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Actual Breatharians Don't LIve on Nothing, Their Cells Somehow Aquire Quantum Energy

Please go here: Famous Breatharians for more updated information about the subject of breatharianism. Also see: Fasting on Ionized Water, The Pranic Principle, Guidelines for Living on Light, and Key to Living on Light.

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Important note: The popular idea that breatharians simply "live on air" is somewhat misleading. Successful breatharianism which is really quite rare is the result of training the cells over many, many years to obtain nourishment directly from quantum energy. Atoms are the perfect "breatharians" because they immediately receive their energy from the "quantum foam" throughout all of space to sustain their existence. Algae and plant life get their nourishment from sunlight, nitrogen and minerals.

However for matter to evolve into even more complex life forms such as animals, an aquired dependency on food is required, because evolution would not even be possible without this dependency on and competition for external sources of food. However there might remain an innate ability for some cells to receive nourishment from quantum energy in a similar manner as atoms. Some advanced yogis might be able to tap into this largely unknown source through years of fasting and an aquired connection with quantum energy or what they would call "Light," "Spirit," "Prana" or "God."

Cold fusion, if it exists, might be another way some cells could obtain energy without having to rely on external sources. However, if all one needed all along was some quantum energy to survive, no further evolution would take place and the entity would remain as simple as an atom. This is why nearly every life form, except the most simple, requires food to survive, even though it may be possible to train cells to revert back to the way atoms get their energy.

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I built this website using an 'Internet Explorer' browser while often "forgetting" to check it with 'Netscape' which crashed my computer whenever I tried to. I had a terrific shock when I finally saw the most recent version of my website on a 'Netscape' browser that didn't crash my computer. Unfortunately, there is now too much code to rewrite to make it compatible with 'Netscape', and when I do try to make even one page work on Netscape, it no longer looks right on Internet Explorer! This is what happens when one tries to build a website on one's own without any professional training or background!

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The "Freedom of Information Act" of 1994 is now being threatened by a new proposed plan to classify all vitamins, minerals, herbs and supplements in Europe as "medical drugs". Find out why this can be a problem in the U. S. at: You can find out even more at: Codex Alimentarius : Pharmaceutical Industry legally poisoning our Food.

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My latest 'Science of Wholeness' research topic is on breatharianism. One reason I am doing this: I seem to be attracted to the most controversial and difficult subjects one can write about! There definitely seems to be something to it, even if it seems impossible to live indefinitely without food or water which is what 'breatharianism' implies.

What I have learned so far is that most "breatharians" were either on long fasts or were simply getting by on small amounts of food and eat/drink occasionally, but not much. They claim to have excellent health, enjoy more vitality than usual, enjoy more spirituality, and require less sleep. My theory on this phenomenon: When food is eaten, most of it is wasted or not absorbed anyway. The body actually metabolises only a small portion of what is eaten, usually because of fiber, incomplete digestion, and other factors. If one eats much less in an effort to try to be a breatharian, the digestive system, being filled with more enzymes and HCL than usual, tends to break down much more of the meal that is eaten, the food tends to be chewed more thoroughly, and absorbed more fully. Also metabolism tends to slow down, conserving more energy and calories. It turns out that a person can actually live on surprizingly little. And a body that is thoroughly cleansed and highly tuned (as is what happens after a period of eating a 100% raw food diet and fasting for some time) is even more efficient at utilizing food. The end result is that one can appear to be a breatharian.

Breatharianism and Pranic Nourishment

The purpose of this book is to make others aware of the fact that inedia is possible, but not necessarily as a means to become a breatharian "living on light" yourself. The popular idea that breatharians simply "live on air" or even worse, "live on nothing" is misleading. Successful breatharianism which is really quite rare is the result of training the energies of the astral body and cells of the physical body over many, many years (or lifetimes?) to obtain nourishment directly from quantum energy. At the subatomic level, energy can never be used up, and if it is somehow lost, it is immediately replaced by more quantum energy. It may be possible for certain cells in the human body to obtain nourishment from scientifically unknown sources such as astral, spiritual and quantum.

Notwithstanding some famous breatharians such as Therese Neumann of Konnersreuth and Giri Bala, the vast majority are either cheating, just fasting for a very long time or just eating from time to time very small amounts. Also, one may never know how many so-called breatharians eat in private.

The ones that actually eat very little and then claim to have far better quality of life and health are the ones that really interest me. It may be possible that one can really live far better on far less food. Experiments done with rodents by a scientist with the name of Roy Walford a few decades ago, showed a remarkable improvement in health and increase in lifespan of those animals fed a diet restricted in calories, but not nutrients. What this implies is that we can do far better on much less food, but on more well-chosen food. There is so much more gluttony and waste in this world than I care to know about. Much of the environment of the planet seems to be exploited for no good reason other than to satisfy the senses rather than one's true needs. Especially those who eat meat; much cattle is raised and slaughtered at the expense of too much grazing land, food and water.

This principle of "non-eating" is much less likely to work for those in poor health or on a "junkfood" diet. It can also be dangerous if wholesome, natural, raw foods are not used and diet is too high in sugar, alchohol, and refined or processed food, and too low in proteins, raw enzymes, vitamins, minerals, etc.

There are other possible sources of nourishment and energy that a highly tuned body could take advantage of, such as sunlight, energy fields, heat, mineral mists, odors, electron clouds from geological activity, and alpine glow. The electrical charge of ionized water could possibly be a good source of energy while at the same time help repair and maintain tissues with its powerful antioxidant activity.

The final reason why I am studying breatharianism is because I am a "breatharian" too, enjoying far more health, energy, happiness, spirituality and wholeness than ever before. But it is not a simple matter of eating less, it becomes practical only when you really know what you are doing, on the spiritual path, know how to meditate, activate prana and kundalini energy, absorb energy from nature, and especially have access to supernutritious, raw food and ionized water.

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What a POWERFUL medicine this water is! I am finding it to be the most significant breakthrough ever. If all of one's water is saturated with life-giving electrons and then if all the food one eats is blended with that water, then it may not be possible to age anymore. In fact, much cell rejuvenation and DNA repair may occur. My main concern is how few people seem to grasp the full significance of why ionized water is so truely remarkableand and how much they can really benefit from it if they only would be open-minded enough to see that.

Most poisons harm tissue by creating free-radical activity. Ionized water goes to work in the body as a powerful free-radical scavenger, perhaps neutralizing every poison in the system, depending how much ionized water is taken. Along with its superhydrating qualities and alkaline pH (power of hydroden) in addition to its antioxidant effects, we are looking at the most incredible purifying, cleansing and rejuvenating substance imaginable! What is really remarkable is how water ionizers can convert cheap tapwater from any faucet into UNLIMITED quantities of this astonishing healing miracle!

Not only does it protect the body from fee radicals (main cause of aging process and many degenerative diseases) it cleanses, purifies, increases pH levels, and hyrdrates every part of one's physiology.

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My most astonishing observation regarding ionized water so far is that it appears to have an amazing ability to replace food. It is very fulfilling and seems to provide the body with so much vitality (prana) that one's original need for calories eventually fades away. The only explaination I can think of is that it must be providing the body with so many extra electrons that:

1) The need for tissue and cell repair is greatly reduced thereby reducing the need for extra proteins, and other building materials.

2) Some the extra electrons are probably being used to provide cellular energy by recharging ADP to make ATP (the universal energy currency of cellular metabolism) thereby reducing the need for calories.

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There is much to be said about the horrible effect materialism and overpopulation is having on the global and local environment. It is because the "western" way of life is highly inefficient, sense-oriented, unwise and unhealthy. Broadly encouraging a wisdom-oriented, health-oriented lifestyle is the only hope for the future. Realizing that eating meat and other forms of sense-oriented gluttony is not only harmful to one's own physiology, it also requires much destruction of rain forests, parklands and other reasources vital to the quality of life.

Among many other causes, the demand for combustion engine type automobiles are adding to the Co2 content of the earth's atmosphere leading to the "greenhouse effect" which will probably eventually flood the world as the ice caps start to break away and melt.

Consumerism and sensuality is destroying the Earth. Instead of finding it from within, people are trying to find happiness through their senses, which requires, at great cost to the environment, a tremendous demand on resources. A key factor is overpopulation, which, of course is fuled by sensuality. When the body is not properly tuned (as it is with more than 99% of the world's population) it "goes to seed" instead of rechanneling sexual energy into profound bliss and inner joy. The way to do this rechanneling requires a profound change in one's metabolism: replacing most of the food eaten with prana and vitality.

I am in the process of putting together the pieces of a much more efficient, advanced lifestyle at my website.

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The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra describes a wholistic, more "eastern" approach to physics, science and even modern living, with man no longer separate from or dominant over nature, but as an itegral part, and whose consciousness is an essential component of the matrix of the life that we observe.

When physicists analyze matter at its most rudimentry levels, they use huge particle accelerators many miles in diameter to examine the "pieces" of matter that come out of extremely high velocity collisions near the speed of light in a "bubble" or "cloud" chamber where the "vapor trails" of these collisions are recorded. Much to their amazement many new particles were found and classified. New building blocks of matter had been discovered, but to their chagrin, many of the particles their most cherished theories proposed to exist (such as quarks) could not be found.

Frijof Capra proposes a "new" concept of matter based on ancient, oriental mysticism that, when applied to modern day physics, invalidates the concept of atomic particles as consisting of smaller and smaller building blocks. Instead of separate, independent pieces, made of different substances, there is but one substance (that I believe comes from universal or cosmic consciousness) out of which all matter is made of. And that the way scientists attempt to measure and observe matter, greatly influences it on a quantum level. In the subatomic world, it is better to understand the nature and behavior of these particles as being all of the same substance and acting as inseparable parts of a much greater whole including the observer. They are to be seen not as independent phenomenon, but as part of much greater, very integrated system.

The author goes on to say that the present worldview and approach of modern day industrial science is to dominate and control nature in ways that are dangerous, harmful and ecologically disasterous. He states in page 335 of his book:

"I believe that human survival in the face of the threat of nuclear holocaust, and the devastation of the natural environment will be possible only if we are able to radically change the methods and values underlying our science and technology. As my last criterion I advocate the shift from an attitude of domination and control of nature, including human beings, to one of cooperation and nonviolence." (1)

More information on this most distressing problem is available on which has a vast amount of information on how patriarchal human culture is dominating, raping and destroying nature:

Rape of the Planet and Genetic Holocaust

Complementarity: The Tao of Physics, Nature and Gender also goes into great depth on other subjects such as the origin of consciousness and quantum physics.

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Most medicines were developed by isolating the most active chemical of a very useful plant or herb and synthesising it so it can be patented and artifically produced in mass quantities, ignoring the fact that the healing properties of most herbs are best obtained from using the whole plant. Isolated chemicals can be much more toxic with harmful side-effects (how many pharmaceutical medicines have side effects?) than when combined with all the other combinations naturally present in the plant. Ginger is a great example, when taken in its most natural form, can heal ulcers, prevent heart disease, heal arthritus, reduce blood pressure, cool down inflamation, prevent sea sickness, cure vertigo and even help treat agoraphobia. On the other hand, if one tries to isolate and concentrate any one or more of the natural biological compounds in ginger, one would end up with only useless and toxic substances.

In nature, the quality of the whole is usally much greater than the sum of its separate parts. All too often, modern civilization, seems to be built on the opposite concept, that certain very clashing parts are more important than the whole, and is filled with "solutions" based on "nature dominating" fragmented thinking. The automobile, for instance, works well at getting one around until far too many other cars are also out on the road blocking its way, forcing more and more roads and freeways into construction until the environment is nothing but vast construction of congested roads, buildings and freeways with air no longer a pleasure to breath, thanks to limited, non-ecological, fragmented thinking.

Instead of recycling tree and garden waste into valuable compost that could be used for organic farming, it is packed into near-by landfills where the overflow of garbage is already a great burden. In bankrupt third-world contries, rainforests are being burned down to make way for grazing and growing sugar cane. No vegetarian in his or her right mind would have much use for beef or sugar. "Gas guzzleing" incandescent light bulbs are burned where more efficient energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs could be used at 1/4th the cost of electricity. When will solar-charged fuelcelled cars ever appear on the road? Think solar power is an inefficient way to recharge electric cars? How many cars are left parked out in the hot sun all day? Why is living around or near an airport still so annoying? When are all governments ever going to wake up and see the "Population Connection" and stop the exploding birthrates in third world countries? It is high time for changes in the right direction!!!

The workings of modern civilzation are based on what is now a very bad idea personified in the seventeenth century by Francis Bacon that nature is to be "hounded in her wonderings," "bound into service," "put into constraint," made a "slave" and to "torture nature's secrets from her." This reflects a "patiarchal" value system, the way man as a limited, selfish ego, tends to want to dominate and control everything. Thus, mankind has two tendencies to overcome: "solving" problems with fragmented reasoning, and the desire to control and dominate. Frujif Capra goes on to say:

"These violent images of nature as a female whose secrets have to be tortured from her with the help of mechanical devices is strongly suggestive of the torture of women in the witch trials of the seventeenth century, which were very familiar to Bacon, who was attorney general for King James I. So here we have a crucial and frightening connection between mechanistic science and patriarchal values, which had a tremendous impact on the further development of science and technology." (2)

Western thinking, dominated by the above mentioned human tendency, is putting humanity on a collision course with nature, and with himself. With overpopulation combined with the threat of global warming and eventual flooding of vast areas of land, we are all going to be in very serious trouble. Until humankind is in harmony with the long-term consequenses of his actions, his very survival will be challanged over and over again by very brutal forces.

(1)&(2) The Tao of Physics 1999 by Fritjof Capra, page 335. Shambala Publications, Inc.


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