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Encyclopedia of the Unexplained

Explore outside the Box! Voices in the Dark, Mysterious Phenomena, UFO's, 2012, and Other Bizarre Events

UFO New Sightings - UK Government Publish Latest XFiles

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Just about everyone has a viewpoint on the phenomenon known as UFO's. You may debunk UFO's and assert that anyone who claims to have seen a UFO (not to mention been 'abducted' by or witness to a UFO 'abduction') is either mistaken, easily influenced, mad or possibly all of the above. Maybe you believe unconditionally in the existence of UFOs simply because of the volume of published UFO sightings or perhaps you have personal experience of the mysterious phenomena known by the generic term Unidentified Flying Objects. This author's mind is jammed firmly open regarding the UFO have to admit that, given the worldwide volume of 'evidence' on the subject of the UFO phenomenon or of phenomena that combine under the heading of Unidentified Flying Objects, it would be rather closed minded to write off every recorded case of UFO experiences as mere tricks of the mind or eye or hoax. Even if you're a total sceptic, we invite you now to read on...

Worlds Beyond Worlds

The Collision of Dreams and Reality - We shall explore the very fringes of human knowledge where dreams and reality merge into what can only be called a "twilight zone" where orbs of light and mysterious space craft pop in and out of our perception, and various types of humanoids and other creatures are discovered to our shock and amazement to momentarily appear and disappear. They often appear, like ghosts, semitransparent and can only stay in our vibration rate for a short time before dematerializing back into their own dimension. Some visitors may be able to stay longer than others, and the most physical ones may even be inhabiting our earth, sometimes intermixing with our own kind before too many people become aware of them.

Consider the Rendlesham Forest incidents -- aka 'The UK's Roswell' taken from the UK's MoD files:

26 Dec 1980 -- Rendlesham Forest

Early in the morning of 26 December 1980, from RAF Woodbridge's East Gate in Suffolk, sentry duty staff witnessed strange colored lights, hovering just above the tree line of the adjacent Rendlesham Forest. Staff Sergeant Jim Penniston, Airman First Class Edward Cabansag & A1C John Burroughs entered the forest by jeep to investigate the phenomenon. A radio transmission from Heathrow Airport confirmed that an object had been detected in the area. Now some distance into the forest, Penniston and Burroughs lost radio contact with Cabansag. In a clearing they noticed a small, shiny object with a bank of blue lights on it just sitting there, completely stationary. Penniston described it as triangular in shape, three meters tall and wide. The shell was smooth and opaque, like black glass. White light encompassed most of the upper section of the craft. It was dead silent. He saw and touched symbols inscribed or engraved on it like diamond etched glass. As he did so the light became brighter. The craft moved up off the ground, started slowly weaving back through the trees at a very slow pace, then rose up over the trees to about 200 feet. And with the blink of an eye it was gone...all with no sound.

Cabansag, who waited with their jeep, also observed an object or UFO with a belt of colored lights around it.

28 Dec 1980 -- Rendlesham Forest

Charles Halt, Deputy Base Commander, was involved with a subsequent UFO encounter on 28 December 1980 at Rendlesham Forest. He recorded the now famous 'Halt Tape' and also wrote a memorandum which he sent to the MoD. On that night Halt was alerted to further unusual light cluster sightings within Rendlesham Forest and took an RAF patrol and the local Police Lieutenant into the forest to investigate. They witnessed a strange glowing object around 100-200 meters away zigzagging behind the pine trees. Halt later described the object as having the appearance of an eye, dark red with a darker section in the middle much like a pupil. One theory, later proposed, was that Orford Ness Lighthouse, six miles, away causes strange optical effects in the fog though Halt had stated that they could see the lighthouse off to the side of this object by about 30 degrees that object they all saw was no lighthouse, that it was dancing about in the forest disappearing, reappearing, then proceeded to move at a quicker rate away from them. Halt and his team gave chase. The object led them a nearby field where it rested in the middle. It was yellow and red and would occasionally flash and throw off sparks like molten metal. Then, for no obvious reason, the object silently exploded into 3 to 5 separate white lights. There was no sound, just a bright flash. One of the objects began beaming laser like beams of light down over Rendlesham Forest and RAF Woodbridge and then disappeared Halt's Commander, at his home at RAF Woodbridge, saw the beams of light falling down, as did people in the weapons storage area and several other places on the base. Halt later said that the object which was sending beams of light down to the ground was 'certainly under intelligent control'. A Sergeant Bobby Ball stated that the objects appeared to be searching for something, ' me it looked like a grid search, like they were boxing off an area and looking for something.'

Real Life X Files now available

While we fully appreciate that some reports of UFO activity have been explained away -- possibly with some justification on many occasions -- as astronomical or meteorological phenomena, conventional aircraft, optical illusion or deliberate hoaxes, we invite you to dig a little deeper and see what gems you might unearth.

The Ministry of Defence in the United Kingdom, following a barrage of requests for information under the recently implemented 'Freedom of Information Act', opted to disclose its complete archive of reported sightings of unexplained objects in the skies around the UK.

These records and sketches, released in February 2010 are the fifth instalment released by the MoD relating to reported experiences of encounters with unidentified flying objects within UK airspace. Examples are: UFOs over Chelsea Football Club, over former Home Secretary Michael Howard's house, near misses between UFOs and passenger planes and includes papers relating to the Rendlesham Forest incidents.

This information is available to download in PDF format. You can download the complete archive and study at your leisure -- you never know what you may uncover.

The MoD UFO archive is available at

Share your real life UFO experiences...or details on any other paranormal occurrences at our web site or simply download a few free e-books.

Author: Ed Detori

We believe there is more to our existence than may first appear on the surface. We don't hold to any one creed, faith or doctrine but like to keep an open mind regarding the 'heebie-jeebies' which we define as...'strange, mysterious, inexplicable events or occurrences' happening all around us that modern scientists and psychologists would try to interpret by offering 'normal, rational, acceptable' explanations for these events. Please visit our web site which aims to collate and publish stories of these events provided for publication by ordinary everyday people such as you and I. Your story would be most welcome.

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Triangular UFO's

Triangular UFO's have been seen since the 1940's but have increased rapidly since 1990's. Many skeptics of UFO's go to possible government files of them working on flying disk technology. There are also records of triangular UFO's but, in August 2004 the organization (NIDS) found that sightings did not conform to previous deployment of black project aircraft and that the objects' origins and agendas were unknown. So it's hard to explain the triangular UFO's. Are the triangular UFO's really from other planets?

One of the most famous UFO sightings was the Phoenix Lights incident. There was multiple UFO sightings some as low as 1,000 feet and moved far too slowly and silently for a airplane or helicopter. Also there was a V shape to the objects. Another thing was the speed. Just like in other UFO's, they accelerated too fast and slowly to be man made. The big lights pointing down on the city could be seen from as far away as Las Vegas some reported, but seen much better in the city. An official report made by the Air Force about the incident concluded that the military had been testing flares launched from conventional aircraft during that time. The Air Force even tried to recreate the event, going in their V shape formation but the noise was far to loud and didn't recreate the event. Also the object was reported to be a mile long, longer than our aircrafts.

Since it can't be explained, they need to be studied more.

For sighting tips go to

UFO website:

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The Best UFO Conference Abduction Stories

There are many great alien abduction cases which I have heard at my local UFO conference down the years but two stand out above the others.

The abduction experience of Betty and Barney Hill only came to light after the couple involved decided to have therapy for sleep problems shortly after their encounter. The storm of media interest which followed led to a book and a film by the title of "The Interrupted Journey" and an appearance at a UFO conference. During their hypnotic regression sessions the therapist, who was totally unprepared for what the Hills had to say, tried to put a conventional spin to their story but the Hills held firm. The hypnotist was amazed as the couple recalled encountering the UFO and then being led into a spacecraft by alien beings. Although the couple told the same story about their abduction experience, the emotional impact on each was markedly different.

Messengers of Peace

Our Contact with Star Beings - An amazing array of all manner of contacts with other races throughout the galaxy are being claimed, especially now at this time of transition from one long age of darkness into what is hopefully a new age of enlightenment and the fulfillment of all humanity's spiritual longings. If we really expect to move into a new age of peace, connectedness and enlightenment, it is vital that all superficial ego bickering, old worn-out dogmatic beliefs, and wars be put aside to make room for the much more promising spiritual attititude of acceptance of the oneness of all life and infinite compassion for all beings. In this ebook, I would like to feature some of the most prominent and outstanding UFO contacts that I ever heard.

It was Betty Hill who was most intrigued by her encounter and remembered asking her alien hosts which star system they had come from. They showed her and she drew a map of their star system under hypnosis. This was easily dismissed at the time as being pure imagination. Some time later an astronomer claimed at a UFO conference to have found a match for the star system which Betty had drawn. However, this has been dismissed as dubious because the match is not exact and the map needs to be manipulated to look exactly like the star system in question. Barney Hill had a much more unpleasant encounter than his wife. He was terrified of the alien beings and of their invasive "medical" tests. Throughout his hypnotic description, he wanted only to get away from these strange beings.

Time has not weathered the importance of the Betty and Barney Hill encounter. It remains as probably the most important and fascinating UFO conference alien abduction case of all time. Travis Walton's encounter and alien abduction experience is also often discussed at a UFO conference and is just as fascinating as the Hill's case.

The incident occurred in November 1975 when Travis and his work colleagues were heading home after a hard day's work and encountered a UFO. Travis was curious and got out to have a look. The other crew members screamed at him to head back to the truck but could only watch in horror when a greenish light shot out from the underside of the UFO craft, hitting Travis and knocking him backwards to the ground. Petrified, they fled area only to return a while later to find that Travis was not there. Travis recounted this part of the experience at a UFO conference in the 1990s and the tension in the air was amazing.

The local police force were very unhappy with the logging crew's story of the events surrounding Travis's disappearance and suspected a murder motive. However, the crew all undertook lie detector tests and passed. The police's murder theory was squashed when Travis suddenly called home from a telephone box at a petrol station and asked his family to come and pick him up. He kept mentioning aliens with large eyes on the way to his parent's house. Travis thought that it was the following morning and was shocked to find out that he had been away for five days. He had lost weight and had a short beard. His hypnotic regression session recalled his story aboard a spaceship that included both the archetypal small gray beings who were about five foot tall, and humanoids who declined to communicate with him but signed for him to go with them. An oxygen mask was placed over his face, and Travis said he passed out. When he awoke, the craft was in the air over the road near the petrol station, and when it headed off, he made his call from the phone booth.

One of the most amazing features of Travis Walton's case and one which was noticeable at a recent UFO conference, is the personality changes of both Travis and his co-witness and relative, Mike Rogers. Travis now speaks in a quiet voice. He doesn't seemed bothered if skeptics doubt what happened to him. His once quiet brother-in-law, Mike Rogers, is now the person upset by those who rubbish Travis's claims. Neither of them have ever amended their recollections of that famous evening and encounter with a UFO on that forest road.

Travis Walton took a lie-detector test after the film and book "Fire in the Sky" came out and he successfully passed just as his logging crew had passed their lie detector tests when Travis was away for five days. What is the truth about Travis Walton? We can only say what he truly believes in what happened to him, and we also know that there were many witnesses to the incident. Walton used to be a regular at our UFO conference and quite simply said that either you believe him or you don't. I'll leave it at that.

About the author: John Nuttall is an independent UFO and paranormal researcher. His investigations have been reproduced in many paranormal publications over the years. John has organised many a ufo conference over the years and is involved with a well known local ufo group.

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UFO's - Are They REAL or Have Millions of People All Seen Thousands of Different Optical Illusions?

Roswell, New Mexico in 1947 is perhaps the most famous and celebrated case of a UFO "incident." If you follow the main accounts of this story you would indeed be influenced to think that something from another world did crash on planet earth. Even more, the beings that piloted the crashed spacecraft were supposedly captured and detained by the US military.

All of this is denied, of course, by the US military and the US Government. They described the extensive wreckage and debris that was strewn across the countryside as a broken up weather balloon. Whatever it was there was a massive operation to clean it all up in record time.

Supposedly, eye-witnesses were either sworn to secrecy with the aid of financial "incentives" or threatened with physical harm if they did not change their original accounts of what they saw and confirm that the debris was, in fact, pieces of a simple weather balloon.

To this day it has remained quite a conspiracy. It has never really been adequately explained. Rumors abound that the pilots of the extraterrestrial vessels are still in captivity, presumably dead and preserved in formaldehyde glass tombs.

We also have thousands of photographs and film recordings of mysterious lights in the skies all over the world. Every country has reported the acrobatics that are so often displayed by these lights. Whatever they are, one thing is certain - they defy the laws of physics on this planet as we presently know them.

Notice I said: "as we presently know them." Just over a century ago mankind never knew about radio waves or electricity either. Neither of these can be seen, yet they are now there for us all to use in our everyday lives.

During the time of sailing ships everybody believed that the earth was flat and that to sail beyond the horizon would see a ship fall off the face of the earth. To where, nobody was really sure.

Just a few centuries later we have been able to send astronauts into space and land on the surface of the moon. Other probes with powerful cameras have also been sent into space. Organisations like SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) now exist.

How arrogant do we have to be to deny completely the existence of intelligent life forms in other galaxies? Are we the ONLY entities alive on the ONLY planet capable of sustaining life? That is what we are led to believe. Surely, if beings from other solar systems have been able to venture here then they must be more advanced in technology than we presently are. That only stands to reason.

Given the advances that mankind has made in the last two hundred years and, the exponential rate of that advancement over the last twenty years then the possibility of life on other planets in other solar systems becomes more and more plausible.

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