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Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Go Here for Map

Welcome to (also For thirty years, Dan Shapiro has been searching the U. S. for original vintage western apparel. Throughout these years, he has brought to market these vintage classic manufacturers such as Rockmount, H-Bar-C, Tem Tex, Panhandle Slim, Roper, Wrangler, and Scully. These Western Icons have set the standards on quality and style to this day. These same vintage styles are finally available through Southwest Limited.

Welcome to our Ebay Store!

Please Visit our Ebay Store which is ever changing! We add more items every week!

The almost impossible search for the originals is over. Southwest Ltd. is now offering new productions of these classic styles with the same attention to detail as the originals from Rockmount Ranchwear. Rockmount's legacy began in 1946 and is shown here with its classic styles and attention to detail. Southwest Ltd. assures you qualified sales representation and impeccable service.

Southwest Limited offers many recreations of vintage western shirts by Rockmount Ranch Wear. Southwest Limited is featuring and selling a variety of fine products as well as Western snap shirts. They are as follows:
  • Jackets
  • Jewelry
  • Boot Tips
  • Boot Jacks
  • Straw Hats
  • Cowboy Hats
  • New Vintage
  • Print Shirts
  • Plaid Shirts
  • Collectables
  • Western Belts
  • Western Boots
  • Western Purses
  • Western Jackets
  • Western Buckles
  • Western Blouses
  • Western Bolo Ties
  • Western Collar Tips
  • Western Leather Vests
  • Western Vintage Spurs
  • Indian Design Blankets
  • Authentic Western Wear
  • Western Scarfs and Ties
  • Rockmount Western Shirts
  • Embroidered Western Shirts
  • Bandanas in Assorted Colors
  • Western Style "Cowboy" Nightlights
The above items or categories are often available at our Ebay store, if not call Dan at (949) 584-7167 to see if he can get the item for you. There are many aspects of western wear and vintage clothing that Dan specializes in. His familiarity and expertise covers the following types of western apparel, and knows how to get you what is still available and maybe even that which is no longer manufactured:

Dead Stock Vintage Western, Old New Vintage, Old New Vintage Western, Western Shirts, Western Togs, Tru-West, Trre-Grit, Steam Punk, Authentic Western, Cowboy Shirts/Clothing, Snap Shirts, Drugstore Cowboy, Rodeo Shirts/Cowboy, Parade Shirts, Square Dancing, Riding Cowboy, Cowboy Up, Victorian, Turn of the Century Cowboy, Old Frontier Clothing, Holloywood Cowboy Movies and TV.

Convenient Location: Now moved to 18th Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92627 Please call Dan at (949) 584-7167 or (949) 645-9937 for more information regarding these items for sale and for other stock that might also be available. (Best time to call: 9 am - 1 pm, Mon. - Sat.)

Saturday, April 18th 2015 Update: Attention Shoppers - Southwest Ltd. is proud to announce that for the last ten years, we have been selling Rockmount Ranch Wear. The high standard of tailoring has maintained its reputation since the 1940's.

Today Rockmount Ranch Wear is raising the bar by creating new fashion forward styles that can enter the mainstream of high fashion. They are showing new exciting textiles in cotton, rayon, and blends to reach out to all customers.

The two photographs shown above are of the same shirt that entertainer Sam Smith put on when he visited the Rockmount store in Denver, Co. These new styles instill the deep roots of Vintage and Rockabilly, but now integrates into the world of fashion. Watch for new styles in hats and accessories. We will be featuring gloves and boots in the near future.

Western clothing fits today, because it never goes out of style. This Americana look will always remain, because it blends with all fashion. As you view our website and Ebay store, you will see these new concepts. Southwest Ltd. will be featuring these new styles as they come available. So check our store out on a regular basis, because Southwest Ltd. will be selling new designs and a variety of products for this year of 2015.

Corrugated Mural

H Bar C had this large corrugated mural created for retail stores
from 1960 to the 1970's.


(Above image) Rockmount made thousands of these very collectible six foot, wood, silk screened signs for retailers, 1950's.

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(Image on the right and the image below) These classic illustrations show the famous era that Rockmount Ranchwear has represented since 1947.

Rockmount Poster - Square Dance - More than a look--a way of life! - These classic posters show the famous era that Rockmount Ranchwear has represented since 1947

Rockmount Poster - Why Wear Anything Less - These classic posters show the famous era that Rockmount Ranchwear has represented since 1947

H-Bar-C Ranchwear - Its HBARC for 1963 - Square Dance Tonight - Styles - Meridian, Spur, Boise, Skylight, and Truckee Barrel Racer - Halpen & Christenfeld, Inc.

H-Bar-C - California Ranchwear Magazine Covers

H-bar-C Ranchwear - full color Swing Your Partner poster

H-bar-C Ranchwear - black and white Square Dance Partners poster

H-Bar-C California Ranchwear - From out of the west . . . the NEWEST in WESTERERN SHIRTS . . .

H-Bar-C - Dan River - wrinkle resistant designer cottons

H-Bar-C - Rau Fastener Company - Avondale - HbarC label

H-Bar-C - Original H and C Ranchwear Label

H-Bar-C - High Standard - California Ranchwear tags, labels and embroidered shirts

Four H-Bar-C California Ranchwear labels

H-Bar-C labels - Tailored by California Ranchwear, Inc. Los Angeles, Made in U.S.A.

H-Bar-C western clothing illustrations - Golden Saddles, Cape Shirt, Gardner Cape, Newkirk, Gardner Broom Stick, Bandana Broom Stick, Bandana Pattern, L-5 V-120 Vest, EPJ 899 Rayon, YYY Hanford, L-8 Jean

H-Bar-C western clothing illustrations - Mohawk, Kentucky, Dallas, Buckskin, Tampa, Raleigh, Detroit

H-Bar-C Western Shirts are Tops for Jeans - Denver, Arrowhead, Showtown, Houston, Floral, Stripe, Bandana

Child modeling in an H-Bar-C California Ranchwear shirt with a black string tie

Young Partners modeling in white embroidered H-Bar-C shirts with bolo ties