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I 've Been Working Every Spare Moment of my Life to Get at What Really is the Foundation of Wholeness

Please go here to sign petitions to help save our planet from a horrific mass extinction caused by the oil, coal, beef, herbicide, pesticide and lumber industries, deforestation, overfishing, and extreme overpopulation.
Go here to sign petitions to help save our planet from a horrific mass extinction caused by the oil, coal, beef, herbicide, pesticide and lumber industries, deforestation, overfishing, and extreme overpopulation.

Sunday, 9-8-2004, Article 23

Striving toward Fulfillment through Wholeness

I have been working in every spare moment of my life to get at what really is the foundation of wholeness. It is of popular opinion that wholeness or happiness can be found through learning certain mental skills, through meditation, yoga values and lifestyle, regular exercise, taking certain classes or seminars, and/or subliminal tapes, CD's etc. That is fine, and there is nothing wrong with these tools, in fact I use them myself and have many of them featured all over my web pages. For many people, these tools are an important part of finding one's joy in life. HOWEVER, if one's physical health is not good, and/or one's nutritional intake is suboptimal, using these tools on their own could be like building happiness on a foundation of a very thin crust supported only by thousands of feet of quicksand and sinking mud. The moods, thoughts, creative expression, energy output and other functions of the brain, for example, depend on vital nourishment, and furthermore can most likely be greatly enhanced by nutritional supplements, especially those related to circulation, antioxidants and herbal nervines.

The herbs, antioxidants, supplements, and raw food diet featured on the next page is what I have experienced to be at the very foundation of wholeness, or complete sense of well-being which means tranquility, and a very enhanced abilitly to meditate and enjoy spiritual moods, awakenings, and lucid dreams that could lead to astral projection.

Seven Steps to Wholeness

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Too much goes on in this world that violates the principles of wholeness! It is a dark world "out there" because too much of the average way of life is in complete ignorance of the vital principles of health, well-being and wholeness. Not only is there a profound lack of knowledge (which is what I had to begin with) but also a complete lack of DESIRE to find this most valuable gift of all gifts.

Wholeness cannot be found through just one thing or from reading a book, or even a hundred books! Even if one is celibate and meditates for years and years, that can still not be enough for most people. Yoga is GREAT, but it alone may not be enough.

So much must begin from within and the human body must be firmed up and conditioned for wholeness (complete joy) to come through. The environment one meditates in is of tremendous importance, getting regular exercise is essential, drinking loads of water instead of snacking, and living a pure, moral lifestyle filled with love and devotion to one's ideal is vital. But even then there could still be something essential missing.

Because of this missing link, we hear of so many people meditating for years and years and still not making much progress and so many just give up. Millions do make the effort for self-realization, but compared to the entire population of the world, that is still a very small amount. And of those millions only thousands reach the level of spiritual moods, seeing the inner Light, visions, etc. and are lucky enough to have the time, energy, and strong inclination to practice in the first place. As a result, only a tiny handful of real living Masters walk the planet while there are still masses of people overwhelmed in their troubles and pains.

Wholeness also means free from all the pains and afflictions normally associated with injury, disease and aging. Again, in the way of the world, I see so many paths of behavior that only sow the seeds of future suffering and misery. Not only that, the average way to treat medical problems uses only incomplete, artificial, or external "healing" methods such as drugs and surgery, etc. rather than getting down to the basic biological causes of the problem which in most cases is related to a lifetime of mediocre nutritional habits or worse. How can one expect to heal any kind of injury or emotional sickness and look yonger, feel better, etc. without the use of powerful superfoods and antioxidants? No thought goes to providing all nutrients, vitamins, ionized minerals, enzymes and antioxidants the body needs in the first place to heal or repair itself! With what then can the body repair itself if these vital biological substances are not provided?

As long as one is living in this physical world there are vital principles that MUST be followed when all I see for the most part is just the opposite behavior. Vast numbers of people are not even caring to know these principles and smoking packs a day while snacking on dead, processed or just plain "sick" junkfood, and exposing their bodies to too much UV light. The big suntanning craze goes on! The American pass time of spending hours out in the sun to get a [skin cancer creating, age accelerating] "tan" is absolute folly. I personally would rather look all white than suffer massive permanent skin damage (age spots, pigment patches, dry patches, moles, warts, tumors, cancer and wrinkles) throughout the later years of my life.

Such sorry and careless behavior of this kind creates a huge need for docotors, pharmacies, institutions, hospitals, hospices, and finally, funeral parlors. The financial and emotional expense of living just to please the senses (from the "outside in") is awesome. Billions, if not trillions of dollars are lost every year to all the medical expenses and all the other absurd complications just because it seems so much easier to "live" on massive quantities of cooked food and other questionable substances. All the trash, packaging required, etc. creates an ubelievable burden on the enviornment as well as all the immense number of mental and physical health complications that occur.

I am striving to go just the opposite way. It is like swimming upstream against the current of materialistic, sense-bound society! Instead of trying to find every way to please the senses, I transcend them by living mainly on whole, raw food, herbs, supplements, etc. which nourishes and sustains my vital, innermost being or soul regardless of taste and convenience, etc. Who would then need to entertain the senses if one can find all of paradise within one's self? I eat to live, and not live to eat. Otherwise I would naturally start suffering from all kinds of problems so, as far as I am concerned, it is imperative I live in a wholesome way as possible.

I searched relentlessly and diligently for over thirty years to find a diet that REALLY WORKS to create hope, healing and great spiritual benefits for those longing for wholeness. I came up with a powerful raw food diet of herbs, supplements, etc. that not only fulfills the mind, but also reverses the aging process, and heals from within.

This regimen is for those finding it a great challenge to stay healthy and especially happy and free of anxiety, depression and countless other nervous and physical ailments. Instead of being too busy and exhausted fending off severe stress to find the time and energy to meditate, one would find it easy to meditate serenely and commune with God (Love).

For rest of article, please click on "LATEST SCIENCE OF WHOLENESS FORMULAS" link below. Thank you.


The Science of Wholeness Part One

For a rediculoulsly low cost, this invaluable two-volume series starts off with the spiritual life story of Yogi Shaktivirya and how he struggled to achieve transmutation of sexual energy and wholeness. Then he covers several different but interdependent subjects including spiritual nutrition, celibacy, transmutation, meditation and enlightenment. This utterly wonderful and unique two-volume series contains what I believe to be all the knowledge needed to achieve a much more fulfilling, longer and joyful life, starting with the redirection of one's libido and eventually progressing more and more toward religious ecstasy, higher consciousness, and attunement with the innermost core of one's being: the eternal Self within. The first part will discuss mainly the importance of conserving, containing and transmuting sexual desires into a more expansive energy for a wonderful state of enlightenment. Transmutation can be achieved through special herbs, healthy diet, water, exercise, yoga postures, deep relaxation, vibration, concentration, and a certain form of breathing exercises.

The Science of Wholeness Part Two

In this second volume, which is just as essential as the first volume, if not, more so, "The Science of Wholeness Part Two" we will cover in detail the foods needed for maximum metabolic efficiency which in turn is essential for advanced meditation and higher states of consciousness. We will also cover food cravings, weight control, importance of raw foods, lactobacillus acidophilus, and how it helps to create ideal physical, mental and spiritual health. I also list some herbs and amino acids that can be used to alleviate depression and other nervous problems that could interfere with achieving samadhi. It is important to know how all the factors I'll be covering combine with one another synergistically. We will discuss meditation, dying, resurrection and the nature of God. Because it is available for such a ridiculously low cost, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from buying this invaluable and highly unique ebook! ONLY 99 CENTS!


Powerful Monoatomic Elements Moving Health Technlogy Forward

Monoatomic Gold

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