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Book Reviews on Natural Anxiety and Depression Remedies
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Anxiety and Depression: A Natural Approach by Shirley Trickett - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - Written in a clear and compassionate style, Anxiety and Depression: A Natural Approach puts the reader - not the drugs - in control. This second edition has been fully updated with the latest medical information and the newest alternative treatments, including herbal remedies, nutritional therapies, and meditation techniques.

Stress, Anxiety and Depression: The Natural Way of Healing (Dell Natural Medicine Library) by Natural Medicine Collective - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - A team of licensed natural-health practitioners provides authoritative guidance and specific holistic methods for relieving, reducing, or removing the symptoms and effects of stress, anxiety, depression, tension, grief, worry, and anger.

Metacognitive Therapy for Anxiety and Depression by Adrian Wells - Editorial Review - "Wells has written a very important book, rich in clinical understanding and practical guidance. Metacognitive therapy is based on a well-developed and thoroughly tested model that addresses core disordered processes, including attentional bias and rumination. The procedures he describes will be enormously useful to therapists of all persuasions, and can form the bedrock of low-intensity and high-intensity interventions for a wide range of disorders." - Chris R. Brewin, Clinical, Educational, and Health Psychology, University College London, UK "Metacognitive Therapy offers a strategy for addressing those well-learned and hard-to-fix thinking patterns that can be tough to change. As a clinician who has struggled with helping people work through dysfunctional thinking patterns, I can appreciate the usefulness of Wells's methods. Metacognitive therapy helps both the patient and the therapist take a step back from the sometimes repetitive work of cognitive therapy, and lends a new perspective with the potential for breaking through treatment roadblocks. Well done!" - Monica Ramirez Basco, Department of Psychology, University of Texas at Arlington, USA "The metacognitive model is based on years of research on the nature of different levels and processes of thinking underlying psychological disorders. Clinicians who read this revolutionary book will be able to utilize techniques found nowhere else. Intriguing, creative, and effective clinical strategies are illustrated with clear case examples that demonstrate how to modify recurrent patterns of rumination, worry, and over-reliance on problematic processes of thinking. Chapters on specific disorders provide tools and conceptualizations that take the cognitive model in new and exciting directions. I highly recommend this brilliant contribution." - Robert L. Leahy, Department of Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York Presbyterian Hospital, USA "This book presents a new and innovative approach that focuses on how patients think, as much as what they believe. It is firmly grounded in basic science and packed full of powerful clinical strategies for helping people change the way they think. Wells shows how attention training and detached mindfulness techniques can be applied to a full array of anxiety and depressive disorders with impressive and lasting results. His approach will appeal to clinical practitioners, students, and mental health researchers alike, and should find widespread acceptance in the clinical community." - Steven D. Hollon, Department of Psychology, Vanderbilt University, USA

What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About(TM) Depression: The Breakthrough Integrative Approach for Effective Treatment by Michael B. Schachter and Deborah Mitchell - Editorial Review - Product Description - Depression is a serious illness that can have detrimental effects, both personally and professionally. Many of the prescriptions currently available are expensive and often have debilitating side effects. More importantly, they often don't work. In his breakthrough program, Dr. Schachter offers proven methods to treat depression naturally by rebalancing and repairing out of sync and inefficient neurotransmitters in the brain. Readers will learn that safe, natural supplements and proper nutrition can directly affect brain chemistry and how to effectively control the amount of serotonin, dopamine, and glutamine in the brain--without drugs. Combining traditional treatments with new, alternative remedies, Dr. Schachter provides depression sufferers with much-needed relief.

The Prozac Alternative: Natural Relief from Depression with St. John's Wort, Kava, Ginkgo, 5-HTP, Homeopathy, and Other Alternative Therapies by Ran Knishinsky - Editorial Review - Offers a comprehensive look at St. John's wort - the most significant natural remedy for depression. -- Health Products Business, June 1999

The Instinct to Heal: Curing Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Without Drugs and Without Talk Therapy by David Servan-Schreiber - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - Pointing to the stark statistic that more than 11 million Americans currently take antidepressants, Servan-Schreiber, psychiatrist and co-founder of the University of Pittsbugh's Center for Complementary Medicine, offers seven natural treatments for stress-related disorders. Honed by his travels as a Doctors Without Borders founder, Servan-Schreiber's holistic approach involves neither drugs nor traditional talk therapies (which he notes have never been proven effective), but relies on the brain's own healing mechanism. Combining solid scientific data, diagrams and anecdotal evidence in a highly accessible format, the author smoothly guides readers through alternative therapies, including acupuncture, dawn simulation, heart coherence and nutrition, "a field almost entirely abandoned" by today's mental health professionals, but of vital importance, he notes, to such conditions as postpartum depression and bipolar disorder. While admitting all treatments should ideally submit to a rigorous controlled study, the author laments the lack of economic interest on the part of pharmaceutical companies to study anything unpatentable. A final section, with tips and techniques on improving communication in personal relationships and integrating therapies into daily life nicely rounds out this valuable resource. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Review - The Instinct to Heal will help anyone expand their concept of health and health care to a more majestic level." -- Larry Dossey, M.D., bestselling author of Healing Beyond the Body

Written with grace and elegance, this book might well become the most important mental health landmark of this generation. -- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Ph.D., bestselling author of Flow, and Being Adolescent

Product Description - Americans seek therapy in record numbers and consume more medications than ever before, yet stress, anxiety, and depression continue to rise to epidemic proportions. People can spend years on the psychoanalytic couch without making any progress. And for many psychiatrists, the prescription-writing reflex has become almost automatic, despite the fact that benefits often disappear as soon as drug treatment stops. Standard treatments simply aren't long-term solutions.

But psychiatrist/neurologist David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D., knows that we can cure our emotional pain. He's seen certain natural methods produce tremendous results in his clinical practice, in that of his peers, and even in war-torn regions where horrific memories can leave deep scars.

Numerous studies in prestigious scientific journals have documented the amazing benefits of these methods on anxiety and depression, but because the mechanisms through which they operate remain poorly understood, they've remained largely excluded from mainstream medicine and psychiatry. Dr. Servan-Schreiber explains how each of the natural methods in this ensemble treatment plan can help us escape the therapy/drug trap by working through the body to tap into the emotional brain's self-healing processes rather than relying on the cognitive process of language.

Weaving fascinating accounts of his firsthand experience and findings together with the research of hundreds of other esteemed scientists, Dr. Servan-Schreiber outlines a program that's becoming embraced throughout the world as a permanent cure for emotional pain. See how you, too, can tap into The Instinct to Heal.

The Peace of Mind Prescription: An Authoritative Guide to Finding the Most Effective Treatment for Anxiety and Depression by Dennis Charney, Charles Nemeroff, and Stephen R. Braun - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - Prozac? Wellbutrin? Celexa? Talk therapy? People experiencing depression and/or anxiety (the two are often linked) can find themselves lost in the welter of available treatments. This volume provides clear, coherent help in sorting it all out. Charney is the chief of the Mood and Anxiety Disorder Research Program at the National Institute of Mental Health; Nemeroff is the chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Emory University's medical school. Up-to-date with the latest research information, they are the perfect docents to the complex world of bio-psychology. After explaining how anxiety and depression are diagnosed, the authors offer step-by-step advice on how to handle them. They particularly stress the importance of getting diagnosis and treatment from a psychiatrist or other trained mental-health worker; the importance of combining medication with psychotherapy; the benefits and side effects of the latest medications; the differing symptoms of men and women, adults and children. They also discuss how to deal with the risk of suicide. This is surely one of the best handbooks available for accurate information about these two increasingly common "thieves of happiness." Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Product Description - Anxiety and depression are among the most serious medical disorders today. According to the World Health Organization, depression causes more disabilities than any other condition. Yet 80 percent of the thirty-eight million Americans suffering from these disorders get inadequate treatment. Inspired by their work with patient-advocacy groups, world-renowned psychiatrists Charney and Nemeroff are on a mission to help everyone get the best treatment available. Charney (who spearheaded the latest National Institute of Mental Health research plan on the disorders) and Nemeroff (a top-flight researcher and clinician at Emory University) stress that any treatment must be tailored to each individual.

The Peace of Mind Prescription details the full array of medically approved drugs and therapies, highlights the latest breakthroughs, and explores future possibilities. It advocates treating most adults with a combination of psychotherapy and medication and confirms the link between serious anxiety and depression and physical diseases. The authors examine the controversial question of treating children with medication and provide vital information specific to both sexes and all ages.

The Peace of Mind Prescription arms every reader with the resources to assess the claims made for different treatments, both mainstream and alternative. It features inspiring stories about more than a dozen people who have overcome their anxiety and depression disorders. Fresh, authoritative, and empowering, the book is a prescription that can aid millions of people.

The Natural Medicine Guide to Bipolar Disorder (The Healthy Mind Guides) by Stephanie Marohn - Editorial Review - Product Description - The Natural Medicine Guide to Bipolar Disorder,an innovative and inspiring book on natural medicine treatments for a healthy mind, is about healing bipolar, not merely enduring it. Within these pages, medical journalist Stephanie Marohn explores the key contributing factors and triggers for mood disorder and profiles a range of effective, nondrug-based approaches that can truly restore health. Treating the underlying imbalances, rather than suppressing the outer symptoms (as most drugs do), leads to lasting recovery. And only by considering the well-being of the mind and spirit as well as the body can comprehensive healing take place.

Tao Cycle Therapy: Natural Happiness via Self Directed Cure for Chronic Anxiety & Depression by Sarah Shikitao-Brown and - Editorial Review - Product Description - There will be no hand-holding here. No touchy-feely stuff. We don't play around with symptoms. We go directly to the root of the problem, right down to your true animal impulses & desires. We don't cuddle with ego defenses, we break them. Maybe most people don't realize this but Modern Science Already Knows How to Cure Chronic Anxiety & Depression. But making that information widely understood doesn't exactly sell a lot of anti-anxiety drugs now does it? As far back as Freud, the answers have been widely accepted & well understood: Anxiety is an Internal Conflict between your conscious mind & your subconscious mind caused by the denial & repression of societally shunned animal impulses. These primitive impulses are your true initial feelings, the impulses that Lie Detector Tests, Body Language & Facial Recognition experts are trying to detect because These First Impulses Do Not Lie. They represent your true feelings, whether you're conscious of them or not. -

Self-Coaching: The Powerful Program to Beat Anxiety and Depression, 2nd Edition, Completely Revised and Updated by Joseph J. Luciani - Editorial Reviews - From Library Journal - Cognitive behavioral therapy is based on the idea that our thoughts and our interpretations of events greatly influence our moods. Therapists teach clients to listen to their negative internal dialogs and to use less depressive "self-talk." Clients may also be given "homework" in the form of relaxation exercises for anxiety or gradual acclimatization to frightening situations. The emphasis is on changing thoughts and actions, not on understanding their origins. Getting Your Life Back and Self-Coaching are both based on this approach. The latter, by clinical psychologist Luciani, advises readers to identify themselves as specific personality types (e.g., "Worrywarts," "Hedgehogs," "Perfectionists") and then gives specific instructions on how to change these thought patterns. The title by Wright and Basco, a psychiatrist/educator and a clinical psychologist/researcher, respectively, examines various psychological areas (e.g., thinking, action, biology, relationships, and spirituality) and invites readers to work on these areas in any order with valuable, morale-boosting checklists and examples. Getting Your Life Back is the better of the two because it discusses antidepressants and because the authors' instructions and exercises are much more thorough. Copyright 2001 Reed Business Information, Inc. -- This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Booklist - The prevailing therapeutic value of trying to change cognitive thought processes in order to ward off depression and anxiety is not new. However, the approach in this book puts the primary responsibility for making the change on the sufferer of either condition. For those who are uncomfortable with the thought of entering therapy or using medication, the self-coaching work here may be just the ticket to greater freedom from depression and anxiety. (There are a few useful self-tests.) As an alternative to traditional psychiatric options, the self-coaching and "self-talk" prescribed in the book may work to talk oneself out of temporary mild or moderate depression. Sufferers of major clinical depression might want to combine the approach here with therapy or medication. A viable option for the self-help section of library collections. Marlene Chamberlain Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title

Anxiety & Depression Workbook For Dummies (For Dummies (Psychology & Self Help)) by Charles H., PhD Elliott, Laura L., PhD Smith, and Aaron T., MD Beck - From the Back Cover - From identifying your triggers to improving your relationships -- manage your emotional wellbeing

Struggling to cope with anxiety and/or depression? Have no fear -- this hands-on guide focuses on helping you pinpoint the root of your problems and find relief from your symptoms in a detailed, step-by-step manner. With concise, eye-opening exercises, you'll understand how to assess your current situation, remove the roadblocks to change, face your fears, and improve your view of yourself and the world around you. You'll see how to take direct action to alter negative or distorted thinking, lift your moods, and adopt positive habits that will lead you toward a more joyful, meaningful, and connected life!

* How to improve the way you feel about yourself
* Skills to face and overcome what makes you anxious or depressed
* How to determine whether medication is an option for you
* Practical ways to prepare for and deal with setbacks

Natural Relief for Anxiety: Complementary Strategies for Easing Fear, Panic & Worry by Edmund J. Bourne, Arlen Brownstein, and Lorna Garano - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - Natural anxiety relief without costly prescription drugs

Written by the best-selling author of The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook and a naturopathic physician, this book offers you a complete strategy for overcoming anxiety without drugs. Begin by taking a look at the choices you make every day about your lifestyle and general well-being. Calm your anxious mind with healthy self-talk. Learn the importance of exercise and a healthy, natural diet in controlling anxiety. Discover techniques that promote deep physical relaxation. Find out which nutritional supplements and natural therapies can help you on your way to renewed peace of mind. Explore ways you can simplify your life to reduce stress. The book offers a broad range of self-care resources as well as information about how and when to seek outside help.

Complementary treatment approaches includes relaxation, exercise, and diet improvement, herbs and nutritional supplements, massage and bodywork, chiropractic care, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and t'ai chi, homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, and overcoming aggravating conditions like body toxicity, seasonal affective disorder, adrenal exhaustion, and PMS.

From the Publisher - Twenty-five million Americans suffer from diagnosable anxiety disorders, and millions more struggle with occasional feelings of fear, panic, and worry. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions each year developing drugs to counteract these feelings, but the truth is that there is no "magic pill" that can make anxiety go away. Anxiety treatments that rely on medication have a high incidence of relapse when the medication stops. And the side effects of these drugs can be more debilitating than the condition they were designed to treat. An alternative and more lasting way to control anxiety is to make gentle, natural changes to your lifestyle that promote wellness in mind and body.

Healing Anxiety and Depression by Daniel G. Amen - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - Daniel G. Amen, M.D., has pioneered the clinical use of brain SPECT imaging (one of medicine's most sophisticated functional brain-imaging studies) in psychiatry. The Amen Clinics' signature brain scans have discovered that the illnesses of anxiety and depression are, in large part, the result of brain dysfunction. Additionally, they have determined that not only do anxiety and depression often occur together, here are seven distinct types of the disorders.

Healing Anxiety and Depression reveals the major anxiety and depression centers of the brain; offers guidelines and diagnostic tools to determine the specific type of anxiety and depression; and provides a comprehensive program for treating each type. The treatment includes medication, diet, supplements, exercise, and social and therapeutic support.

Based on new brain science, Healing Anxiety and Depression is a groundbreaking, practical guide to conquering these potentially devastating disorders.

About the Author - Daniel G. Amen, M.D., is a clinical neuroscientist, psychiatrist, and the director of The Amen Clinics in Newport Beach and Fairfield, California. He is the author of numerous books, including Change Your Brain, Change Your Life; Healing ADD; and Healing the Hardware of the Soul.

Lisa C. Routh, M.D., is a neuropsychiatrist with special training in neurology, general psychiatry, child psychiatry, and functional brain imaging.

Treatment Plans and Interventions for Depression and Anxiety Disorders by Robert L. Leahy and Stephen J. Holland - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - This one-of-a-kind resource provides the busy practitioner with empirically supported treatments for seven frequently encountered disorders: major depression, generalized anxiety, panic and agoraphobia, PTSD, social phobia, specific phobia, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Serving as ready-to-use treatment packages, chapters describe basic cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques and how to tailor them to each disorder. Also featured are diagnostic flow charts; therapist forms for assessment and record keeping; client handouts and homework sheets; and session-by-session case examples. Tips for troubleshooting common therapeutic roadblocks are presented, as are strategies for ensuring third-party payment authorization. The searchable CD-ROM enables clinicians to rapidly generate individualized treatment plans, print extra copies of therapist and client forms, find the facts about commonly prescribed medications, and learn more about cognitive-behavioral techniques. Facilitating effective treatment that is adapted to the realities of the typical outpatient setting, including the demands of managed care, this book and CD-ROM will be prized by novice and experienced clinicians alike.

Conquering Depression and Anxiety Through Exercise by Keith Johnsgard - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - It is generally accepted in the mental-health community that exercise can be an antidote to depression. Nor is it much in dispute that exercise is beneficial to one's overall health. So it's rather odd that Johnsgard, professor emeritus of psychology at San Jose State University, insists on declaring that the connection between good mood and exercise is new. Nonetheless, his volume is a useful consideration of the evidence; it presents experimental studies and case studies that trace the role of exercise in elevating mood, as well as studies comparing the effect of exercise with other forms of treatment, such as talk therapy and medication. Getting into more specific questions, he cites evidence that aerobic and anaerobic exercise are equally effective, even for the most severely depressed. In terms of the relative efficacy of exercise and Zoloft, he offers only one study (and of only this one drug) as evidence that exercise has longer-lasting effects in elevating mood than the drug. While Johnsgard is a proselytizer, he's not dogmatic‹he acknowledges that exercise alone is not always enough to deal with depression or anxiety, that it should be used in conjunction with psychotherapy, and that in some cases it just isn't effective. The author examines how to motivate oneself to exercise, how to exercise well, and how to deal with the possible risks of exercise. Covering all the relevant issues makes this a very useful handbook for anyone suffering from depression or anxiety. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Review - "...tackles an important and intensely studied subject...worthwile..." -- Pacific Northwest, The Seattle Times Magazine, Sept. 12, 2004

Nature's Prozac: Natural Therapies and Techniques to Rid Yourself of Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, & Stress by Judith Sachs - Editorial Reviews - From Library Journal - Sachs (The Healing Power of Sex, LJ 11/15/94) here turns her attention to alternative therapies for emotional and psychological disorders. The result is a wide-ranging resource guide written in a personal, nontechnical style and using testimonials from satisfied patients to reinforce points. What sets it apart is its concentration on natural treatments to combat conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress. Conventional practitioners may question Sachs's use of terms like the blues or a broken heart, but despite the deliberately naive terminology, the analyses are clear and sound, based on current homeopathic and medical thinking. Sachs offers a list of recognized authors and of national support organizations but also counsels readers to seek professional advice for chronic difficulties. The dictionary-like arrangement and readable style will make this book popular with most patrons, and it will also be useful for larger reference collections.?Elizabeth Braaksma, Thunder Bay P.L., Ontario Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Product Description - "Nature's Prozac" offers information on a vast range of all-natural therapies that can eliminate anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and stress. Noted health researcher and writer Judith Sachs explains easy, non-prescription ways of relieving scores of psycho-emotional problems with natural techniques and therapies.

Natural Physician's Healing Therapies: Proven Remedies that Medical Doctors Don't Know by Mark Stengler - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - Natural Medicine, La Jolla, CA. Consumer text presents an array of healing therapies and assistance outside conventional medicine to improve and maintain our health. Quick reference to 113 natural therapies. Softcover.

From the Publisher - ADVANCE PRAISE "Mark Stengler is a leader in the new wave of true healers -- a highly trained physician who integrates the best of natural medicine with scientific research and real-life clinical experience." --Michael T. Murray, N.D., coauthor Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine and author of Total Body Tune-Up -- This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The Food-Mood Solution: All-Natural Ways to Banish Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Stress, Overeating, and Alcohol and Drug Problems--and Feel Good Again by Jack Challem and Melvyn R., MD Werbach - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - Best known as the "Nutrition Reporter" for consumer health publications (Alternative Medicine; Body & Soul; etc.), Challem (The Inflammation Syndrome) describes a familiar scenario: rising levels of anger, impatience, frustration, fatigue and anxiety due to minor daily irritations. Citing studies of increased violence traced to mood disorders, Challem contends that basic but highly specific diet and lifestyle modifications can lower stress levels and radically improve behavior and health. While the effects of poor nutrition on health take years to manifest, he says, such effects on mood are readily apparent, and he urges readers to notice how certain foods and beverages lead to headaches, fatigue, poor sleep, depression, compulsive behavior, panic attacks, bipolar disorder and other increasingly common conditions. His plan targets neuronutrients (vitamins and minerals needed to make critical brain chemicals) and nutrisocial factors (family, workload, environment, advertising, etc.) to boost mood. After taking a few quizzes, readers will be guided through a four-part program: supplements, diet, exercise and lifestyle. While the information is not entirely new, Challem does solidly address the hardest part of his equation‹and that's the lifestyle change itself. (Mar.) Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. --This text refers to the Hardcover edition.

Review - "...aims to help you understand and identify how your diet affects your moods...all backed up by recent scientific research." (Health & Fitness May 2007)

The Wisdom of Depression: A Guide to Understanding and Curing Depression Using Natural Medicine by Jonathan G. Zuess - Editorial Reviews - Review - "Depression is a quest for vision; its essence is transformation," begins Wisdom of Depression, a book with a unique slant. According to psychiatrist Jonathan Zuess, "depression can be a natural and healthy response ... designed to enhance your abilities to overcome difficult emotional challenges." Half of this book describes natural therapies for mild cases, allowing the person's internal healing processes, creative life energy, and spiritual journey to flourish. Understanding the importance of dreams is essential, says Zuess: dreams may be our version of vision quests. Depressed people dream almost twice as much as other people, and enter the dream state unusually rapidly. Two other keys are learning to see with "the eyes of the soul" and expressing creativity.

Temporary depression, says Zuess, "can help us to dive deep into ourselves, to restructure our inner being, and come to a new way of understanding and living in the world." According to Zuess, depression only becomes an illness when it goes seriously wrong and doesn't resolve itself naturally, developing into major depressive disorder. In this case, he advocates a medical diagnosis, talk therapy, nutritional supplements, exposure to early morning light, and either conventional antidepressant drugs or herbal alternatives--all of which he discusses in detail. --Joan Price --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Publishers Weekly - To a topic about which so much has already been written, psychiatrist Zuess (The Natural Prozac Program) brings an astonishingly fresh view. His holistic approach recognizes depression as "a natural and healthy response" to "difficult emotional challenges," a "built-in healing mechanism." Unless this healing process is subverted in some way, its outcome, Zuess says, is "inner transformation," as sufferers "emerge from it stronger, healthier, and more in touch with their wise inner self." But Zuess admits that subversion is possible, and that the depressed response sometimes evolves into illness ("major depressive disorder") rather than being resolved. Only then does he advocate the powerful drugs (Prozac, Zoloft, etc.) most conventional psychiatrists offer as a first and often singular treatment. Instead, Zuess proposes use of the natural herb St. John's Wort. For all forms of mild to severe depression, he also suggests a program that includes a physical examination, exercise, sunlight, herbs, vitamins, nutrition, psychotherapy, play, dream analysis, and meditation and relaxation techniques. He also teaches an excellent step-by-step method for creative problem-solving. Offering a knowledgeable examination of the myriad treatments for the epidemic affliction of depression, Zuess's noteworthy book also delivers a brisk introduction to the holistic view of medicine in general. Copyright 1998 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The Stress Answer: Train Your Brain to Conquer Depression and Anxiety in 45 Days by Dr. Frank Lawlis - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - In a deceptively simple style, author and psychologist Lawlis (Mending the Broken Bond, The ADD Answer, etc.), best known as a consultant on TV's Dr. Phil, offers a sophisticated overview of the latest neurological research, and how it can be integrated with cognitive therapy to treat mental and emotional disorders in ways "light-years ahead of current methods." Key is the discovery of "brain plasticity," the organ's "amazing capacity for creating backup systems that can renew lost functions"; as such, the brain can be re-wired for better functioning through exercises (imaging, breathing, "thought-stopping techniques") and lifestyle changes (setting aside 30 minutes a day to relax). Lawlis maintains a useful focus on reigning in what he calls "stress storms," when overloaded brain circuits lose their capacity for "logic and rational thinking," leaving one "stuck in a mental ditch, with the engine revving and wheels spinning, but no forward movement." Including several useful tools for self-diagnosis, in-depth looks at various kinds of "storms," and a 45-day program to apply his method, this guide to de-stressing will help those willing to put some effort into mental healing. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Review - "Featuring the latest advances in neuroplasticity, The Stress Answer offers groundbreaking techniques that can dramatically improve the way we cope with stress and depression. Now we can find hope and joy every day in our lives." --Dr. Phil McGraw

"Dr. Frank Lawlis's new book offers a brilliant and challenging departure for understanding and treating stress and depression. Lawlis emerges as a pioneer who helps all of us learn how to change the dismal spell of depression and gain refreshing perspective on our unique potential. By following this unique guide we learn how to use our brain and design strategies to engage our true character." --John Chirbum, Ph.D., Th.D., Harvard Medical School, author of Sickness or Sin? Spiritual Discernment and Differential Diagnosis, True Coming of Age, What's Love Got to Do With It?

Healing without Freud or Prozac: Natural Approaches to Conquering Stress, Anxiety, Depression without Drugs and without Psychotherapy by David Servan-Schreiber - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - Stress, anxiety and depression are among the most common reasons for people to see the doctor. The drugs targeting these conditions are pharmaceutical bestsellers. Yet a majority of patients would like to be able to heal without taking drugs or engaging in therapy that involves talking about their problems. Dr Servan-Schreiber gathers together the answers to questions about alternatives to drugs and talk therapy. He discusses only treatment methods he has used with patients himself, methods which have been proven to work in clinical studies. Written with case histories, this book should make those who dismiss alternative medicine think again and provide those those who are looking for help without taking drugs and without talk therapy with answers.

Review - "'A brilliant job of bringing together insights and information of vital importance for well-being.' Daniel Goleman, Ph.D, author of Emotional Intelligence" --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

7 Weeks to Emotional Healing: Proven Natural Formulas for Eliminating Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, and Anger from Your Life by Joan Mathews Larson - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - Larson, author of the bestselling Seven Weeks to Sobriety, believes that many doctors misdiagnose nutritional imbalances as psychological disorders. She argues that most people who are depressed, fatigued or addicted to food, cigarettes or alcohol suffer from a deficiency of vitamins or amino acids that is only exacerbated by drugs like Xanax, Prozac and lithium. Larson provides checklists of symptoms, possible disorders and corrective formulas along with simple but thorough explanations of how the biochemistry works. She plausibly links biochemical emotional problems with the gradual shift in the American diet over the past 60 years toward sugary, carbohydrate-laden and processed foods, which disturb the body's insulin production and deprive the brain of much needed vitamins and nutrients. The author urges readers to seek out doctors to run lab tests in order to identify possible deficiencies, blood-sugar abnormalities and food allergies. Occasionally, Larson's advice gets lost in her sales pitch for her Health Recovery Center in Minnesota ("The nutrients used at Health Recovery Center are the best quality we can find"). Still, anyone who has suffered from mental lapses, mood swings and stress will find plenty to mull over here. Author tour. (Nov.) Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal - Larson, a nutritionist and director of the Health Recovery Center in Minneapolis, contends that an imbalance of body chemicals often causes emotional problems and that making appropriate dietary changes will restore the brain's equilibrium. In addition to suggesting which foods to avoid or to eat, Larson provides lists of supplements to be taken on a daily basis and numerous questionnaires for detecting deficiencies. The long list of recommended supplements promotes extensive pill-popping, and there are regular reminders that those available from the Health Recovery Center at their 800-number are "the best quality." Larson's advice about the value of nutritional repair for depression and other emotional woes is sound, but with no clarification, her jargon is often confusing, e.g., "Symptoms indicating tyrosine or 1-phenylalanine is needed to increase norespinephine levels." The final chapter on anti-aging hormones seems somewhat out of place. Appropriate for larger public libraries. AIlse Heidmann, San Marcos, TX Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Natural Healing for Anxiety and Depression by Harold H. Bloomfield and Deepak Chopra - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - In this fascinating dialogue between Harold and Deepak, the nature of mental turbulence and how to approach it from a mind/body/spirit perspective is discussed.

From AudioFile - Two professional healers explain the nature of anxiety and depression, and place these symptoms within the growing field of mind/body/spirit medicine. While some of the Ayurvedic words they use to explain Eastern healing will be new to many, what the authors communicate about emotional turbulence and imbalance will be clear to everyone. There is concise advice on the use of herbal medicine and lifestyle approaches to treat emotional pain, as well as valuable distinctions between what we can and cannot control about our emotions. The authors gently encourage listeners to observe and manage their symptoms, as well as their lives. While other programs on mind/body/spirit healing may have a greater range of information, few will offer a more heartfelt invitation to explore this approach to treating emotional pain. T.W. © AudioFile 2001, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine

Natural Relief for Anxiety: Complementary Strategies for Easing Fear, Panic & Worry by Edmund J. Bourne, Arlen Brownstein, and Lorna Garano - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - Natural anxiety relief without costly prescription drugs

Written by the best-selling author of The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook and a naturopathic physician, this book offers you a complete strategy for overcoming anxiety without drugs. Begin by taking a look at the choices you make every day about your lifestyle and general well-being. Calm your anxious mind with healthy self-talk. Learn the importance of exercise and a healthy, natural diet in controlling anxiety. Discover techniques that promote deep physical relaxation. Find out which nutritional supplements and natural therapies can help you on your way to renewed peace of mind. Explore ways you can simplify your life to reduce stress. The book offers a broad range of self-care resources as well as information about how and when to seek outside help.

Complementary treatment approaches includes relaxation, exercise, and diet improvement, herbs and nutritional supplements, massage and bodywork, chiropractic care, mindfulness meditation, yoga, and t'ai chi, homeopathic and naturopathic medicine, and overcoming aggravating conditions like body toxicity, seasonal affective disorder, adrenal exhaustion, and PMS.

From the Publisher - Twenty-five million Americans suffer from diagnosable anxiety disorders, and millions more struggle with occasional feelings of fear, panic, and worry. Pharmaceutical companies spend billions each year developing drugs to counteract these feelings, but the truth is that there is no "magic pill" that can make anxiety go away. Anxiety treatments that rely on medication have a high incidence of relapse when the medication stops. And the side effects of these drugs can be more debilitating than the condition they were designed to treat. An alternative and more lasting way to control anxiety is to make gentle, natural changes to your lifestyle that promote wellness in mind and body.

Healing Anxiety with Herbs: The Natural Way to Beat Anxiety Depression and Insomnia by Harold H. Bloomfield - Product Description - Proven cures for stress and insomnia. The latest findings about St. John's wort, valerian, kava-kava, and other natural remedies. Paperback edition.

Healing Anxiety Naturally by Harold Bloomfield - Editorial Reviews - Review - The bestselling author of Hypericum & Depression has compiled here the latest dosage information on kava kava, valerian root, ginkgo, ginseng, licorice root, milk thistle, and many other natural remedies for anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia. It's more than a listing of suggested herbs, though, and includes a natural self-healing program of mental and physical exercises meant to reduce stress and ease anxiety, tension, and anger and their requisite physical manifestations: rapid heartbeat, sweating, hyperventilation, dizziness, panic attacks, cigarette cravings, and more. Bloomfield encourages readers to try breathing exercises, visualization, mediation, music therapy, and anger therapy, and includes an extensive list of Internet resources, mental health associations, and self-help groups. --Erica Jorgensen --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Product Description - Feeling anxious or stressed? If So, you are not alone. More people suffer from anxiety than any other mental health problem. However, few receive adequate help, and until recently the only choice for many has been to suffer in silence or take synthetic, often addictive tranquilizers and pills. Finally, there is a way to treat your anxiety that is safe, natural, and medically proven. In Healing Anxiety Naturally, leading psychiatrist and bestselling author Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D., presents a revolutionary selfhealing program using nature's own pharmacy of extraordinary herbal remedies, including:

* Kava--a natural tranquilizer that can often replace Valium-like drugs
* Valerian--improves sleep quality and naturally relieves insomnia
* Hypericum, or St.-John's-Wort--the herbal remedy for depression and anxiety
* Ginkgo--the brain booster and antidote to aging
* Milk Thistle--the best protection for your liver

These herbs are inexpensive, available without a prescription, and free of the side effects and addiction potential of artificial pills. Clear, informative, and based on the most up-to-date scientific findings, Healing Anxiety Naturally will help you relieve stress, promote sleep, and maximize performance. Put an end to anxiety today!

Dealing with Depression Naturally : Alternatives and Complementary Therapies for Restoring Emotional Health by Syd Baume - Editorial Reviews - There are natural antidepressant therapies which can restore emotional health, from vitamins and dietary adjustments to visualization exercises and sleep therapy. Baumel tells how to assess the pros and cons of these various therapies and how to apply them to personal issues in this strong self-help guide. -- Midwest Book Review

This is a very good book. I wish every therapist, every medical columnist, and every expert in this field would read this and similar books, and take to heart the important messages contained therein....(The Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine, Vol. 10, No. 3 & 4, 1995). ...a valuable resource for people suffering from any sort of depressive state, and a valuable reference tool for counselors of all stripes....Before committing firmly to any one approach, seek out and read this book. It may well be the first step to a complete solution (The Speaking Tree, issue #99, 1995). outstanding compilation of drug-free treatments for most depressions....[A]nyone who suffers from depression can help themselves greatly with the programs outlined in this book, and I highly recommend it to all psychiatrists to further their education (the Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, November, 1995).

I carry your book around with me. I refer to it during visits to my therapist and my psychiatrist. I recommend it to people on the internet.

It's the sanest thing I've seen on depression because it actually gives practical advice for coping with the multi-faceted face of the Beast (Donna,, Aug. 2, 1997).

absolutely fab! It discusses in a non-biased way all the different causes and treatments for depression....It's very easy to read....I urge everyone to get it and read it!! (Jerry,, March 15, 1996).

The book helped substantially with my own decision to treat my depression's a great book....(Daniel,, July 3, 1997).

For those of you interested in using nutrition to help deal with depression get the book titled "Dealing with Depression Naturally" by Syd Baumel ("GreeneRK",, September 26, 1996).

...a very comprehensive book that offers alot of insight into all the factors that can be contributing to your depression or have developed because of it and explanations of different methods that may work for you particularly....the author is not a doctor (just one of us) my opinion this made it more pleasurable to read -- "Harmony,", Janury 3, 1998 --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Product Description - From the cutting edge of natural antidepressant research, here is new information on St. John's wort, SAMe, bright light therapy, and other proven natural remedies for depression. This fully updated second edition explores emotional health, including mood-enhancing fats and herbal antidepressants.

Panic Attacks: A Natural Approach, Second Edition by Shirley Trickett - Product Description - Millions of people regularly experience the breathlessness, chest pains, sweating, and irrational fears that characterize panic attacks. Shirley Trickett has updated her authoritative book to include the most recent theories about this problem. She offers a complete mind/body treatment not provided by traditional therapies.

New Choices in Natural Healing: Over 1,800 of the Best Self-Help Remedies from the World of Alternative Medicine by Bill Gottlieb - Editorial Reviews - Review - Acupressure, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, flower therapy, nutrition, herbalism, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, imagery, juice therapy, massage, reflexology, relaxation and meditation, sound therapy, and yoga oh my! Specific health problems are discussed from each of these perspectives; home remedies are presented and suggestions for when to seek professional help are highlighted. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From Publishers Weekly - Despite the hokey headings ("Juice Therapy: Putting the Squeeze on Good Health"; "Reflexology: You Can't Beat the Feet"), this volume offers a clear, concise introduction to a wide range of complementary healing practices from around the world. Part I explains 16 modalities? from acupressure to yoga?in simple terms that make accessible even such esoteric concepts as the relationship between quantum physics and Ayurveda. Sidebars offer additional pointers, from instructions on making ghee to a list of questions to ask a homeopath. Part II presents an impressive array of do-it-yourself natural remedies for 163 common health problems?as well as caveats on when to seek professional advice. Under "Burns," for example, after a subheading entitled "See Your Medical Doctor When..." are suggestions for treatments by practitioners of seven modalities, including aromatherapy, Ayurveda and vitamin and mineral therapy. An "Illustrations" section depicts acupressure and reflexology points, massage strokes and exercises. Part III, not seen by PW, includes resources and index. Author tour. Copyright 1995 Reed Business Information, Inc. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The Natural Medicine Guide to Depression (The Healthy Mind Guides) by Stephanie Marohn - Editorial Review - Product Description - Depression is startlingly widespread in the U.S., with some 30 million people-nearly one out of ten people-taking Prozac to alleviate symptoms. One in four women will have clinical depression in their lifetime, as will one in eight adolescents or men. Yet even with so many on antidepressants, depression remains rampant and nobody is getting truly healed. Why?

The answer is that the true causes of depression are not being treated, explains medical journalist Stephanie Marohn. Drawing on the successful clinical results of 11 practitioners from different fields of natural medicine she shows convincingly how depression can be reversed for good, without drugs. By treating the underlying causes of depression, rather than suppressing the symptoms as most pharmaceutical drugs do, you can have lasting recovery.

So what does cause depression? Marohn identifies 16 different causes, from chemical and heavy metal toxicity to hormonal imbalances, t o food allergies and neurotransmitter deficiencies to intestinal problems and psychospiritual issues.

And what heals it? Marohn reviews a rich array of successful, nondrug-based treatment approaches including applied psychoneurobiology, chelation, allergy elimination, neural therapy, anthroposophic medicine, acupuncture, herbs, homeopathy, CranioSacral therapy, flower essences, visceral manipulation, shamanic healing, and more.

Marohn also draws from real-life patient stories to show how healing from depression works. It's all backed by science and clinical results.

You don't have to learn how to cope with depression. The uplifting message of The Natural Medicine Guide to Depression is that you can actually heal your depression through proven treatments from natural medicine.

Energy Tapping: How to Rapidly Eliminate Anxiety, Depression, Cravings, and More Using Energy Psychology by Fred P. Gallo and Harry Vincenzi - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - Your body's energy system is a powerful force. When out of balance or disrupted, stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative emotions can take hold. Energy tapping, a revolutionary therapy based on energy psychology and acupuncture, balances the body's energy for renewed physical and mental vitality.

Use the simple techniques outlined in this guide to tap into your inherent potential for health, happiness, and confidence. This book shows you how to create customized energy-tapping programs to reduce the impact of negative thoughts and feelings, improve your performance at work, lose weight, eliminate addictions and unproductive patterns of behavior, develop a satisfying romantic relationship, and more. Because each energy tapping exercise takes less than a minute to complete, you can use these techniques anytime to instantly balance your energy and boost your confidence.

"Energy Tapping offers an instant way out of negative emotions and into the positive. You'll love it." --Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the New York Times best-selling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®

From the Publisher A major revision of the essential self-help book for energy psychology, Energy Tapping, Second Edition, offers the latest developments in this exciting field to help readers overcome anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, cope with physical pain, and much more.

The Worry Free Life: Take Control of Your Thought Life By Pruning Out the Bad and Nurturing the Good by Terence J. Sandbek, Patrick W. Philbrick, Letha Dawson Scanzoni, and Libby Nicholson - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - Despite today's fast-paced world, people desperately want to live their lives with great passion and conviction. They seek answers from the Bible, pastors and even counselors... and yet they are unable to find peace because of excessive worry and destructive emotions. In The Worry Free Life, you ll learn how to convert your negative thought processes to healthy ones, and eliminate worry, so you are free to live a life of love beyond anything you have ever imagined!

Review - The Worry Free Life provides a wealth of practical information for anyone who wants to take control of their emotions, thoughts and behaviors. It moves you beyond simply handling life s struggles, it transforms your thinking and lays out the foundation for a better, more improved life. The authors began with something that started out as effective personal growth tools and developed them into a life changing road map for freedom and growth. It's a wonderful mix of psychology and Christianity, with real life solutions for victorious living. --Marcus Lamb, President-Daystar Television Network

This is revolutionary stuff! People tell us all the time we need to change. Finally a book that shows us HOW! The practices in this book will bring you greater peace, more energy, and healthier relationships. Please read this. The ripple effects to a healthy mind are endless. --Ken Burkey, Senior Pastor - Green Valley Community Church

Kava: Medicine Hunting in Paradise: The Pursuit of a Natural Alternative to Anti-Anxiety Drugs and Sleeping Pills by Christopher S. Kilham - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - Kava, Piper Methysticum, is the most effective relaxing and stress-relieving plant in all of nature. This book is the tale of plant researcher Chris Kilham's investigations into this plant and his far-ranging explorations deep in the South Pacific in search of a source of kava. Kilham takes the reader on an adventurous journey through the mystical native legends, outlandish history, and exciting science surrounding this potent plant. A story replete with pulpit-pounding missionaries, kava-drinking natives, sorcerers, a mysterious Tahitian prince, and the author's own humorous outlook amidst difficult and perilous circumstances, Kava is a must-read for those who love tales of travel and adventure and those interested in plant medicine.

Kava is poised to become an important and now readily available natural alternative to stress-relieving drugs. 

Review - "Truly exotic locales can be visited in Kava: Medicine Hunting in Paradise, Chris Kilhams's odyssey of a medical research mission on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu." (Publishers Weekly)

Herbs for Reducing Stress & Anxiety (Natural Health Handbooks) by Rosemary Gladstar - Product Description - One of America's foremost herbalists provides concise, simple-to-understand, and practical information for using herbs for health and well-being. Each book contains profiles of specific herbs, cautions, contraindications, and easy-to-make recipes to relieve common ailments.

From the Back Cover - Relax, Rejuvenate, and Lift Your Spirits Naturally

Reverse the damage of daily stress and begin your journey of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. You'll find effective treatments for stress-induced illnesses such as panic attacks, depression, migraines, and insomnia, using herbs such as ginseng, St.-John's-wort, and kava-kava. Rosemary Gladstar also offers simple techniques for continually building and strengthening the nervous system.

Natural Highs by Hyla Cass and Patrick Holford - Editorial Reviews - Review - Boundless energy awaits anyone willing to trade their cigs, drugs, or lattés for the healthier alternatives prescribed in Natural Highs. According to authors Hyla Cass, M.D., and Patrick Holford, the first step toward bliss is eating right. In their lean yet satisfying nutrition chapter, they advocate a fairly even ratio of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fats; plenty of water; high-potency multivitamins; and minerals. After establishing this balanced diet, those seeking to "get high" or "chill out" can select from a menu of natural supplements and substances: various stress busters, energizers, and mood enhancers that research shows can mimic--or surpass--the appealing effects of stimulants like caffeine, sugar, and nicotine or sedatives like dope, alcohol, and tranquilizers. Best of all, these good vibrations allegedly come without the typical letdowns or addictions. Historical tidbits, ample charts and diagrams, scientific data, and case studies from the authors' practices create a compelling argument for natural alternatives, including kava, ginseng, choline, and DMAE. Helpful sidebars outline the positive effects, cautions (rarely any), and recommended dosages associated with each item. Cass and Holford also delve into uplifting lifestyle enhancements like meditation, massage, dance, and sexual chemistry. Lots of reference material rounds out this guide to healthy--and legal--mood magic. -- Liane Thomas

Review - "Here's a book that should be on everyone's shelf. A valuable contribution to the art and science of feeling good, -- Gay Hendricks, Ph.D. - author of Achieving Vibrance and Conscious Loving

Natural Highs may be one of the most important books you'll ever read. -- Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. - author of numerous books, including Inner Peace for Busy People

Offers ground-breaking evidence that the ability to feel good all the time - naturally - is easily within our grasp. -- Jack Canfield, co-author of the best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul series

Optimum Nutrition for the Mind by Patrick Holford - Editorial Reviews - Product Description - How we think and feel is directly affected by what we take into our bodies. Eating the right food has been proven to boost IQ, improve mood and emotional stability, sharpen the memory, and keep the mind young. Similarly, the harmful things we take into our bodies, or anti-nutrients-including oxidants, alcohol, sugar, and stimulants-negatively impact mental health. These are the main issues world-renowned author Patrick Holford discusses in "Optimum Nutrition for the Mind."

From boosting one's memory, solving depression, and beating addictions to overcoming eating disorders, preventing age-related memory decline, and balancing out mood swings. "Optimum Nutrition for the Mind" coves a wide range of important topics and should be of interest to anyone who wants to think and feel great.

Review - Can we cope in a society where all human beings are facing massive adaptive stress? This is Patrick Holford's opening question and one which is relevant to everyone striving to keep up in a world where, thanks to advances in modern technology, we are never out of reach. People are experiencing fatigue, anxiety, mood swings, sleeping problems and the blues, all of which, this book claims, are 'the hallmarks of our age'. People who are even less well adapted become mentally ill, and many psychiatric illnesses are on the increase. So how can we stay mentally fit? This book aims to present a solution and to explain how our nutritional and biochemical imbalances affect how we think and feel. Patrick Holford is Britain's leading nutritionist and has published many, highly successful books covering a variety of health issues. This latest book is intelligently presented, with plenty of clear diagrams and illustrative case studies; it also contains a list of useful addresses and a product and supplement directory. There are many fascinating facts scattered throughout the chapters - did you know that there are as many cells in our brains as there are trees in the Amazon rainforest? - and several questionnaires which encourage readers to assess their own nutritional fitness. Holford claims that how we think and feel is directly affected by what we eat. There are, he claims, five essential 'brain booster foods' which involve balancing glucose, essential fats, phospholipids, amino acids and vitamins and minerals, and he supplies detailed accounts of the essential nutrients and how we can incorporate these into our daily food intake. The results of many studies are provided to back up the claims for the link between mental health and nutrition. This is a very comprehensive guide, dealing with a wide range of topics, including avoiding food additives, intolerances and how to boost intelligence, enhance memory and beat the blues. The book attempts to uncover the reality of mental illness and how to deal most effectively with it. It also explores the idea that we all suffer from elements of mental illness at times and can address these symptoms (insomnia, irritability, anxiety, depression and so on) by paying attention to our diets and lifestyle choices. This is a bold and confident book that promotes a greater awareness of mental health and a pro-active approach to reaching our full mental potential. Interesting and informative, it certainly contains food for thought. (Kirkus UK) --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

The Brain Diet: The Connection Between Nutrition, Mental Health, and Intelligence by Alan C. Logan - Product Description - In this second, expanded edition of the best-selling The Brain Diet, Dr. Alan C. Logan incorporates the latest research on the connection between nutrition, mental health, and intelligence.

Most people today know that good nutrition and good health are related and that poor nutrition frequently leads to cardiovascular disease and cancer. Unfortunately, few people realize that it also is an underlying factor in other medical conditions, such as depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, migraine headaches, ADHD, and much more. This is startling when one realizes that researchers have found that today more than 50 percent of the vegetables in most people's diets consists of the trimmings on a hamburger and a side of fries.

The Brain Diet explains the connection between diet and mental health, as well as its importance for realizing the full potential of our intelligence. It shows how poor nutrition hinders the development of our children's intelligence and how it adversely affects mental health and success.

Despite being just 2 percent of total adult weight, the human brain demands an enormous amount of energy. An ample flow of blood is required for us to think, to reason, to create art and music, to develop technology, and to perform complex work. As The Brain Diet explains the science behind how our brains function, it also provides suggestions for a healthy diet.

Included are the basics of a brain-healthy diet, brain-healthy recipes, helpful charts, and food supplements that enhance our mental function (and how those supplements work). This revolutionary new way of looking at mental health and intelligence gives new meaning to the adage "You are what you eat."

About the Author - Alan C. Logan is a member of the Harvard Medical School's Mind-Body Medical Institute. A magna cum laude graduate from the State University of New York, he was the valedictorian of his graduating class at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. The nutrition editor of the International Journal of Naturopathic Medicine, his articles have been published in Nutrition, Arthritis and Rheumatology, American Journal of Hypertension, Medical Hypotheses, Hospital Physician, and Medical Clinics of North America. He lives in Westchester County, New York.

The Brain Chemistry Plan by Michael Lesser (Author), Colleen J. Kapklein - Product Description - With a simple self-test, readers of this book can determine their brain chemistry out of six types-and then learn how to balance that type with a unique diet and vitamin supplement regimen that nourishes them mentally and emotionally. It's a new way to relieve stress, conquer depression, and maximize individual strengths-and gives a whole new meaning to the term "brain food."

About the Author - Michael Lesser, M.D., has published more than 50 peer-reviewed journal articles on orthomolecular psychiatry, including the premier academic review in the field. He is the founder of the Orthomolecular Medical Society and Nutritional Medicine, a communications company that sponsors world conferences on nutrition and vitamin therapy. He has been in private practice for over 20 years and has testified before the U.S. Senate on nutrition and mental health.

Colleen Kapklein is a former editor at Warner Books and a freelance editor and writer.

The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program to Take Charge of Your Emotions--Today by Julia Ross - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - Ross, author of The Diet Cure, here offers a prescriptive plan designed to relieve a variety of ailments from seasonal disorders, stress, irritability and depression. Ross believes that many of these annoying and, in some cases, severely disabling disorders can be relieved through a change in diet and nutritional supplements. Readers are asked to first determine which of four "false moods" they suffer from: a dark cloud, blahs, stress or too much sensitivity. The survey is simple and the questions will immediately resonate with readers: for example, someone who is suffering from the blahs is likely to have difficulty focusing or require a great deal of sleep. Armed with their survey scores, readers can then turn to the appropriate chapter to learn which diets and supplements will be most helpful.Particularly reassuring are the author's detailed explanations of why she advises a particular strategy. While Ross is an advocate for nutritional supplements, she provides a sound overview for all her recommendations. Copyright 2002 Reed Business Information, Inc. -- This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Review - ...a remarkably comprehensive guide to improving and maintaining a more positive and joyous frame of mind. -- Christine Northrup, M.D., author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause

Julia Ross has written another innovative and wonderfully practical book to help people who suffer from mood disorders. -- Daniel G. Amen, M.D., author of Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Healing the Hardware of the Soul

The best book on the subject in years! -- Richard Shames, M.D., and Karilee H. Shames, Ph.D., RN, authors of Thyroid Power: 10 Steps to Total Health

This book can empower you to take control of your own emotional life. -- Bill O'Hanlon, author of Do One Thing Different --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome by James L. Wilson (Author), Johnathan V. Wright - Product Description - This is an incredibly informative and reader-friendly book about a common debilitating medical condition that goes largely undiagnosed and untreated. ADRENAL FATIGUE: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome is a very empowering work cram-packed with vital information about a condition that very likely affects millions of people.


Regardless Of What You Have Been Led To Believe Acute Anxiety And Panic Attacks Can Be Cured In Easy To Follow Steps Without Any Medication Using A Revolutionary New Technique

Renowned Anxiety Expert Joe Barry Has Taught Thousands Of People To Be Panic Free. -- Here Is How...

I highly recommend a technique such as the one described here by Joe Barry as an invaluable addition to everything else that I have and will discuss on this website.

Allow me to quote Joe Barry, author of Panic Away:

"The technique I teach has been developed by me, a former sufferer of all too frequent panic attacks. I developed a completely natural approach to eliminating 100% of anxiety and panic attacks within minutes. This may seem very hard to believe for someone who may have had this condition for some time but believe me the new information is now available to be free from anxiety. I will reveal the whole technique to you."

"You will be amazed at how such a simple technique known as the One Move (tm) technique could be so powerful in restoring you back to your former care free self. I am not talking about just eliminating panic attacks but also getting your general anxiety level right back down to zero without the use of any medication or relaxation techniques."

"Your anxiety will vanish Your Confidence Will Soar and the results last a lifetime"

For more information on a simple techinique to banish this disorder, go to the link below.

The course materials are extensive and is one of the most popular progrms ever. The eBook downloads instantly and there are one-to-one live coaching sessions available.

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