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I Am Eager to Move Forward toward Real Wholeness, and not Get Stuck at Any One Level

Superhealth through modern alchemy.

Monday, 12-22-2003, Vol. 4: Page 5: Article 13

Latest Developments Regarding Tooth Enamel, Removing Toxins, Breatharianism, and Support for this Website, etc.

We have so many parts of ourselves that are vulnerable. It is a tricky line to tread: we must cultivate good, healing thoughts, yet at the same time remain vigilant and not naive about possible dangers to our health.

I have the same fillings since the first ones I had since the age of 12. Are they supposed to wear out in time? They seem pretty secure for fillings THAT old or for any age. Either that or most of the mercury by now has leaked out and been replaced by new tooth tissue! Anyway, I have just found a very efficient way to deal with mercury and other menacing toxins in the body.

Thank goodness, my recent commitment to oral hygene seems to be keeping my enamel problem under control! However, it would have been much, much harder to maintain proper oral hygene with more than one meal a day, so I am glad I am able to feel so natural and comfortable on just one meal a day. I have no time for eating more often anyway! The weird thing is, why am I not continuing to graduate on to every other day, then just once or twice a week, and finally breatharianism? Perhaps not for a long time yet, but I am eager to move forward, and not get stuck at one level. I think the improvement of blood circulation might be the key, because whatever might block blood circulation, might also block energy and vitality.

How to Heal Dental Caries

This material presents alternative dental research. Much of what we have been taught about tooth decay in schools and colleges is either wrong or incomplete. This book is based on my own experiences and how I used the fascinating research presented by Ramiel Nagel and Dr. Weston A. Price to heal my own cavities without ever having to interact with a dentist. Their research gave me enough confidence to start my own anti-tooth-decay regimen. Incorrect nutrition and snacking instead of drinking water for as long periods of time as comfortable between meals is the real cause of tooth decay! You can heal your dental caries with correct nutrition, the avoidance of snacking, fasting for long time between whole, complete high-protein nutrient and mineral rich meals, the elimination of excessive carbohydrates and sugars, and the regular brushing after every meal with a special tooth remineralization paste. One must permanently eliminate all junk food and commit to a life-long habit of water fasting between whole, complete meals while eating only an extremely nutrient rich natural diet similar to a whole foods Palaeolithic or pre-agricultural regimen.

Please go here for much more up-to-date and vital information on preventing and healing dental caries.

Regarding toxic metals in the body, I am now following an intense chelation program that cleans out the circulatory system of not only toxic metals such as mercury, arsenic, etc. but also calcium based arterial deposits. At the bottom of this page I recently added a paragraph on oral chelation therapy: I am using a transformed amino acid known as EDTA that binds with lead, mercury, arsenic, and whatever other pollutants, deposits, etc. which eventually flushes all of that crap right out of the body. It takes many months to do this and the effects are fantastic, rejuvenating.

I know that regular exercise, water fasting, antioxidants, and whatever else one does to improve the circulation is a really, really important step in the right direction toward breatharianism, higher levels of consciousness, successful transmutation, spirituality, etc. It is not just vital to get more from less food (more nourishment, fewer calories), but also to make the cells more receptive to the benefits of prannic nourishment. If the cells are starved for oxygen, etc. and arteries, capillaries, etc. clogged how can one fully manifest their spiritual goals when everything depends on having fully cleaned out and fully functioning cells? Again, I cannot reiterate the importance of what I just said two paragraphs back: I think the improvement of blood circulation might be the key, because whatever might block blood circulation, might also block energy and vitality.

Science of Wholeness has just undergone a MASSIVE overhaul! For the last few days I have been working around the clock! I even added another URL: for an important part of my website that contains some of the most vital information of all, where some of the latest diet information updates have been made, therefore it requires a spotlight of some kind. All sorts of unnecessary html code, old images, etc. have been taken out to free up vital space on my web server which only allows me no more than 25 MB before charging me much more.

I am hoping those who discover my site will feel they have found something wonderful in many different ways. I feel whenever I look at it, it is like a voyage into deep space, with all the multidimensional scenery, colors, spiritual philosophy, etc.

Spending so much more time than I really can on this website is an act of faith in humanity. I am hoping somehow it would soon be much more successful. There is an honor system that one should follow! Anyone viewing my website who has extra or spare money to donate should do so ASAP! Otherwise they are getting a lot of free stuff without supporting the source! I am trying to make this a very important issue and one will soon see more about this wherever needed throughout the website. I know many, many individuals have seen my site by now and not paid anything! In a way, those who ignore my honor system leave everything in limbo; this site and the person who created it could go one way or the other!

Those who read everything and faithfully follow the raw food diet, etc. will find immense healing, lasting bliss and joy! They can find wholeness! What is more valuable than that?

Thursday, 12-11-2003, Vol. 4: Page 5: Article 12


I have found out the hard way that years and years of being on some of these restricted 100% raw diets are very harsh on one's the dental health, because many fruits can etch enamel right off the teeth while not providing any calcium essential for the body to repair the damage! At first I was convinced that it was impossible to get cavities on a 100% raw diet (especially with ionized alkaline water!) and that seemed to be the case because my gums and wisdom teeth felt and looked so much healthier. However, I recently noticed some big pits and gashes behind the front parts of my teeth while the rear area of my mouth still remained relatively unharmed. This evidence seems to make acidic fruits, lemon and apple cider vinegar (which I use on my salad) the culprit and that most of the damage must be occuring as I am biting down into these fruits before my saliva has a chance to neutralize the enamel eating acids! I cannot overemphasis that one should be very careful not to eat/drink too much acidic food such as vinegar, lemon, and tart citrus fruit because these foods strip the enamel right off just as immediately as one bits into them! I now have to have a universal vitamin supplement that includes trace minerals and soak my teeth in enamel building alkaline toothpaste after every meal unless I like to have expensive and unpleasant visits to a dentist! (And I might still have to do this.) Thank God I still only feel totally natural on ONE meal a day otherwise my teeth could be even more of a problem!

As you probably know already, I would never use mercury for dental fillings again!!! Even if "proven" to be safe by some dentists, why take the risk???

As far as dental (and just as much mental/emotional as well) health, etc. is concerned, the importance of fresh, raw, organic vegetables such as cauliflower, zuchinni, yellow squash, grated yam, sliced cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, grated beet, and some raw cheese with flax seed oil & kelp, etc. cannot be underestimated. Papaya and/or apples, etc. for some reason, do not quite replace the qualities, vibrations, etc. of basic raw vegetables but are still good in small amounts for dessert.

As you can see, just having to eat causes all sorts of problems! Would "Light" ever cause dental or mental problems???

4-16-06 update: I recently discovered a website where you can order "butter oil" which is a cetrifuged oil derived out of raw butter from cows fed only on fresh, spring pasture grasses. It is very high in various vital nutritional resources such as an "activator X" actually known to halt the formation of dental caries and not at all avialable in modern diets but was quite common in primitive diets. This information is based on the reasearch of Dr. Weston A Price during the 1930's and 40's. For more information on this amazing oil, go here. I just ordered two jars!

Friday, 8-8-2003, Vol. 4: Page 5: Article 11


JAMES: So good to read of the good progress you are making re your transition to Living on Light. For me I have come to realise it is not so much a case of making a transition to living on light as everyone is sustained by light already but rather it is a process of tuning myself through the reprogramming of non-honouring belief systems and living a LOL supporting lifestyle (ie. exercise, yoga, time in nature and the sun, proper breathing etc.) so if I don't eat I will retain perfect weight and strength and experience the many benefits that come from being nourished by light eg. - Greatly increased health, vitality and well-being; Amazing sense of lightness of Being and sense of freedom, with constant high energy levels; Increased clairvoyant and telepathic abilities; Perfect weight control; Limitless energy!; Great time management as greatly reduced need for sleep and not having to spend time and money shopping for food and food related items or preparing meals and cleaning up in kitchens; A self-healing, self-sustaining, self-rejuvenating vital healthy system; Elimination of food toxicity; Financial benefits! - Money not spent on food can instead be channelled into our work, travel, daily expenses, tithed to a charity and other desires; very importantly a feeling of a closer connection to the Divine; Huge ramifications on a global level as a viable long term solution to world hunger as well as environmental, global resources and sustainability benefits; Benefits for animals - Animals as our friends, not our food; And much more!

Breatharianism and Pranic Nourishment

The purpose of this book is to make others aware of the fact that inedia is possible, but not necessarily as a means to become a breatharian "living on light" yourself. The popular idea that breatharians simply "live on air" or even worse, "live on nothing" is misleading. Successful breatharianism which is really quite rare is the result of training the energies of the astral body and cells of the physical body over many, many years (or lifetimes?) to obtain nourishment directly from quantum energy. At the subatomic level, energy can never be used up, and if it is somehow lost, it is immediately replaced by more quantum energy. It may be possible for certain cells in the human body to obtain nourishment from scientifically unknown sources such as astral, spiritual and quantum.


SHAKTIVIRYA: You put it so well and covered it exactly as I would beleive it to be! I could not agree more that all these changes do take place, especially the sense of having limitless energy, more clairvoyance, psychic experiences, etc. I have been experiencing increases in psychic abilities too, especially an increase in "paranormal" dreams where if I touch a person, I would often get a dream from a recent major event in his or her life. For instance, I recently met a lovely lady who happened to grab my hand. That night I drempt that she was inside a house that was being flooded. I later found out that her boyfriend's house was indeed flooded by faulty plumbing when she had last been there! I have been receiving more and more brief messages in the form of voices, thoughts and "faxed" mental images (some moving, some still) from the "other side".

Also you mentioned giving to charity; it seems my heart opens up so much!

I use a life-long, systematic approach to gradual transition to lol. What a better and far less polluted world it would be if everyone could somehow find a way to safely transition over to a "lighter" lifestyle! Thus I am finding a way through 100% raw food, and then 100% raw food liquidarian, negatively ionized water, etc. This is being done through a very delicate, life-long, scientifically planned nutritional approach. It involves a very precise feed-back mechanism. I immediately back-off if my mind/body system tells me I'm not functioning or feeling as I should or get too skinny. I go forward whenever I notice improvements in my strength, happiness, psychic abilities, and mental clearity, etc. My real goal is to live IN light first, and then, living on light should naturally follow. If not, then that's fine too as long as I find perfect wholeness! Nothing else really matters except the profround, all fulfulling JOY of wholeness.

The most important thing of all are the permanent improvements: If I do not get any kind of improvement in the result of the way I eat, then I realize I must keep experimenting in a different way until I do! I don't want to say here exactly where I am now; it could shock too many people.

JAMES: When I say everyone is sustained light whether they eat or not, I don't of course mean people can just stop eating and they will be okay. Very few people have the desire at this time to do this anyway. Of course in order to be sustained by Light alone we must undertake the transition process that is appropriate for us, for some the 21 day process or for many others, like you and me, a much more gradual process over several years of reducing food intake and using reprogramming and tuning techniques.


SHAKTIVIRYA: Patience and understanding regarding our true needs is essential. We are fine tuning our diets to acheive the maximum level of wholeness and well-being. I would like to point out that much of my improvement in well-being seems to come from diets higher in liquid, and precisely and very carefully banlanced amounts of essential nutrients, proteins, fats, complex carbohydrates, etc. yet lower in calories. Lighter meals, and eating less often, seems to gradually occur as I increase the efficiency of my eating and metablosm. Therefore my life becomes more efficient, and my mind/body system less dense and more in tune with the Higher Will/Purpose and with the Inner Light. The more finely tuned the spirit/body, the more one is able to live on Light. I follow bliss, joy and physical energy and lightness ever closer toward my wholeness!

JAMES: One cannot live on light if there is a subconscious program saying we need to eat to maintain weight and strength as the subconscious mind runs the body, hence the necessity to change these outmoded programs. What I do mean is if we were in the middle of eating the most healthiest meal and then suddenly the life-force energy supply was cut off to your system we would be truly dead very quickly, yet we could stop eating the meal and decide to finish it later and we wouldn't immediately drop dead. People who die from malnutrition do so as a result of two main things 1) the belief one dies after a total abstinence from food for a period of time; and 2) not being tuned enough to be able to be fed by Light/Prana. We can easily live healthily without eating providing we are vibrationally tuned to absorb the life-force energy, prana, God's Light, call it what you will, it's the force that gives us life!


SHAKTIVIRYA: As far as belief is concerned, it is essential to not only be open to the possibility that someday you could actually live entirely on light, it is also essential to understand and learn EXACTLY how this "miracle" is to happen in a way that would just be routine and completely natural. It means tuning into the higher relms, and drawing much more of the energy there into your higher/subtler bodies. Sense always you are in the astral vehicle as being the conduit through which all subtle energies of Light and prana come through to sustain the physical body. Develop your psychic abilities so that you can actually see and feel this energy exchange take place. Help guide it so that you can regulate it for your individual needs more efficiently.

JAMES: Going by what you write your faith in and love of God is something incredible, no wonder you are doing so well!


SHAKTIVIRYA: Thank you for the very inspiring complement. Actually things have not been as easy for me as you might think because of all the terrible life-long problems and tragedies I had to cope with to begin with which was what started me on this path in the first place. Occasionally some of my old problems can come back to "haunt" me, especially if I am not careful with what I do to take care of myself. Just recently and to my astonishment, I uncovered a "traitor" in my diet: flax seed oil!!! As you know, I have suffered on and off rather severe emotional reactions to my food since I was a child which got far worse as I grew older. It may very well be that a substantial amount of my problems may have been caused by the inclusion of oils in my diet!

Moving toward wholeness and "living on Light" seems to make following the "supreme commandment" a perfectly natural pleasure: I make the love of God the central aim and focus of my life. God is the central Hub of the universe, the very main and original Cause and Reason for everything. "Love God with all you heart, strength and mind." is the supreme commandment. Well, guess what, what we are doing with our "LOL" lifestyles is making the supreme love for God happen spontaneously! I am "falling in Love" in a very awesome and universal way!

JAMES: In some ways I envy you completely eliminating soy milk from your diet. The main liquid I drink is water, two glasses of it a day is oxygenated, more on this later, and the odd herb tea. I enjoy a glass of VitaSoy a day, it is the most 'healthiest' brand I've come across and although I realise it's been heat treated, is a processed, packaged food and the jury is still out over the benefit soy products I figure my diet pretty pure and I allow myself to indulge in it purely for pleasure, I can be 99.75% fanatical about my diet but not 100%. I'm in kind of two minds about whether or not to go 100% soy free. Any ill effects there may be from consuming small amounts of soy products I'm sure are more than compensated by my "Light diet" and transmutation programming, reiki, daily de-toxing etc.


SHAKTIVIRYA: It took me quite a while to get past soy milk!!! I tried to quit five or six times before I finally, once and for all stopped, making it an absolutely 100% raw diet! What you could try is substitute it with raw cow's milk. That worked out OK for a while, but it seemed to give me some negative emotional reactions and I continued to miss the more delicious and full, creamy taste of soy (Vitasoy®). The way I finally eliminated soy milk was I sustituted the soy milk with a mixture of 6 raw eggs, blended with pineapple, beets, oranges, black/blueberries, leafy geens, such as kale and collards, lettuce, ginger, and one tablespoon Greens Today® nutrient formula, flax seed etc. You can always simplify the above recipie and see if it still works. The reason why it works is because the replacement raw food combination contains almost everything that the body needs and is vastly superior in nutritional and boilogical value. Don't forget to also add PLENTY of negatively ionized water! Of course, a Vitamixer is needed to produce a "raw food" soy milk substitute and for grinding your own raw oats, flax, pumpkin, sunflower, and sesame seed.

I would then use the 100% raw replacement for soy milk to go with a bowl of blueberries, blackberries, ground raw oats, freshly ground flax seed, pumpkin seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, and some bee pollen.

On salads I would replace the need for vegetable oil with fresh avocado, kelp, and apple cider vingegar. My salads would include lettuce, tomatoes, yellow squash, red cabbage, red onion, and a small amount Jalapiño Pepper.

Vegetable oil, no matter what kind, no matter how fresh, seemed to give me very negative effects. I have recently discovered that oils of any kind; no matter how "healthy" or "fresh" or "unprocessed" or "natural" they all seem to have very negative effects on my consciousness! THIS MAY BE A SIGNIFICANT BREAKTHROUGH. From now on, I have been using the WHOLE flax seed (or sunflower, sesame seed, etc.) rather than the oil, which on its own is NOT a whole food anyway, but an extracted, highly concentrated substance that could be harmful (clogging, rancid and free-radical producing) to the mind and body. I am AMAZED by how much better I have been doing since using the WHOLE flax seed rather than just the flax oil! Now, I no longer use any sort of oil in my diet, and WOW, what a difference! These last few days I have been soaring to new heights of wonderful wholeness. I'm not sure if this fact would apply to others, but it sure applies to me!!! Another thing, the flax oil was an expensive $29 a bottle!

JAMES: It is getting to the stage where I am detesting anything related to food, having to buy it and cut up for my salad meal, I now currently have three to four salad meals a week and smallamounts of fruit which I have also cut down on. I continue to use Spirulina which is the one and only supplement I take as I not like taking synthetic vitamins. It is great to spend shpping and preparing food, have more money in the pocket and feel great! I don't know about you but even handling food now is something I would rather not have to do. I feel it's density and think how much I am enjoying the Lightness of Being feelings and prana surging through me and a sense of freedom of eating such a light, simple diet and money being saved. Sometimes I think there is a block to me going total LOL, then I just let go and surrender it all. I know I can live off prana, yet I have to go that one final step, however I feel all is perfect and it's all unfolding in Divine Time.


SHAKTIVIRYA: Well, I can sure relate to the detesting of food! However, when in perfect harmony with the will of Mother Nature and the all-healing beauty of God we automatically LOVE our food and and every aspect of it! That is one way it can more efficiently nourish us, and how the energy in that food is released to make every organ in the body function. The more you LOVE and ENJOY your food, the more efficiently it can sustain you, thereby, on the long run, you require LESS food. Thus you look foward to eating and then you look forward to being sustained by prana for the rest of the time. When you LOVE your food, the food becomes the LOVE which was the very thing really sustaining you all along!

When one eats, only the healthiest food would make sense. Spiralina contains among many wonderful things, vital DHA and other essential fatty acids which are very much needed by the brain to function. We are aiming toward blissful fasting and living on Light. But as long as my physical body still cries for food, I by all means give it ONLY that which is most essential for it's optimal functioning! Even if I could fast for ten years, when it is time to eat again, then why not complement the Creator of one's magnificent physical body only with the BEST FOODS imaginable?

Efficiency is part of the key to superior health and eventual "living on Light": The most nutritious food would give one the ability to live off and utilze the most pranna and for the longest period of time! The most efficient machines require the least amount of evergy. The most efficient diets require the least amounts of calories. Also, the more water and cleansing one does, the more prana the physical vehicle begins to hold.

JAMES: What has been a real boon for me is seeing that on such a small diet I am maintaining weight and strength, I was even putting on weight at one stage which really freaked me out! Theother wonderful thing happening concerning my LOL transition is that I am clearly hearing my body's messages guiding me to reduce my food intake more and more clearly. What is happening I am eating a salad meal, which is down to about every second day now and before I finish it my stomach says "that's enough, don't require any more thanks" and I end up throwing literally half of it away. We must be open to hear our body's utterances and honour its wisdom. All this is what has given me the confidence, encouragement and positive proof that weight programming IS WORKING! It truly feels so wonderful I went a walk earlier this evening as the sun was going down and I just felt so conected to nature and mother Earth and a complete trust how prana feeds us, hard to describe but I am sure you have also felt this. I recite the programs using mudras connecting the thumb to each finger of each hand as this opens up the body circuits for the "perfect health, perfect balance, perfect weight, perfect image NOW' program, courtesy of Jasmuheen, to be integrated into the whole being. I have such wonderful sensations of feeling the pulsating of the universe through me and I know the eating will just subside without having to do anything, just letting the grace of that run through me.

Spiritual Energy and the Pranic Principle

There seems to be a universal field of prana in our atmosphere and throughout all of space and time in the Universe. Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning "life" in the context of a "life force" or "vital energy" that fills all living beings with vibrant health and all of nature with a living essence. Prana seems to correspond with the much subtler parts of the Universe such as the spiritual realms. There are many, many names for and aspects of this substance, just there are many names for God, and many aspects of God. Even mainstream science has long postulated the existence of a kind of "ether" that must be responsible for the transmission of light. Later on this "ether" was more accurately defined as some sort of multidimensional geometry of space in a vibrational state.


SHAKTIVIRYA: Your tools are working and I am deeply moved and inspired by your weight gain without food gain! All the power to you. I wish it were a simpler process, then anyone could do it without starvation. When you are changing your belief systems, you are actually changing the way your energy is flowing and the habits of your energy patterns in such a way as to draw more and more of your nutrutional needs from the "other side" thus proving that what we are really made of is IDEAS, we are multidimensional ideas coming into manifestation as human beings.

Thanks to Jasmuheen, we can be more confident about living on the Light. Even though I have sometimes doubted Jasmuheen and some of her methods, I am always very inspired by her ideas and ideals for a better world. I am deeply greatful to her for making me feel that living on Light is possible. (I prefer to capitalize "Light" because I am refering to God.)

JAMES: I have truly come to realise how most people eat out of emotional reasons, for social interaction and out of habitual conditioning. On the emotional level people eat because of a feeling of an emptiness in the stomach that they feel they need to fill with food. And it is right to feed the body with food if one is truly hungry as opposed to imagined hunger (from boredom, depression etc.), as it is asking for a form of energy in the form of dense food. If people ate vital healthy raw food, they would be healthier and eat less.We both know Shaktivirya sadly that most people's diet is a toxic cocktail from morning to night. Only eat when hungry would be my motto. Eating for emotional reasons occurs due to not having the feelings of Spiritual nourishment that comes from feeling fulfilled through Divine Love, Divine Joy, Divine Bliss, Divine Ecstasy, Being in service, fulfilling relationships etc. When our emotional body is filled with these feelings then we don't have the emptiness feeling and prana can sustain us provided we are tuned into the Divine Nutrition channel. Just think of the gluttony, dis-ease, obesity people create through overeating and being out of touch with their Divine Nature. The belief of the need to eat is something that society has been so indoctrinated with having being handed down from generation to generation over eons of time that most people dismiss LOL as ludicrous and impossible. Yet the gifts it brings are beyond all words. I cherish so much being able to communicate and share with like-minded people such as yourself who are also on this wonderful path.


SHAKTIVIRYA: I too cherish the fellowship you provide. I also mavel at how closely your thoughts follow mine! It is something of a miracle to know someone like you who thinks so similar! If we could just get even more "Light" thinkers like ourselves to compare notes, we could really start getting somewhere!

I absolutely agree with all that you just said regarding the widespread overdependence on food. One would ONLY eat when hungy and ONLY that which one's body most definitely needs! For what reason would one want to drown the body with "soul clogging" food? And when one is not sure if it is time to eat, then that is when one would drink LOADS of ionized water to cleanse every cell of the body and wash out the digestive system between every meal. One would normally fast between meals on water for a long time! Instead of ever feeling hungry one would always be full to overflowing with the Light, Flavors and Scents of God. "My cup runneth over."

The world is not really ready: Unfortunately most of the world is not ready yet to do what we are trying to do, let alone understand it! However some people do, and they will be the leaders and "trail blazers" for the rest of the world.


SHAKTIVIRYA: I believe it is all a matter of fine-tuning our diets and our lifestyles until we are completly free and fully joyus spiritual beings. The ability to live on less and less food is a natural result of becomming more harmonious and whole. I acknowledge the alternative lifestyle of living on Light as a desirable possiblity that naturally comes from the acheivement of the highest levels of wholeness. Wholeness is the REAL THING we need to be focusing on as one's top priority. One could be fasting for many years and even walking on water but if wholeness is not acheived then much is still to be desired! Fasting makes no sense unless it helps bring us closer to the incredible joy we long for. If, however, living on Light comes as a natural result of findnig wholeness then all is perfect, all is well!



"How to Live the Aloha Joy RAW FOOD DIET for AWESOME Health and Success!"

You can have joy, even if you've tried the Raw Food Diet Before!

By purchasing the Aloha Joy Raw Food Diet you get... Physical Restoration and Rejuvenation, Weight Loss like you never dreamed of, a new Self-Image that expands your Goals and Dreams, Increased Energy and Endurance, Enhanced Physical Beauty and Youthfulness!

I highly recommend this awesome eBook as an invaluable addition to everything else about raw food that I have and will discuss on this website.

Allow me to quote Christopher Westra, Author of How to Live the Aloha Joy Raw Food Diet:

"If you want the vibrant glowing health and extra energy that comes from a raw and living food diet, the satisfaction and joy that comes from eating pure light-filled food, and if you want the increased focus and success that this diet creates, then this might be the most important health information you'll ever read"

"Wouldn't it be amazing to feel the abundant vitality of a child again?"

Here is just a small sample of the mind-expanding secrets this book has for you:

The #1 mistake most people make when starting raw foods, and how to do the exact opposite for success!

How to keep yourself physically satisfied on raw foods by eating the proper amount of raw plant fats. (Hint - It's probably more than you think)

The sixteen real reasons for food cravings, and what to do about each one.

How your thoughts influence your progress, and how to reprogram your thinking for joy and success!

Why a flexible approach to raw foods will ensure success much better than a rigid approach.

The awesome truth about the taste awakenings that result from a raw diet.

For more information on this amazing health and personal benefits of this new approach to living on raw food, please go here.


Powerful Monoatomic Elements Moving Health Technlogy Forward

Monoatomic Gold

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