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The Science of Wholeness: Part Two


13.1: OJAS IS LIFE! CLIMBING HIGHER THAN EVER: Climbing the "Mt. Everest" of transmutation is a concept to keep in mind in the search for real wholeness. Ojas is the "gold of God." The more ojas one has the better! This remarkable substance has no rival. When sexual fluids are conserved and one's thoughts remain directed away from physical desires and are transmuted through deep meditation, these sexual fluids combine with prana to form ojas which is a vital, subtle substance that coats the nerves and allows the kundalini to awaken and flow blissfully upwards through the sushumna which in turn transmutes sexual desire helping in the creation of even more ojas. The benefits of ojas are so great that it is a very wise thing to try to stay away from any form of sexual activity and thoughts which would completely disrupt the flow of ojas. Ojas is vital for serious spiritual progress and growing soul awareness. Any spiritual path that claims lasting benefits without the requirement of celibacy can't really be a genuine spiritual path. I won't invalidate every religion or path that does not require celibacy, however, one can't expect to go very far without ojas!

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Real Sexual Wholeness      The Pranic Principle      Celibacy, Sex and Anxiety Disorder

One may learn a great deal, one may find the path very interesting, even "enlightening" but without some form of self-restraint or practice of transmutation or at the very least some form of moderation, there cannot be any rapid and permanent mastery toward sainthood. After all, who ever heard of saints having sex, going to brothels, etc and then somehow remaining or becoming saints as a result of their indulgences? One can meditate for years and years, do all types of yoga, and improve the diet (essential but how often is this vital element also not included?) even listen to auto suggestive and self-improvement CDs, and yes as a result of all these things combined there may be some benefits, but still very slim pickings compared to the truely awesome benefits of celibacy and ojas!

Jesus was celibate, all the greatest yogis who ever lived were celibate or if married did not have sex with their wives. This does not mean avoiding close relationships, love and affection, they just avoided or worked on transforming or purifying the sensual aspects of their relationships so that the loss of semen and/or orgasm does not happen. The point of all this discussion is that there is no way that habitual sexual indulgences of the conventional kind and ojas can coexist! Sexual orgasm with loss of sexual fluids is the opposite of spirituality. The two are like dry ice and fire, because one is completely dependent on the absence of all heat while the other can't exist without it. The heat of passion instantly vaporizes the "dry ice" of ojas. Ojas can only be the result of long term (months, years, forever) abstinence from all forms of sex, that means abstinence from any form of physical, astral, mental or causal sex that would result in the loss of sexual fluids or wet dreams. Under the right conditions, if one offers all sexual desires, fantasies, etc. to one's God or higher Self, and transforms it into pranic energy through deep meditation or samadhi, in return one can receive beautiful, sublime bliss and the ability to provide unconditional love.

Individuals enjoying months, years and especially permanent celibacy are extremely rare, yet such an achievement is immensely worthwhile to strive for because the benefits are truly dramatic. Life seems to feel like heaven on Earth, even during difficult times. Daily chores, challenges and hard work are much more easily met. It is so much easier to remain serene and even tempered under the most trying circumstances. After nine years of building ojas one can achieve the "memory nerve" which is the ability to recall all events in the past including past lives! Other benefits of long term celibacy include deep and lasting bliss, a sense of God's love, much self-confidence, ability to meditate very deeply and go into samadhi at will, a terrific sense of lightness, and in the later stages certain siddhis or powers can become available such as an ability to soul travel or astral project any time, enjoy telepathic communication with other souls both incarnate and discarnate, etc.

Celibacy & Transmutation of Sexual Energy

Just as humankind has learned to master and control many natural forces in the world, a yogi (or yogini) is a very special (and unfortunately rare) individual who's inclination is to control and master the inner forces of nature, such as thoughts, emotions, cravings, and desires, especially the biological force of sexual energy. The yogi or yogini manages to successfully master his or her emotions and sexual energy not by force, but through purification of brain and body cells and then by absorption of vital prana. The transmutation of sex into inner peace, bliss, joy and love is the wonderful end result. One of the greatest mysteries of life is sex, sexual desire, and sexual energy. However, when sexual energy is lost in the process of reproductive activity, the spiritual life suffers.

13.2: WHAT IS OJAS?:

Ojas is a subtle pranic substance that acts like a bridge between spirit and matter improving memory, and tuning one more and more with the intention and direction of superconscious spirit rather than having to remain a victm of blind instinct, the subconscious mind, and emotional desire. Ojas is in a sense an aspect of God and the one essential substance needed for real spiritual development and interaction with God(dess).

I am presently doing research to determine whether ojas might be related to the substance ectoplasm that is exuded by physical mediums to be used by spirits to form temporary physical manifestations of themselves in a dark room (ectoplasm is extremely sensitive to light). I would be extremely interested to know if ojas is indeed related to ectoplasm. If this is true, then mediums (and hopefully even ordinary people like myself) should be able to dramatically improve their mediumship by simply avoiding sex as much as possible. Whatever ojas may actually be, because of its amazing benefits, I personally think that sexual energy, vital fluids and ojas are the most valuable substances in the universe.


As has been mentioned in my article, Celibacy, Sex and Anxiety Disorder, there are many levels and forms of sex. Sex is actually a very essential and basic part of the life of the organism. One's happiness and well-being is highly dependent on sexual energy, and one's happiest moments in life are often considered to be while having sex. Because one's capacity to enjoy happiness seems rooted in healthy sexual energy, then would it not make sense that the more healthy sexual energy one has, the happier one will be? When one learns how to transmute, this fact becomes basically true. The more sexual energy a yogi has, the more bliss and happiness enjoyed. Unfortunately sexual indulgence immediately uses up sexual energy! Also one can't just simply stop having sex altogether and then expect some benefit right away. Sex has to be gradually abstained from more and more while being transformed more and more into new directions of activity such as meditation, selfless love, devotion to God(dess) and communion with nature. The most obvious thing to avoid is loss of sexual fluids which take a long time to replenish, however, even the habits of looking at, visualizing, thinking and fantasizing about sex needs to be checked and transformed into something higher such as feelings of selfless love, devotion and inspiration. Everything follows the mind and once all mental forms of sex are habitually transformed into deep concentration on God(dess) and/or higher emotions of bliss and love, etc. one is well on the way to being a master.


The key is to become aware of and obtain prana from nature. Read my article, "The Pranic Principle" which explains how prana comes from nature and the universe and how it is utilized by our bodies for health, well-being, vitality and even nourishment! Through means of ojas, which acts as an intermediary between prana and flesh, many yogis seem to be able to replace some or all of their nutritional needs with prana. For example, see my website titled, "Ram Bahadur Bomjon" which also happens to be an interesting source of information on breatharianism and links to some famous breatharians.

Prana, not yet recognized by mainstream science, as can be seen on these web pages: and were obviously written by people who have no ojas and who never experienced "prana, vitalism," or "chi" which I directly experience constantly and in massive amounts every day. So I am always very shocked or surprised to find "scientific" articles that don't recognize prana and still support only the mechanistic view of living organisms which are obviously far too complicated to be just "mechanistic." People who think nature is just mechanical and/or entirely biochemical will need to adjust their outlook. Thank God for quantum physics which will enable science to finally get a grasp on the principles behind prana and zero point energy and the ability of ojas to convert this energy into a form of nourishment that the physical body can use. I believe the deepest mysteries of nature will always remain unfathomable.

The best way to transmute (transform a basic element or emotion into a finer element or feeling such as sexual fluid into ojas or sexual urges into divine love) is to stay on the diet I speak of throughout my website and get plenty of outside recreational exposure to nature which will, especially during meditation fill one's whole self with massive amounts of vital energy. One experiences this energy as bliss, expansion of consciousness, and an overwhelming sense of lightness. Ojas acts as a "go between" this subtle prana and the gross nerves and organs of the physcial body so that more prana can be absorbed into the physical body through the subtle meridians or channels, recharging every organ of the body with healthy, rejuvenating, ecstatic vitality.

Another important factor determining the speed of ojas creation is the amount of "healthy" sexual fluid available in the body. That is why long-term celibacy (even to the level of not even allowing wet dreams) is most desirable as the creation of ojas and bliss definitely seems to originate in the interaction of the nerves and glands in the body with the presence of sexual fluid. Every drop of healthy sexual fluid in a healthy body acts like a charged battery of vital energy. The more "battery power" one has, the more bliss and spiritual enlightenment one can enjoy. Ojas is a pranic force that is kept alive and recharged through habitual pure heartedness, healthful living, appreciation of nature and unselfish love.

Unselfish love and pure joy are the states of consciousness to live in because these states are sustainable and all fulfilling. Lust, sexual stimulation, and drugs create very intense feelings but are completely unsustainable and therefore ultimately lead one down the road to the pit of despair, depression, anxiety and depletion, or in the most extreme cases, mental illness, stealing, murder and suicide. Ojas and the long lasting joy that ojas sustains is the product of much finer and wiser habits of self-control, self-knowledge and self-mastery which may at first seem much harder to do, but in all honesty is really a far, far easier and vastly more exciting, wholesome and fulfilling path to take than the way of sensuality!


A form of "energy healing" can be used to help transmutation of sexual desires into ojas. If sensual thoughts and desires still persist, the transmutation process can be helped along by standing up straight and vigorously moving one's hands from the area in front of the genitals and upwards to just above the forehead many times as fast as possible. This exercise seems to train the energy to move upward away from the seat of sexual desire, and to also generate more vitality for transmutation and illumination.

A very interesting property of prana is its tendency to follow the direction of consciousness and mental concentration. If one, while breathing in, imagine energy in the form of white light moving up the spine, up the back, through the neck and up to the top of the head and/or third eye behind forehead, the energy actually seems to follow this mental pathway. While breathing out return the attention to the base of the spine, start breathing in and repeat this process over and over. Imagine that the inhalation breath acts like a pump siphoning the energy upwards. This process is another great way to speed up the creation of ojas. It is another transmutation exercise leading to higher states of conscousness free of the pull of nature which tends to keep the soul bound to its lower nature. Not only lust, but other emotions such as anger, greed, jelousy, unhappiness and tiredness can sometimes be transmuted into joy and love this way. Do this exercise every day as much as possible until it becomes a habit.

Another interesting experiment with ojas, ojas creation and prana is to sit, stand and/or meditate in front of a fan blowing air in from outside. The longer one has been celibate, the more fascinating the results of this practice! Try different speeds on the fan and notice how the air flows around the body, how it feels, how its cooling sensations create a remarkable sense of bliss and ecstasy. One can tell one's level of ojas by the amount of ecstasy one gets from the blowing air. It is almost a feeling of numbness, of deep pleasure in every skin cell of the body and a total ecstasy and detachment from the body in those who have been very good at creating, retaining and maintaining ojas in their body!

The Hidden Treasures Are Within

This book is a compilation of fifteen inspirational articles regarding wholeness, meditating, how to choose your spiritual path, and how vital the hidden treasures of wholeness are for living a more full and complete life. Although this book includes some passages from the Bible and meditation-oriented information from the "Path of Sant Mat," this book is purely a spiritual text not meant to promote any religion. Most of this book will be about why wholeness is so essential and how to achieve it. I believe it is of utmost importance to make one's search for wholeness one's highest priority in what would otherwise be a temporary and fickle existence. To realize Spirit in one's life is vital for adding meaning to what would otherwise be a meaningless and materialistic existence.


In the most advanced cases of life-long sexual fluid retention, transmutaion and creation of ojas, one is able to go off into total bliss or a profound sense of weightlessness, unbelievable happiness and fulfillment, and actually leave the body to astral travel wherever one's heart desires! This ability leads to permanent liberation from the prison of the flesh! There is no greater joy than this, no greater desire fulfulled, nothing more relishable than this highest freedom of all. The ability to leave the body, (die daily at will) because of the long awaited accumulation of ojas, is the end of all suffering, and the beginning of great spiritual knowledge, love and the profoundest happiness ever achieved. Forget the treasures of worldliness, for this ability (to die daily at will) is the ultimate treasure! It is a billion times better than having the key to the car for the first time. Now the whole universe is available to explore and all of God(dess) to become one with. Death is no longer a mystery because one is already "dying daily" at will and visiting the higher spheres and the spirits who happily reside there in perfect harmony with nature. Because the desires of the flesh have been overcome, one no longer needs to be reborn ("go no more out...") in the world of the flesh again.

"Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out..." (Revelation 3:12)

"To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne." (Revelation 3:21)

Especially after mastering the transmutation and creation of ojas, it becomes possible to learn how to lucid dream and have out-of-body experiences from a 70 minute video. This 70 minute video is packed with tips that many people have used to have their first out of body experiences and lucid dreams. In part one you'll learn how to use the body's own biology to put yourself in a subconscious focus without using any mental visualizations. This shortens the learning curve immensely and you very well may have an OBE or lucid dream the very first time you use the methods in this video. Part two covers more advanced methods in which you can take command of your lucid dreaming by doing Wake Induced Lucid Dreams or WILDs. You'll learn a powerful visualization called a teleporting OBE exit that you can use to do a WILD, you'll also learn how to craft your own efficient visualizations.

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