharian? Only the very frontiers of human understanding could barely provide the answer. Some possible answers might be quantum energy, and another possibility cold fusion, while the protein needed to rebuild tissues might come from the nitrogen in our atmosphere which is almost 79% nitrogen. Much moisture can also be obtained from the air we breathe which is in some areas is quite humid.

What if the paranormal does actually exist? We can't and should not dismiss a subject simply because it defies all common experience within a vast and mysterious universe we are still far from knowing everything about. Only the metaphysical sciences can explain the rest of the possible sources of nourishment such as astral food, water and pranic nourishment which again might be mainly quantum energy or quantum light. Many breatharians claim they sense a great deal of light within themselves and a high vibration of unconditional love. It is as if their level of reality has lifted above the normal limitations of existence on the elevator of love, purity and regular contact with the divine.

Another perfect example can be found in the even greater area of knowledge and research regarding life after death. Countless near-death experiences have been documented demonstrating the effect of mind leaving the body and obtaining verified information from sources that were absolutely impossible for the physical brain to have obtained except through an actual out-of-body experience that somehow is fed back into the brain after it wakes up from its coma, anesthesia, etc.

Countless individuals have experienced amazing things while completely but temporarily brain dead, and then able to remember upon awakening all sorts of encounters often with dead relatives in a heavenly environment far-removed from Earth. Yet because science says or assumes all consciousness originates from the brain and cannot exist outside of the brain, then of course life after death cannot exist either. "Life after death is scientifically impossible." In spite of centuries of evidence to the contrary, many scientists and physicians still insist that there could not possibly be life after death nor even a God.

If the spiritual realms exist, then any evidence for such a thing must hide well within a much subtler structure beyond our common experience of the physical world. There is one thing that is always present throughout the entire universe, and that one unifying field of all fields is space. Space has to have a "something" in it in order to carry light across nearly unlimited distances. But what is that "something" exactly?

One would have to accept there are higher dimensions than just the three dimensions, height, length and depth. There is also a forth dimension or field of motion called "time" without which there can be no motion or duration. If there were only three dimensions, there would be no motion, and no energy, and therefore no mass, because mass is a form of energy. A purely three-dimensional universe would have no history, and therefore no existence. Yet even if there were only four dimensions, there would still be something very important missing. After all, what exactly is motion?

Something in space has to move in order for there to be any sort of vibration or motion. So there has to be yet an even higher dimension for space to vibrate in the first place which is the fifth dimension or dimension of electromagnetic forces. Then what determines the behaviors, characteristics and laws of every particle? A sixth dimension is needed for that aspect, and then even higher dimensions are needed to actualize all of the above, such as the universally governing force of consciousness. Without consciousness, there cannot be any recognizable existence whatsoever.

According to string theory, there are eleven dimensions, and all of the higher dimensions, five through eleven are more and more tightly curled because of their sheer density moving into ever greater and greater gravitational collapse the higher the dimension. Space therefore seems to be a vastly more complex and flexible fabric than one can ever imagine it to be. Contrary to what may seem an empty vacuum, space actually seems to be filled with all sorts of information, while having the ability to create endless holographic effects such as particles, atoms and objects. With the help of string theory and quantum physics, space appears to act more like a very flexible spring cushion vibrating at all sorts of frequencies of electromagnetic energy and gravitational waves.

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