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Powerful Monoatomic Elements Moving Health Technlogy Forward

Monoatomic Gold

From the desert of southern Utah, comes one of the highest concentration of natural monoatomics on the planet. One can survive quite some time on monoatomics and water alone, if lost in the desert. Extraction and blending with the various noble metals, produces an extreme concentration of "superfood." The conductivity which feeds the very building blocks of life, which can not be received any other way. Of course eating metal, is poison to the body. Now, ingesting them in a monoatomic form, allows safe absorption and distribution throughout the bloodstream and brain. Their immune . . . . Read more here!

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Your Guide to this Website: Science of Wholeness

Section One: Essential Keys and Tools for Wholeness    Section Two: Meditation and the Spiritual Path to Wholeness    Section Three: Spiritual Diets, Herbs, and Food Supplements for Wholeness    Section Four: Ionized Water, Fasting and Breatharianism for Wholeness    Section Five: Environmental Problems and Solutions for Wholeness    Section Six: The Near-Death Experience, Wholeness and the Afterlife    Section Seven: Faith, the Science of Wholeness, and Quantum Physics    Section Eight: The Science of Wholeness Parts One and Two    Section Nine: Evolution, Prana and Transmutation for Wholeness    Section Ten: Ka Gold, Wholeness and the Teachings of the Kabbalah    Section Eleven: Wholeness as a Visual Experience    Section Twelve: Other Important Aspects of Wholeness

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Section (1) Keys to Wholeness & OOBE         (2) Meditation and the Path         (3) Spiritual Diets for Health

(4) Fasting, Living on Water          (5) Environmental Issues and Concerns          (6) NDE's and the Afterlife

(7) Faith, Creation & Dimensions         (8) The Science of Wholeness I & II          (9) Prana & Sexual Energy

(10) Ka Gold and the Kabbalah      (11) Wholeness as a Visual Experience      (12) Contribute to Wholeness

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Superhealth through modern alchemy.