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How Do You Find Monatomic Elements In Nature?
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Lost Secrets of Alchemy & How to Create Your Own ORMUS

What Are Monatomics (Monatomic Elements)?

Monatomics are single ("mono") atoms ("atomics") not bound to one another. Usually gases such as helium and argon are said to be "monatomic." However the monatomic atoms we are concerned with are those derived from or related to metals and rare earth elements such as gold, platinum, rhodium, ruthenium, palladium, iridium, indium, titanium, silver, copper and magnesium. In their monoatomic (separate) state, these atoms no longer behave as metals because no valence electrons are available for chemical reactions to occur. As separate atoms, they act very differently and much more mysteriously as compared to when they are joined together to form metals. Monatomics have ceramic properties, tend to be superconductive (in their high spin state), are inert, and are therefore hard to identify using conventional means.

When David Hudson (starting in 1975) discovered and did extensive research on the monatomic substances, he spent 8.7 million dollars trying to identify them using massive spectral analysis equipment! He discovered that monatomics existed everywhere in the earth's crust and therefore had to be found throughout nature. Hudson frequently called these mysterious substances ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) or ORMUS or "m-state" particles.

Many plants are known to contain these elements even many of the vegetables and herbs grown for our food, especially if the soil in which they are grown is of volcanic origin. Sea salt is also known to contain what is termed "ormus" (white powder gold) and there are various ways to extract it that you can find on the internet. However other stuff can get concentrated into the mixture as well which could be harmful such as lead, mercury, cadmium and arsenic, and taking the right dose is critical. It is far better to get your ormus from a trusted commercial source if you are still unfamiliar with all the tricky aspects of creating your own ormus. Monatomic gold is also not to be confused with gold salts (gold chloride) which are toxic, and are not the same thing as colloidal gold either, which is still metallic in nature. The difference in the quality and behavior of the monatomic element, as in the case of monatomic gold for instance, is that it typically has three electrons missing, is water soluble, and it is not attached to any other atom, compound or molecule.

Plant sources are also known to sometimes contain various amounts of monatomics (monatomic elements). Common food sources include: green beans, carrots, egg plant, flowering kale, coconut milk, almonds, bilberries, grapes, grape seed, and flax seed. Monatomic gold occurs naturally in the violet skins of fruits, vegetables and herbs. Many herbs, algae and herbal extracts are also known to sometimes contain these elements, they include: aloe vera, sheep sorrel, water cress, St. John's wort, golden seal, blood root, burdock root, violets, and Klamath lake blue green algae. This fact may explain some of the health rejuvenating properties so often found in the health foods, herbs and super food supplements eaten. Go here to find an excellent chart (from outside this website) of materials containing monatomic rhodium and iridium. However, these plants, algea, sea salts, etc. are still not reliable sources and the amount present of which element depends mainly on how and where they are grown or found.

All Minerals Are Essential, Not Just Monatomic Elements

I am truly amazed how all the minerals together, including macro, trace elements and monatomic elements can be an extraordinary boost to one's happiness and spiritual well-being. This fact has turned out to be absolutely true in my own experience. While boosting my health, energy and well-being immensely, they have saved me tremendous amounts of money on groceries too as my body seems not to need nearly as much food when all the minerals are provided, especially calcium and magnesium. Because most commercialized food comes from plants grown in mineral-depleted soils throughout the world, the modern American diet (MAD) provides only one tenth or less than all the minerals actually needed for optimal health. These minerals must be supplemented otherwise there cannot be the kind of health that all are meant to really enjoy, such as complete freedom from arthritis, osteoporosis, tooth decay, diabetes, cancer, emotional and mental problems, insomnia, chronic fatigue, lack of libido, etc.

The way one takes in minerals is critical. Try to get as many different minerals and trace elements as possible from as many sources as possible such as loads of ionized (alkalized) water instead of snacking between meals, plenty of dolomite, kelp, full spectrum mineral supplements, and an advanced liquid multivitamin and colloidal mineral supplement such as Fuzion. Fuzion is a powerful blend of 600 ppm monatomics, 12 vitamins, 17 herbs, 18 Amino Acids, 75 plant minerals, CoQ10, Omega 3,6,9 and much more. With it's immune boosting, brain charging, body regeneration, anti-aging super-health qualities, Fuzion is a true superfood with a standard vitamin and mineral selection for a good daily supplement and then packed full of trace elements, M-States and herbal extracts making this your full circle solution for better health, a better body, a better mind and better living! Please Go here for more info on Fuzion.

ZeroPoint Technologies has accomplished more interesting modern alchemy research with monatomics than any other company I have known. They have found out exactly how and which trace elements react in our bodies and how to modify or "transmute" them into a form that can be most profoundly utilized for maximum spiritual benefit, development and well-being. They have provided rather exciting results for their customers and continue to manufacture marvelous products to boost mental clarity, libido, spirituality, and many other aspects of health and well-being. I am very excited to share with you their great work.

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Introduction to Monoatomic Elements and Their Mysterious Qualities

I wish to thank you for your interest in this most fascinating subject! In the next few articles you will learn the secrets of modern alchemy, the rather fascinating benefits of monatomic ions, and their amazing characteristics.

If not already, in the near future, the monoatomics movement will be fully established in the wellness enterprise, to an even greater degree in the field of alternative medicine, and to some degree in the mind, body, and spirit community which in itself is also getting larger and more encompassing. Modern alchemy is a relatively unknown concept in conventional education, it is only commonly accepted in comparatively unusual areas of interest.

The comming revolution in alchemy is related to research involving a few substances: monatomic (or monoatomic) and diatomic particles. Our standard academic institutions inform us that the three phases of matter are gasses, liquids, and solids (but more recently there are the newer plasmas, condensates and fluid crystals). A certain number of solids crystallize into arrangements we term metals. What we have not been taught by mainstream education is the existence of another form of matter termed "monatomic." These are furthermore known as ORMUS and m-state elements, and according to the latest scientific knowledge, these more or less uncompounded atoms on the periodic chart have the ability to be either monatomic or diatomic (two atoms loosely combined) as small atomic "condensates," that are known in the scientific community as "Bose-Einstein Condensates." Because of this research, these materials are also widely known as "m-state" atoms. However the popular term "monatomic molecules" could be technically incorrect, because if they were "glued" together as molecules (the simplest structural unit of a compound), they would not consist of single atoms (being monatomic) at all, but would be in their more conventionally known metallic state.

The main part of the periodic chart of elements consists of the "transition elements," meaning they can transform from metallic to monatomic or diatomic by way of chemical usage or through alternative methods (that some would call "shadow chemistry" or "arcane chemistry" or "alchemy"). Gold for instance, can have metallic properties when two or more atoms of gold form a micro cluster, and ceramic properties when divided into separate atoms as in the case of monatomic (monoatomic) or white powder gold in its "ormus" state. When gold exists in the chemically inert (monatomic) state of separate atoms, its ceramic properties are said to exhibit superconductive effects at human body temperatures. The chemically inert properties of monatomic elements make it possible to safely ingest them for great benefits to the physiology and general well-being.

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Consumers of Monatomic Elements (Ions) Experience Interesting Benefits

Those who take these monatomic ions (monatomics) are describing an extensive list of benefits, including increased stamina and energy, improved sex drive, better immunity, looking and feeling younger, and increased mental ability and concentration. They obviously seem extremely happy with the results they're experiencing. The reason for these benefits is due to the ability of monatomic elements to enhance the biological reactions occurring at the cellular level, and at the energetic and electrical fields.

It is within the cells of the body where high-level wellness begins. The reactions necessary to create these surprising materials produces a great deal of hydrogen. When more hydrogen in the body is present, the surface tension of liquid water is minimized. After taking any water-based liquid with low surface tension of the water molecule, the effect also reduces the surface tension of the cellular walls allowing greater nutritional absorption and a more efficient utilization of oxygen which replaces cellular carbon dioxide.

In conventional knowledge, only glandular secretions, hormones and electrical messages are used by cells to communicate with each other, however more recent discoveries revealed the existence of microtubules utilizing the photons of light at an extremely low luminosity, especially in the area of the central nervous system. The human body is therefore a dynamic bioelectric organism not only requiring the unimpeded conduction of bioelectrical circuitry but also an exchange of a "pure" form of information similar to light by means of these "optical fiber" microtubules.

The superconducting properties of these m-state atoms (monatomics) transform our bodies at the cellular level, including our organs, muscles and tissues of the brain and nervous system, into superconductors of a much higher flow of photons because monoatomics are, in a manner of speaking, a "liquid" light or a "powder" of light. In a sense, the presence of monoatomic particles inside the body changes the entire bioelectro-chemical organism from being "strung" with simple copper wiring to being "installed" with fiber optics. When compared with an equivalent amount of electric wiring, fiber optics can carry thousands of times more information.

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One can certainly feel almost overwhelmed with too much energy, if too great an amount is consumed. There is no doubt about its effects! This energizing effect is caused by an increased electrical output of one's metabolic process under the influence or presence of these "superconducting" elements. This effect is completely different from the usual caffeine and/or sugar rush of conventional beverages. However it is more in tune with the effect of vitamins and herbs to increase metabolic efficiency, yet still quite different in that it operates on a much finer and more ubiquitous level. According to experiments done through Kirlian photos, the "power" of output tells an amazing story. This power output seems to increase after the ingestion of a monatomic formula showing that the electric field, or electromagnetic aura of the individual actually does increase in size and intensity.

Nuclear physicists in 1989 discovered that atoms of certain elements exist in micro groups. These are small groups of two to several hundred atoms. Most of the transition group precious metals in the center of the periodic table have a monatomic state. If you have more than a specified number of these atoms in a micro cluster, the atoms will organize themselves into a lattice structure with metallic properties. If you have less than the critical number of atoms needed to form a structure, they exist as monatomic atoms with ceramic properties. Monatomic atoms are not held in place by the exchange of electrons of neighboring atoms as are atoms in a classical lattice. The critical number of atoms for rhodium is nine (9) and the critical number of gold atoms is two (2).

For metallic properties to take place, only two or more gold atoms must join together. However, if you have nine (9) or fewer rhodium atoms in a micro cluster, the micro group spontaneously brakes down to become a group of monatomic rhodium atoms. You might wonder why gold has one level of dissolution and rhodium another. This is a question for nuclear scientists to ponder. Monatomic elements also have no valence electrons available for reactions with other substances. In other words, monatomic elements have many properties similar to ceramic substances which are chemically inert. Analytical chemistry methods, which require the existence of valence electrons, cannot be used to identify any atom existing in a monatomic state.

However, there must be some kind of shadow chemistry which still involves monoatomic atoms. David Hudson, a famous researcher in the field of transitional elements, identified the same color changes in monatomic chemistry that occur in metallic chemistry. Similar chemical reactions still may occur with monatomic elements but to a much lower degree. Chemical reactions which take a few days with metallic chemistry may take months or years with monatomic atoms involving some kind of "shadow chemistry" or "alchemy."

If the above statement is true, then what exactly is the actual process at work here? Are there really no valence electrons available for reactions with monatomic atoms? Also simply calling whatever kind of reactions, if any, that might be occurring a "shadow chemistry" or "alchemy" does not help to define the phenomena either. These discoveries are recent enough not to be found in any textbooks yet, and the full implications have not yet been evaluated by the scientific community.

We have learned so far that a metallic element tends to be chemically active (tending to rust or corrode) and a relatively good conductor of electricity and temperature changes, while monatomic elements of the same kind acts more like a ceramic in that they poorly conduct electricity and heat and have only neutral chemical properties. And, according to Hudson, under certain conditions at room temperature, monatomic atoms act like superconductors. However, Dr. Kogan at the Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry, and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Earth's in Kiev, does not agree with all of Hudson's discoveries as being valid. Nevertheless, Russian scientists from that same Institute do agree that those atoms in a lattice pattern that react as metals, also exhibit ceramic properties while in a monatomic state. It would be interesting to study a detailed critique of Hudson's findings from that source.

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ALCHEMY SYMBOLS - The shape of the alchemy pendant is called a cube octahedron. It's base is an octahedron (Double pyramid) whose ends were cut in 90 degrees angle. These shapes produce all the possible molecular structures, meaning all the reality as explained in the Flower of Life Pendant. These shapes come out from the fruit of life which is the pattern by which the spirit wears all the possible forms of creation.

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All the heavy elements from the central section of the periodic table that can exist in the form of monatomic particles have been found. These elements exhibit "half filled" bands of valence electrons and given as follows along with their atomic number (of protons) in brackets: Ruthenium (44), Rhodium (45), Palladium (46), Silver (47), Osmium (76), Iridium (77), Platinum (78), and Gold (79). Micro clusters of many other metallic elements in this same part of the periodic table have also been discovered. As long as these elements are not locked into a lattice, their characteristics behave quite differently than the same atoms that are locked. In other words, it is the grouping of atoms which define their qualities rather than just the number of neutrons and protons in the nucleus as previously assumed. If these atoms are not locked into a network or grouping of material, even though having identical atoms, their properties are no longer metallic!

This phase of matter known as monatomic elements are recently discovered and hidden throughout the universe, remaining unknown for such a long time right under the noses of scientists without detection because they are impossible to detect by any normal analytical techniques. Such a form of material would simply be a scientific curiosity if it were not for the fact that Hudson claims massive amounts of this substance exists throughout the earth's crust and that their properties are so mysterious in some ways and amazingly beneficial in others. In order to find monatomic particles, one has to first convert them back to their normal metallic state to make it possible for them to be detected with conventional methods. This rather serious limitation to the way these particles can be detected explains why so much of the earth's matter exists in a previously undiscovered form. No conventional detection techniques involving the interaction with their valence electrons can be used to find monatomic elements. As long as the valence electrons remain unavailable, the atoms remain unidentifiable and the only way to begin to identify this stealth material is know in the first place what you are looking for.

At the conclusion of this article, we have now learned that the monatomic form of an element exhibits physical characteristics and other peculiarities which are entirely different from its metallic form. According to classical literature, one of these curious properties is that the white powder exhibits a fluorescence, another is its behavior as a superconductor at human body temperature, causing it to "ride" on the earth's magnetic field, giving it the powers of levitation. Because the weight of these elements vary widely with the magnetic field of the environment and the temperature, it is impossible to measure their actual gravity. Unbelievable as this may seem, under some influences, monoatomic material weighs less than zero! An additional and quite fascinating fact is when one consumes the correct amount of these monatomic elements in their purest form, especially the white powder gold or gold ormus, one can experience great benefits such as increased stamina and energy, improved sex drive, better immunity, looking and feeling younger, and increased mental ability and concentration.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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The Science of Alchemy   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)


From the desert of southern Utah, comes one of the highest concentration of natural monoatomics on the planet. One can survive quite some time on monoatomics and water alone, if lost in the desert. Extraction and blending with the various noble metals, produces an extreme concentration of "superfood." The conductivity which feeds the very building blocks of life, which can not be received any other way. Of course eating metal, is poison to the body. Now, ingesting them in a monoatomic form, allows safe absorption and distribution throughout the bloodstream and brain. Their immune system boosting qualities are tremendous as well as their conscious enlightening power.

First, we use our own processes - not David Hudson's patent and not the stock alchemical "steps" as one might find in the Emerald Tablets, nor the wet or dry methods recipes which can be found pretty much anywhere you look, although there are problems with both of those methods, that we can help you sort out or overcome, if you like.
The alchemical gold component in Zynergy and the alchemical powders are made through implosive hydrogen reactions caused by splitting deionized water (breaking the hydrogen apart from the oxygen) where the hydrogen goes very easily to its monatomic state and then seeks the only ion in the liquid as a cathode (the negative charge or spin), gold for example, converting it from ionic to m-state. The water splitting is becoming more commonly known in "out there" science as a viable methodology to accomplish any number of technological tasks, such as Brown's Gas.

Our water splitting is made possible by a special blend of hydroxides introduced into deionized water. What is most discussed in various articles on methods and experimentation is the use of sodium hydroxide, aluminum and water. An example is if one were to take gold in suspension and (with extreme caution) put sodium metal (negating the requirement for aluminum as a reactant) into that liquid, it will cause an explosion that begins with an implosion, experiments that we have in fact performed and created quite a fireworks display (this is very dangerous and we strongly recommend you stay away from this). Resulting precipitates and even the liquid could then be cleaned up and used as a starting material for alchemical processes, but the cleanup process by itself would likely be both cost-prohibitive and might leach away some of the "life" of the material.

With our processes, however, the reaction from the special blend of hydroxides and ionic gold are not nearly as violent when carefully controlled by temperature, the volume of water versus the volume of hydroxides, and so on. The resulting solution is then capable of nucleating perfectly clear and most frequently hexagonal crystals. The crystals will nucleate only if the conditions are balanced and correct. In other words, crystallization, in this context, functions as its own selective filtration process, taking from the solution only what they (and we) want them to. Fire (dryness, heat, hydrogen), water (moistness, coolness, oxygen), and elements (some transitional) with easily orbitally rearranged electrons can "inadvertently" bring about transmutation, although very frequently the practitioner has no way of determining precisely what the resulting solids are because they'll have combined to become something that is out of the spectral domain of the constituent "ingredients." But as we start with gold in suspension, there is of course no mistaking that the resulting material is (or has) gold in some form or another.

The union of "fire" and "water" is the equivalent of the union of opposites, but how do you bring union to fire and water? Attempting to do that does nothing but create something new, in this case "steam." It's a question of semantics. The alchemical union, a kind of cross-fertilization, is what takes place via actions with hydrogen as fire and oxygen as water (yes, water is mostly oxygen). This action is what produces something that is neither of those specifically, but shares in their properties and creates the environment, or crucible, or even body, in which the transmutation of elements can take place. In the historical alchemical literature, this is at least in part what they're referring to in the language of the time in which the information was rendered. The implosion is always necessary when one is seeking to create something new, as the creative process must always draw from the void, or "womb of creation," but it takes an intelligence of some sort to, shall we say, place the order as to what is being drawn from the void.

Zerolight is the result of those crystals upon oxidation (the air phase of the alchemical triune, which is "air," or nitrogen), where they become a powder that is an ingestible image of the crystals. Alchemical union is then brought about between the gold crystals and the successive transitional elements which are in a nano-particulate (super small, angstrom sized) state suspended in water. Dissolving the crystals into those alchemical waters and then allowing new crystal nucleation is in effect the "birth" of something new, with the two (or more) metals now bonded at a level where (sacred) geometric form takes place at the most fundamental level of creating anything that has spatial dimensions (or form). How those alchemical waters are made is described below.

What we have been shown is that there is an order that each of the alchemical metals are introduced as a means of raising the frequency of the material, potentiating its power, and unlocking codes within the human body for access to "hidden" powers, abilities and information specific to our times. You could also say that it "qualifies" us, in a sense, for higher levels of clearance into informational vaults held fast in higher octaves of being. Each element builds upon and potentiates its predecessor/s, and this is something that some believe they have decoded from the Bible by matching a given chapter number against the atomic mass number designation in the periodic table of elements (we're not at all certain there is any veracity to this theory other than as a means to confirm an intuition, but as it was a group of high initiate alchemists who rendered the King James version of the Bible...hey, anything's possible). The new Astralight is the ultimate, at least to this point, of that successive combination.

You might wonder at the presence of copper in Spacius and the new Astralight. Copper is known as the workhorse mineral, by its presence making everything else work better (even in just general nutrition), and has a very grounded aspect to it, and while potentiating its predecessor, platinum, it also seems to be a kind of centrally located "hub" of communication between them all in both Spacius and the new Astralight. We feel very strongly that the copper and silver combination is what is such powerful brain food in Spacius. The test group of people would also comment that it seemed to be the catalyst behind them receiving for themselves very timely information specific to them at the right time.

The foregoing is what we've been shown, led to and taught. Whether you agree with it or disagree with it is immaterial: the point is that it does work and you can only find that out by proceeding through the levels, and we do strongly recommend using Spacius before Astralight, even though it's not a requisite.


The Zindium, Aquagold, Aquasilver, Rhodium/Iridium, and Copper are all made with an over-unity device where 200,000 volts of cool electrical current are channeled through the metal being used (as an anode), infusing deionized water with the "essence" of the noble metal in a highly charged crystalline particulate state measured in parts per million, where less than 20% of the crystalline solids are detectable by analytical methods, which means that they have "transited" out of the spectral domain of the noble metal being used. The reason we know we're getting energy transmutation is because we are "losing" 30% to 50% less of the metal being used than there are by weight of particulate solids present in the water once finished. All are at 1000 parts per million.

The Aquagold and Aquasilver are a concentrate in pure water (nothing but hydrogen, oxygen and the crystalline form of the metal being used) and are designed to seed a gallon of purified, distilled or spring water, through which they then spread their "energy" signature and structure and charge the entire gallon. The Rhodium, Iridium and Copper are all elixirs to be used by the drop or dropper.

Change Your Life with the Ancient and

Ka Gold Jewerly - Merkaba

Healing Symbols of Sacred Geometry

Expand your consciousness through awesome sound and music causing a massive inter-neural integration brain synchronization transformation.

ALCHEMY SYMBOLS - The shape of the alchemy pendant is called a cube octahedron. It's base is an octahedron (Double pyramid) whose ends were cut in 90 degrees angle. These shapes produce all the possible molecular structures, meaning all the reality as explained in the Flower of Life Pendant. These shapes come out from the fruit of life which is the pattern by which the spirit wears all the possible forms of creation.

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Alchemy in the context of materials which proceed from noble metals was, is and always will be the release of stored potential energy, qualifying that energy and with one's intent imposing a given state of being. Alchemy is not a recipe as much as it is a configuration, never has been, never will be, and even if it were, it will not work precisely the same way for any two people. It's a chain of operations performed upon material substances that are tuned to the fantastic multiplicity of dynamics of a given environment coupled with the infusion of Spirit Intelligence. That infusion of Spirit Intelligence, or coupling, is the Divine Union, the "coitus" of King and Queen to create the Divine Child. This is the Sacred Marriage of legend and arcana.

If you wanted to create something, you wouldn't be creating it from nothing. You would instead actually be transmuting undifferentiated energy "consciousness," what we like to call "the thinking stuff of Creation" or "Potential," into whatever it is that you want to create. But if you want to transmute something that already has objective being, then that object, substance, person, etc., must undergo a process of disintegration (or disaggregation), dissolution, moving towards a point of undifferentiated energy (or consciousness) - the zeropoint, and from there begins moving towards the aggregation, the congealing, the materialization of its new being. When a pendulum is on its upswing and it reaches its highest point, there is a moment between directional motions where it comes to an absolute standstill; it's neither swinging upward nor downward. This is an illustration of the point where all potential exists simultaneously and has neither location nor definable properties, and while it would seem to be a point of absolute stillness it is nevertheless teeming with quantum activity.

There are operations that bring about the necessary dissolution, and when the "objective" material being used (gold, platinum, etc.) reaches a state of undifferentiated consciousness, the alchemist can in effect influence what he or she wants it to be. This is way oversimplified, of course, but that is the basic idea. It's a very suggestive state indeed because, as mentioned above, it is actually quite volatile - in other words, the objective substance is basically bouncing off the walls to become something. The Alchemist, sometimes even unbeknownst to her- or himself, is operating on multiple levels of being where subtler energy-intelligences are brought into (Divine) union with the released potential energy. The "nearer" one is to the zero point the higher the vibration. If one is therefore infusing an objective substance with a super high frequency energy intelligence, the vessel or body into which it is being directed must also be raised to an appropriate level, thus the necessity of changing base gold metal into its much higher frequency sibling, the white powder. It's simple mechanics, actually. For this exact same reason the frequency of the body of the user, you, must also be raised by grades as a means of preparation for the next higher frequency alchemy, bringing one ever closer to the vibrational levels of (so-called) spirit.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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White Powder Gold   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

Infosearch Media

David Hudson is most frequently credited for the rediscovery of white powder gold. Laurence Gardner popularized it by writing about it in his books. Many civilizations across the world and throughout history have used white powder gold in many forms and under many names for natural healing and awakening.

David Hudson theorized that the elongated nuclei of monoatomic elements allows them to have a high spin state. He also theorized that with paired electrons, they are superconductors. The energy produced by white powder gold can flow through the body with practically no resistance. White powder gold can also move past tension and resistances in the body that are built up from discomfort and imbalance. The elements can promote a continuing flow of positive light that will heal the body, mind, and soul by causing a trinity of balance.

White powder gold produces endless possibilities for experiencing increased light through the body. Your internal gold is your light energy, your fire, or your spirit. The gold in white powder form enhances your strength and growth path by relieving the struggle and helping it to fall away. At the same time, you can become more open and aware, and eventually be able to control this more naturally on your own. Zero Point Technologies produces multiple frequency levels of white powder gold.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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Monatomic Gold   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

Infosearch Media

Zeropoint Technologies has reportedly received endless positive reviews from customers who have tried their monatomic gold products. Some positive feedback has included reports of increased physical and mental energy. Others have said physical pains have vanished and that they have increased strength and stamina, and increased sex drive.

Others have also stated that they experienced increased strengthening of the immune system and improved mental focus and clarity. Some people may experience a feeling of pure energy flowing through the chakras. Others have said they feel a drip from the roof of their mouth that is like a nectar substance. Monatomic elements are superconductive and when they are ingested into our bodies, they change our cellular structure into one that is also superconductive. The cells become superconductors for an increased flow of photons. The electrical output can also increase your electromagnetic field. The increased energy you feel when ingesting monatomic elements, such as monatomic gold, is unmistakable.

According to David Hudson, the ORMUS elements connect with the non-physical reality through what is called the zero point. One way to look at this idea is that there is endless potential for new energy. Some believe that consciousness influences matter. Many studies of these materials consist of looking for and understanding the linkages between consciousness, matter, and all that exists, the oneness seen by Bohm, Everett, Bohr and other such pioneers as the quantum domain.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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Elixir Of Life   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

Infosearch Media

What is the Elixir of Life? There are numerous theories as to what this is, and perhaps some of these ideas are interconnected with each other.

Some sources believed the Elixir of Life was a magic potion that was drunk from the Holy Grail to provide immortality. In the scriptures of the Hindus, the Elixir of Life is called Amrita. This was a drink for the gods made from the ocean of milk that provided immortality. In Greek texts, the gods drank Nectar or Ambrosia, which provided them with eternal life. Alchemists also present many theories, or symbolic representations and ciphers, on the Elixir of Life.

Other terms used to describe it are the water of life, tincture, Prasada, alkahest and Ab-e-Hyat (fiery essence). Some texts speak of the Philosopher's Stone and the Elixir interchangeably. One belief is that the elixir is made when the body is purified and the true essence is realized. Then the water of life would pour out from the body and leave only pure gold. This idea is metaphorical, of course. The elixir may be considered the purified life spirit.

If you look for a straight definition for the elixir of life, many books describe it as a substance that changes any metal into gold and/or prolongs life indefinitely. The alchemists also speak primarily about its healing properties as well as its energy. Zeropoint Technologies offers a gold elixir called the Portal, or Zynergy, which includes Zindium, or Aquagold, which all promote superhealth, balance, harmony, awareness, and openness of the mind, spirit, and body.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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Philosopher's Stone Alchemy   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

Infosearch Media

In ancient alchemy texts, agens are spoken about as being necessary for transformation. There are many names used to describe these agens and some examples include "Quintessence," the "Great Elixir" or the "Elixir of Life," "Philosophical Powder," and the "Philosopher's Stone." Some texts say that the Philosopher's Stone could change base metals into gold, or transform the "base" version of a given thing to its higher, or "gold" version.

In the alchemist's Great Work, the Philosopher's Stone is described as being man. It is also described as the spirit that exists in everything that has been created, including man himself. According to these beliefs, the Stone is not something physical that could be found and possessed. It is a symbol of the pure being who is enlightened and aware of his true state and all that is around him.

It is almost impossible to define what the alchemists really believed, according to their ancient texts. Almost all of it is symbolically represented, and as with any philosophy, the interpretations are up to each individual. Some philosophers have said the stone can be found in the air, the rivers, the mountains, and in the earth. Others have said it is the complete power over the universal magnetic force.

If you look at some of the alchemists' engravings and art, the stone is depicted with water flowing out of it, which is the Elixir of Life. Some believe this is a symbol of us. We are the stone and the water that flows out is our life force or spirit. The main point to evaluating or understanding any of this is to take a look at yourself and what your light, life, and openness has the potential of doing for you. Zeropoint Technologies can help you with this balance.

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Anti-aging Products   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

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When you conduct an internet search for anti-aging products, you'll see a vast array of product pages with very different promises and physical components. What does anti-aging mean exactly and why do these products play such a visible role in our society? From a physical standpoint, we often want to look young as long as possible. This is where the anti-aging skin care companies expend their energy, offering us eye creams, wrinkle creams, and so on. However, feeling youthful and full of energy no matter how old we are is something else altogether.

Some believe our physical appearance is greatly affected by what is happening on the inside. If the inside is healthy, it will most definitely shine through to the outside and present itself with radiance and a healthy glow. The focus here shifts from altering the exterior to taking care of the interior. There are numerous products with the goal of slowing down the aging process by promoting good health. Zeropoint Technologies creates unique bio-absorbable products with the intention of bringing harmony and balance and promoting a positive life force.

Our products increase the communication of the cells inside the body to help them find balance, which makes the body an uncooperative host for sickness and disease. Aquamin, for example, is claimed to improve the strength of the immune system. It also fights against the deterioration of bone and tissue and stimulates natural repair and healing. Zynergy is another product that is claimed to promote positive mental and physical health and, as a result in part, has anti-aging properties.

Stress and anxiety age us quickly and attack our overall health. Products like Zynergy help to elevate positive moods, energy, clarity, relaxation, positivity, vigor and overall peace of mind. Positive mental conditions promote positive energy and balance in our physical conditions. Zynergy also improves the body's ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, taken from either supplements or normally through food.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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Improve Your Health   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

Infosearch Media

We have all heard the expression, "Well, at least you have your health." Overall, the state of our health affects us not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. All aspects of our being rely on each other for a healthy balance. When one area is suffering, others will too. For example, if you are physically unhealthy, it is difficult to stay emotionally positive. Depression or negativity can then increase your physical problems.

There are many products on the market that promise to keep us healthy. From commercialized pharmaceuticals to all-natural supplements, medicinal companies all have a tag line for how their products will make you better. The truth is that your health is all up to you.

No matter what anyone tells you, it is important to follow your own instincts and intuitions. If you want to improve your health, do your research and then take the initiative with full energy and positivity. After you have made the decision, it is time to evaluate the help that is out there in the form of products.

Zeropoint Technologies is dedicated to serve by bringing you an enlightened awareness of the great possibilities available in your quest to improve your health. Their goal is to help you find the necessary balance in the relationship of your mind, body and spirit, with products that help the body to have harmonized cellular communication, which promotes overall good health and well being. The possibilities of life are still a mystery. However, being open to these possibilities can open so many doors that can lead to a healthy life.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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The Lightbody   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

Infosearch Media

Some say the body of energy that exists around you is your light-body. Others say the light-body is our Christ Selves, our Higher Selves, or our already perfected being. In the context that it is the field around the body, what science might refer to as the "Meissner Field," is considered to be at a higher level and very close to your soul. Frequencies make up your light-body, and these are produced by your emotions, thoughts, physical activities, and higher planes of consciousness. Some consider our living energy to be our light-body.

The energy around you does not just simply exist. It is constructed by who you are and how open you are to yourself and the energies of the world around you. Once you awaken your body, mind, and soul, you can work on changing negative energies into positive ones. This can also help you to reach a higher plane of awareness. When you strengthen your sense of being, you can have more control over your emotional energy and your ability to stay centered.

Some believe your light-body can actually open doorways for you into a higher plane of your soul. When you awaken your energy, you add positive light to your thoughts. This can help you to be more open to connecting with the possibilities around you. You can also reach deeper into your consciousness and access deeper states of being, such as insight.

Opening your light-body to its full potential can allow you to see clearly, through the illusion, or as the Buddhists and Hindus term it, Maya. Understanding what the light-body means for you may help you to better understand your purpose and how you affect others.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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Kirlian Photography   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)


Kirlian Photography is able to capture photographically the energetic emissions of a given object within a harmless high-frequency field. These emissions are the electrical field that a sample of energy-producing medium, such as your body (a fingertip) or monatomic/diatomic elements, produces and is surrounded by at all times. The spiritual community would refer to it as the "aura," while the scientific community might refer to it as a "Meissner" field. We used this method to "optimize" the energy output of a given sample through adjustments of quantities used, balances, acids, alkalis, etc., until we reached the highest energy output we could get, which in liquid form is Zynergy, and in powder form is Spiralight, although we haven't taken the time to capture its energy signature.

The unit we're using enables you to place an object in the center of the photographic plate's field of view, so the camera is essentially looking straight up; in this image it would be looking straight up towards the subject's fingertip. There is a part that fits over the top of the circular area in this image that encloses the area and enables you to screw in a type of syringe containing the liquids being tested, which are depicted by the following photographs.

This one is White Powder Gold produced in David Hudson's laboratory and reconstituted in double-distilled water. We include this one as a means of comparison and illustration. It is our contention that Earth is the best Alchemist, and we simply take and finish the final few alchemical steps that Earth has left for us. It's a beautiful energy, however, which shows the signs of what we call the "flower's stems" beginning to form in the center. As you'll see below, we're creating "Flowers of Life."

This one is of distilled water. This water was distilled through a double distillation device that is one step short of deionizing (stripping it of everything but H20).

This one is of the same distilled water with monatomic gold introduced into it at 1,000 parts per million (ppm). A very nice energy signature (our favorite terms) to be sure. This gold starts as 99.99% pure gold which is then transformed using an over-unity device (discussed in the next paragraph) which converts the gold to a kind of ceramic-crystalline "solid," only 20% of which is readable by ICP analysis (inductively coupled plasma, a common analytical method) as gold according to the measurable ppms. Laurence Gardner of course discusses the "arc" or "ark" as also referring to electricity, which we've been using both experimentally and in production for years.

This is Aquagold, but is the same distilled water sample with the 1,000 ppm monatomic gold introduced after having been energized with an over-unity - or free energy - device that has an output of 150,000 to 200,000 volts with no transformers or other transforming devices to increase the electrical output from a standard 110 volt household outlet, thus the generation of free energy. A more balanced and complete energy signature is the result after "charging" it with this device, but the change in amplitude (size of output) was surprisingly small, which is an indication of the built-in energy emissions of monatomic gold (as seen in the previous picture).

This photo is of an earlier stage of The Portal's development, during the "tweaking," or optimizing, phase, where we were discovering that when ICP analysis showed higher ppms of gold, the energy signature was actually reduced, jittery, asymmetrical. The simple conclusion is that the lower the gold ppms read by ICP analysis, the higher the energy output, which indicates that we were transiting out of the spectral range of the ICP's ability to "see" the gold as it was climbing higher in frequency in higher states of transition. The electrolytes and other elements (Portal ingredients) followed suit to some extent. This is before the addition of another very special "ore."

This one is of a still later phase of development of The Portal. The energy output is obviously increasing as we continue improving it, and it's becoming more balanced, more symmetrical, nicely developing what we call the "flower's stems" but not really "flowering" just yet. We have had more than one gifted intuitive tell us that the "artifact" in the center is some sort of Hebrew symbology. In other tests and photographs, which were accidentally zapped from the computer, the Hebrew symbology argument was far more persuasive, as they very closely resembled "Yod" and "He" of the Hebrew alphabet.

This picture is of The Portal after additional "tweaking," but before adding diatomic indium (also made with the over-unity device). As you can see, the "stems" now give way to "flowers." Symmetrical, balanced, big amplitude - really beautiful.

This is the photograph of the energy signature of diatomic indium (Zindium). In the center is an artifact that seems to be a yin-yang symbol (notice the black dot on the left in the white field, and the white dot on the right in the shaded field), and because we have found Zindium to have such a potentiating and balancing effect on The Portal, the yin-yang concept (or effect) can't be too far off course. Their synergy when mixed together is profound, however, as you can see from the next photograph, which is of Zynergy. It's as though ancient symbology was remote-viewed at the atomic level by sages and adepts throughout the ages and it translates to substances that can transmute and transform at the atomic level.

Zynergy, we nailed the target. The resulting output is larger, more energetic, more amplitude, balanced, symmetrical, more cohesive, the "stems" and "flowers" fully formed and rather stunning, and definitely in the higher vibrational (violet and white) color ranges when viewed in color, which is truly beautiful. We have noticed that when we bombard the samples with the Kirlian camera's energy, it actually absorbs it and briefly increases its energy signature, which is suggestive of superconductivity at room temperature, a hallmark of high-spin monatomics-diatomics-Bose-Einstein Condensates.

This is the Rhodium at 1,000 ppm, made with the over-unity device.

This is the Iridium at 1,000 ppm, made with the over-unity device.

Now for Kirlian images of human fingertips. This one is of Test Subject A's fingertip before using six drops of Zynergy.

And ten minutes after. The electrical emission and field has increased in size and, let's call it, "voltage." Naturally, there are users, very few, who report feeling very little, or even nothing, but if we were to photograph their fingertips with the Kirlian Crown we're using they'd see that despite the fact that they can't feel it, it's still increasing the energy "output" of their subtle body considerably.

And this one was taken of the same person 15 minutes later.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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Laurence Gardner   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

Infosearch Media

Laurence Gardner is well known for his books such as Bloodline of the Holy Grail, Genesis of the Grail Kings, Realm of the Ring Lords and Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark. His books have sparked much public interest in white powder gold and he has lectured around the globe about monatomic gold.

Mr. Gardner also supports the theories of David Hudson. Laurence Gardner has stated that there are numerous amazing possibilities with white powder gold and other monatomic elements. One of these possibilities includes a potential cure for cancer without drugs or surgery. Another possibility is that we could exist in an environmentally-friendly world that does not need fossil fuels.

This so-called rediscovery could theoretically also lead to space and time manipulation and space travel.

Gardner suggests the possibility of zero-gravity flight. Access to other dimensions and the transformation of the human consciousness are also discussed by Laurence Gardener. He states that these ideas are not new at all, but that ancient people and ancient times were aware of monatomic elements and the fact that they were superconductors.

One oft-discussed topic relating to these elements is their undeniable healing properties. He also believes that monatomic elements can improve learning abilities and memory.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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David Hudson   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

Infosearch Media

In the late 1970s, David Radius Hudson was farming in Arizona when he came across strange materials in the soil of his land. He had no idea what they were, but the mystery of them fascinated him so much that he spent millions of dollars researching them over the next decade. In 1989, Mr. Hudson was granted several patents for his research and analysis of these materials.

He originated the term Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, ORMEs for short. The scientific research behind and explanations for what David Hudson discovered are complex. His patents cover ten transitional elements, including some of the more exotic such as ORME palladium, ORME iridium, ORME ruthenium and ORME osmium.

ORMEs elements have been found to be present in most living cells. One theory is that the ORMEs elements inside the body make up or determine some of the properties of the tubulin, or water, inside the cells of the body. The microtubules hold the water inside each cell. The microtubules also resonate connections between the body's cells. It is believed that when ORMEs elements are increased in the body, the connection between the cells is strengthened.

David Hudson believes these elements are the light of life. When these disaggregated atoms are dried and in a macro state, they look like white powder. They resonate through the body, bringing it balance and harmony. Zeropoint Technologies also strives to help the mind and body find an equilibrium through cellular communication. Take a look at the information for gold powder on this site.

For more information please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies

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The Products   (Article reproduced courtesy of ZeroPoint Technologies)

THIS CUTTING EDGE TECHNOLOGY is summed up in only a few words: monatomic (or monoatomic) and diatomic elements. Classical science teaches us that the three phases of matter are gases, liquids, and solids (but now there are the newer plasmas, condensates and liquid crystals). Some solids crystallize into lattice structures we call metals. What classical science does not teach us (because these are new and extreme cutting edge discoveries) is that there is, in fact, another phase of matter called "monatomic." 

THESE ARE ALSO KNOWN AS ORMES (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) or ORMUS and m-state elements, and the newest theories in physics as they relate to this area of research assert that some elements on the periodic chart might be diatomic (two atoms) or small atomic cluster "condensates," which are known in the scientific community as "Bose-Einstein Condensates." They are becoming more widely known as "m-state" elements. These elements are widely found, and our products are a rich and highly concentrated form.

OUR PRODUCTS are hand made from high quality sources to bring you extremely high quality, safe monoatomics elements.

For a complete display of products please go to: ZeroPoint Technologies


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In association with
Book Reviews of Some of the Greatest Alchemical Texts in History
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Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold by Laurence Gardner - Editorial Review - It's human nature to ascribe great secrets and astonishing discoveries to past civilizations, and this desire is alive and kicking in the latest book by Laurence Gardner, author of Bloodline of the Holy Grail amongst others. He is a historian with a strong dose of curiosity and imagination, always looking to find definitive answers to age-old mysteries. The lurid cover suggests a bit of light speculation mixed in with known historical fact, but in fact the book is an extremely dense read, and you have to enter the mindset of the author to appreciate it. This is quantum mechanics meets alchemy meets lateral interpretation of the Bible. It's about gold, ancient Egypt, secrets, myths, superconductors and space-time, the Knights Templar and parallel dimensions. Gardner's really a mystic looking for facts to corroborate belief and as such there is so much interpretation and conjecture mixed with fact that it's difficult to be objective; one gets caught up with his enthusiasm of the minutiae and swept along by it. The credulous among us may believe that a marriage between nuclear physics and ancient freemasonry can establish once and for all the reputed terrifying powers of the biblical Ark of the Covenant, and make the leap from that into the manipulation of space and time. But take a deep breath. Somehow this feels like eminent scientists at play in worlds unfamiliar to them, excited schoolboys allowed to explore fanciful realms. It's an interesting book, though, and those who enjoy supposed 'amazing revelations' about the past will probably be hooked once more. Suspension of disbelief will be a useful ally on your journey through the reference-peppered pages. But will you come out with certainty? Will you know for sure what happened to the Ark and where it now lies? Did it really levitate? Or will the journey be all? (Kirkus UK)

Praise for Bloodline of the Holy Grail: "A controversial and uniquely comprehensive book of Messianic descent, compiled from the most intriguing histories ever written." Publishing News "This book, provocative as it may be, is not a work of fiction, but the product of years of painstaking research. Committed Christians will find it casts fascinating light on the origins of their beliefs." Daily Mail --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

Product Description - This book examines the secrets of the Grail bloodline from Moses to Jesus, delineates fascinating new information about the Knights Templar, and reveals the lost secrets of Royal Arch Freemasonry. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

ORMUS The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene Revealed - Part [A]: Historical & Practical Applications of Essential Alchemical Science by William Hearth - Product Description - 2nd Edition BookEXPO 2008 with author's signature page *Limit 100 copies [submit to Publisher for author's inscription]---"Hearth wastes no time getting straight to the heart of the matter: a compelling introductory work to his new novel "ORMUS The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene"---"A MUST READ for anyone interested in the secret truth behind Mary Magdalene, TEMPLAR executions, ESSENE mystery schools & the persecutions of Magdalene's family & constituency"---"A NO NONSENSE primer for those awaiting the greatly anticipated novel from newly acclaimed author William Hearth"---"Was JUDAS a favorite disciple of Mary's? Was he framed by Saul of Tarsus?"---"The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene will enthrall, educate & elucidate."---"If you love Mary Magdalene & everything she stands for, this is a must-read, must-own"--Mary Magdalene & Cleopatra's MFKTZ-ORMUS: What is it? First of 2 introductory works to 5 part series.

The Path of Alchemy: Energetic Healing & the World of Natural Magic (Pathways to Enlightenment) by Mark Stavish and Pat Zalewski - Product Description - Alchemy offers tremendous insight into alternative therapies, new medicines, and the depths of the human mind. Illuminating a truly esoteric practice, Mark Stavish reveals how to create and apply "medicines for the soul" in this remarkable guide to plant and mineral alchemy.

The Path of Alchemy introduces the history and basic laws of this ancient practice, and explains how it ties into Qabala, tarot, astrology, and the four elements. Safe, modern techniques-based on spagyrics (plant alchemy)-for producing distillations, stones, tinctures, and elixirs are given, along with their uses in physical healing, spiritual growth, psychic experiments, initiation, consecration, spellwork, and more. Each chapter includes meditations, projects, and suggested reading as aids to "inner transformation," an equally important aspect of alchemy. Tools, rituals, lunar and solar stones, and the elusive Philosopher's Stone are all covered in this comprehensive guide to alchemy.

Finalist for the Coalition of Visionary Resources Award for Best Magick/Shamanism Book

From the Publisher - "The Path of Alchemy lays down a golden thread for the student to follow as a guide into the secretive world of the most arcane art in the Western Inner Tradition, transporting the reader into the actual workings of laboratory alchemy. From the basics of making simple, yet powerful, spiritual and physical medicines from plants, to detailing some of the most closely guarded secrets of mineral alchemy, The Path of Alchemy holds aloft the Lantern of Nature to help illuminate the Novice's path. For those who do the work this book will ignite the spiritual flame within."

John H. Reid III, author, of Alchemical Gnosis, and A Course in Practical Alchemy

"The Path of Alchemy is an insightful, highly practical work, dedicated to the perpetuation of this ancient Art and Science. It promises what Alchemy promises: "No Work, no result," as is most certainly the case. Having myself completed all seven years of classes at the Paracelsus Research Society in the mid 1970's to early 1980's under Frater Albertus himself, I highly recommend this book. Its balance between theory and practice are what the sincere Seeker into these Mysteries needs, in order to learn from within, and accomplish in the 'without.' It is the finest piece of writing-clear, detailed, eclectically sound, and as complete as any work in this area can be-that I have seen in the past three decades. It is as indispensable as is Frater Albertus' own timeless classic, The Alchemist's Handbook."

Joseph C. Lisiewski, Ph.D., author of, Ceremonial Magic, Kabbalistic Cycles and the Mastery of Life and Kabbalistic Handbook for the Practicing Magician

"Mark Stavish has been a prolific writer on alchemy over the years and this book represents his finest work yet. It is a must for any study of alchemy in understanding the subtle side of its process. He writes with a knowledge and insight that comes from years of experience and yet is presented in an easy to read format. Mark's work is quite unique and is a valuable addition to the various alchemical paradigms that are starting to expand through the literary fields." Pat Zalewski, author of Golden Dawn Enochian Magick and The Kabbalah of the Golden Dawn

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Alchemy by Dennis William Hauck - Product Description - More than magic… - Where else can one combine chemistry and philosophy to turn base metal into gold while discovering a magical elixir to prolong life? Here's a simple and straightforward guide to alchemy that explains its basic principles. Written by one of the world's few practicing alchemists, it's a concise reference guide that provides easy-to-follow information so that anybody can be a wizard-in-training.

About the Author - Dennis William Hauck, the author of The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy for Personal Transformation and The Sorcerer's Stone: A Beginner's Guide to Alchemy, is a consultant and lecturer who facilitates personal and institutional transformation through the application of the ancient principles of alchemy. The editor of the Alchemy Journal, Hauck has translated a number of important alchemy manuscripts dating back to the 13th century and sits on the board of directors of the International Alchemy Guild.

Alchemy: An Introduction to the Symbolism and the Psychology (Studies in Jungian Psychology) by Marie-Louise Von Franz - Editorial Review - It was the genius of Carl Jung to discover in the "holy technique" of alchemy a parallel to the psychological individuation process. Alchemy: An Introduction To The Symbolism And The Psychology completely demystifies the subject. Designed as an introduction to Jung's more detailed studies, and profusely illustrated, Alchemy is a lucid and practical account of what the alchemists were really looking for -- emotional balance and wholeness. Marie-Louise von Franz has a gift for translating esoteric symbolic material into everyday experience. For the images and motifs that so occupied the alchemists were of an archetypal nature, and as such they constantly turn up in modern dreams and drawings. Alchemy is an important book, invaluable for an understanding of dreams and indispensable for anyone for anyone interested in relationships and communication between the sexes. Alchemy is an essential addition to the metaphysical reference shelf. -- Midwest Book Review

Real Alchemy: A Primer of Practical Alchemy by Robert Allen Bartlett and Dennis William Hauck - Review - Robert has created a work for the ages in this book -- a true classic. Filled with many useful examples and explanations, I rank this book up there with Manfred Junius and Frater Albertus' work on alchemy. The book is a must for everyone's alchemical library. It holds a wealth of information for the novice and some obscure gems for the advanced worker in the Arts. -- John H. Reid III -- Lulu Review, 20 September 2006 --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Product Description - A ground-breaking modern manual on an ancient art, Real Alchemy draws on both modern scientific technology and ancient methods. A laboratory scientist and chemist, Robert Allen Bartlett provides an overview of the history of alchemy, as well as an exploration of the theories behind the practice. Clean, clear, simple, and easy to read, Real Alchemy provides excellent directions regarding the production of plant products and transitions the reader-student into the basics of mineral work—what some consider the true domain of alchemy. New students to practical laboratory alchemy will enjoy reading Real Alchemy and hopefully find the encouragement needed to undertake their own alchemical journey. Bartlett also explains what the ancients really meant when they used the term "Philosopher's Stone" and describes several very real and practical methods for its achievement. Is the fabled Philosopher's Stone an elixir of long life or is it a method of transforming lead into gold? Judge for yourself.

Alchemists Handbook: (Manual for Practical Laboratory Alchemy by Frater Albertus - Product Description - Formerly handed down under oath of secrecy, this clear, concise handbook discusses the fundamental principles of alchemy, directions for the formation of an inexpensive home laboratory, (including the necessary equipment) and step-by-step instructions for the work of the Lesser Circulation.

Alchemy (The Weiser Concise Guide Series) by Brian Cotnoir and James Wasserman - Product Description - In The Weiser Concise Guide to Alchemy, Brian Cotnoir offers a detailed, step-by-step introduction of Alchemy that explores its mysteries while illustrating its use as a modern spiritual system of attainment. He provides an overview of the history of Alchemy, from the first meldings of Egyptian technology, through the Middle Ages--the golden age of alchemy--right up to contemporary techniques. He demystifies the relationship between Alchemy and chemistry, and he provides evidence to detractors that Alchemy is much more than a medieval form of psychotherapy. (The guide includes practical laboratory experiments that safely, and intelligently, lead readers to an understanding of this ancient art and spiritual practice.)

"Brian Cotnoir's book provides an excellent and rare Ariadne's thread, allowing the reader to safely penetrate the labyrinthine mysteries of alchemy, and an excellent concise method to elucidate its enigmatic wonders and the practical possibility to discover its secrets. I highly recommend it." -- Stanislas Klossowski de Rolla, author of The Golden Game: Alchemical Engravings of the Seventeenth Century and Alchemy: The Secret Art

"This is a lucid and sympathetic introduction to the inner and outer hermetic art of alchemy written by someone with a deep knowledge and love of the subject. Brian Cotnoir is committed to upholding the spiritual purpose hebind practical alchemical endeavour and his book is an indispensable guide to the Great Work." -- Nicholas Goodrich-Clarke, Professor of Western Esotericism, The University of Exeter, and author of Paracelsus, Essential Writings.

"Brian Cotnoir is a practicing alchemist. He contributed to Parachemy: Journal of Hermetic Arts and Sciences and is the author of Alchemy: The Poetry of Matter. This is one of his finest works to date, and it will serve as a reliable guide for those genuinely interested in magick and alchemy.

A product of over thirty years of dedicated research, this book is one of the very finest introductions to alchemy in print. Concise, accurate, and entertaining are three words which best describe this well-written account of alchemy. Information on distilling and extracting aqua vitae and the "spirit of wine" is given. As well as information concerning the purifying of salts, and obtaining different oils of metal from stones and minerals. The material shared with the reader is clearly written, and what could be heavy duty stuff in a less competent writer's hands, comes across superbly clear and genuinely educational in the words of Brian Cotnoir. This writer knows how to explain well and write well. He is a master of his material and shares it openly and freely with the reader. It is an enjoyment to read what he has to say about alchemy.

The introduction is written by James Wasserman in his usual lucid and creative manner, and its content is highly enjoyable reading. Cotnoir's book is a small masterpiece, a book that educates in the true sense of helping learn and applying alchemy to one's personal life. For those interested in alchemy and related topics, this is a fine reading experience." ~Lee Prosser,

About the Author - Brian Cotnoir is a dedicated Alchemist who has been working in the field for over thirty years. He has contributed several articles to Parachemy: Journal of Hermetic Arts and Sciences, the alchemical laboratory bulletin of Frater Albertus. He is currently hard at work on completing his magnum opus, Alchemy: The Poetry of Matter. The Weiser Concise Guide to Alchemy is his first full-length book.

James Wasserman is a lifelong student of esotericism. His published works cover a wide range of subjects within the field--everything from his groundbreaking Egyptian Book of the Dead, edited by Dr. Ogden Goelet, to his classic The Templars and the Assassins, and the controversial Slaves Shall Serve. He lives in New York City with his wife Nancy

Alchemy & Mysticism (Icons) by Alexander Roob - Product Description - The Hermetic Museum takes its readers on a magical mystery tour spanning an arc from the mediaeval cosmogram and images of Christian mysticism, through the fascinating world of alchemy to the art of the Romantic era. The enigmatic hieroglyphs of cabbalists, Rosicrucians and freemasons are shown to be closely linked with the early scientific illustrations in the fields of medicine, chemistry, optics, and color theory.

Alchemy by E. J. Holmyard - Product Description - Classic study by noted scholar ranges over 2,000 years of alchemy: ancient Greek and Chinese alchemy, alchemical apparatus, Islamic and early Western alchemy; signs, symbols, and secret terms; Paracelsus, English and Scottish alchemists, and more. Erudite coverage of philosophical, religious, mystical overtones; replacement of alchemy by scientific method, more. Illustrated.

The Forge and the Crucible: The Origins and Structure of Alchemy by Mircea Eliade - Editorial Review - All who are interested in exploring man's past to trace his earliest thoughts, dreams, and actions to the end of shedding more light on his present behavior, will find this study fascinatingly interesting. Monsieur Eliade attempts to gain an understanding of the behavior of primitive societies in relation to matter, and to follow the spiritual adventures in which they become involved as they become aware of their power, through fire, to change the mode of being of substances. Here we find the myths, rites and symbols peculiar to the craft of the miner, smith and metal worker, as they have helped to fashion the cultures and shape the dreams of men of all ethnic origin. We trace the development of man as he learns to transmute nature, accelerate its processes, and thus control Time, and we are led to see the way in which the efforts of modern man to master Nature and Time, except for its secularization, are related to the work of the early alchemists. This book, translated from the French, is well documented. Any serious student of man will be well rewarded for the effort expended, and demanded, by this solid exposition of an unusual subject. (Kirkus Reviews)

Product Description - Primitive man's discovery of the ability to change matter from one state to another brought about a profound change in spiritual behavior. In The Forge and the Crucible, Mircea Eliade follows the ritualistic adventures of these ancient societies, adventures rooted in the people's awareness of an awesome new power.

The new edition of The Forge and the Crucible contains an updated appendix, in which Eliade lists works on Chinese alchemy published in the past few years. He also discusses the importance of alchemy in Newton's scientific evolution.

The Emerald Tablet: Alchemy of Personal Transformation by Dennis William Hauck - Editorial Reviews - From Publishers Weekly - An emerald slab inscribed with the esoteric wisdom of Hermes Trismegistus that may be more than 2000 years old has inspired alchemists throughout history in their quest to understand the relationship between humans and the universe. Hauck, who has written about mystical experiences (Haunted Places), explores the tablet's message, drawing primarily on the work of classical scholars such as the Persian alchemist Zoroaster, the 16th-century physician Paracelsus, Pharaoh Akhenaten and the pre-Christian alchemist Maria Prophetissa to illuminate his substantial review of the history and principles of alchemy. In the Hermetic tradition, the physical and metaphysical worlds are mirror images: the transformation of a base metal into gold corresponds to the evolution of an ego-dominated person into one who possesses a permanent state of enlightened consciousness. Hauck's elucidation of the laws governing the refinement of energy, such as the Doctrine of Correspondence, the Seven Steps to Transformation and the Octave of Creation, will strike a chord with students of modern esoteric traditions such as the Fourth Way and Theosophy. His explanations of alchemical principles are difficult to understand, however, and will require scrutiny on the part of readers new to the material. However, those who have dabbled in the esoteric arts may find real gold in these teachings. 43 illustrations. Author tour. Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Library Journal - There is no phenomenon of Western culture more surprising and perennially fascinating than that of alchemyAthe endless search of learned fanatics for the secret of making gold, or wisdom, or both. Hauck, a practicing alchemist, is the latest in a line of re-inventors of the old tradition, and his reflections on the inner meaning of calcination, coagulation, and other alchemical processes is both idiosyncratic and fascinating. Highly recommended for larger libraries, or where books on occult traditions are popular. Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc.

Spagyrics: The Alchemical Preparation of Medicinal Essences, Tinctures, and Elixirs by Manfred M. Junius - Editorial Reviews - "Simply put, this is a classic text on plant alchemy, or spagyrics, for the modern practitioner. . . . Anyone serious about learning alchemy needs to have a copy." (Mark Stavish, director of the Institute of Hermetic Studies and author of The Path of Alchemy)

"What makes Junius's book so special is that it is a practical primer on the subject. Traditional methods are presented as well as more modernized suggestions, but all within the strict confines of tradition. . . . Highly recommended." (Cauldron Brasil, May 2007)

Product Description - A comprehensive alchemical guide to plant extractions and their health benefits

* Shows how spagyric methods "open" medicinal plants completely to release powerful healing properties

* Provides a history and philosophy of spagyrics that reveal why Western medicine fails to recognize the full benefit to health offered by plants

* Connects spagyrics to classical alchemical, hermetic, and ayurvedic traditions

The practice of spagyrics is the application of ancient alchemical working methods to the preparation of tinctures, essences, and other products from medicinal plants. While ordinary tinctures and infusions use only a part of the great curative potential of plants, spagyric methods "open" medicinal plants completely to reveal their more powerful healing properties. Drawing on the rich imagery and symbolism of ancient source materials, Manfred M. Junius describes these methods in great detail, showing readers how to prepare plant remedies alchemically for their own use as well as imparting a knowledge of the ideological world in which alchemistic and hermetic thought flowered. Spagyrics includes the Plant Magistery of Paracelsus and the Life Elixir recipe of Andreas Libavius among its historic techniques as well as a wealth of scientific information that demonstrates the greater efficacy of alchemical methods of plant essence extraction. This classic source text preserves the nearly forgotten but highly valuable methods of this true hermetic art for preparing natural remedies.

From the Back Cover - HERBS / ALCHEMY - "Simply put, this is a classic text on plant alchemy, or spagyrics, for the modern practitioner. . . . Anyone serious about learning alchemy needs to have a copy." --Mark Stavish, director of the Institute of Hermetic Studies and author of The Path of Alchemy

The practice of spagyrics is the application of ancient alchemical working methods in the preparation of tinctures, essences, and other products from medicinal plants. While ordinary tinctures and infusions use only a part of the great curative potential of plants, spagyric methods "open" medicinal plants completely to reveal their more powerful healing properties. Drawing on the rich imagery and symbolism of ancient source materials, Manfred M. Junius describes these methods in great detail, showing readers how to prepare plant remedies alchemically for their own use as well as imparting a knowledge of the ideological world in which alchemistic and hermetic thought flowered. Spagyrics includes the Plant Magistery of Paracelsus and the Life Elixir recipe of Andreas Libavius among its historic techniques as well as a wealth of scientific information that demonstrates the greater efficacy of alchemical methods of plant essence extraction. This classic source text preserves the nearly forgotten but highly valuable methods of this true hermetic art for preparing natural remedies.

MANFRED M. JUNIUS (1929-2004) was a professor of biology at the University of Calcutta and later served as the production manager for spagyrics for Australerba Laboratories in Australia. He was also head of the Australian School of Ayurveda in Adelaide, Australia. His Western alchemical knowledge was obtained through many years of personal instruction from Augusto Pincaldi in Switzerland.

About the Author - Professor Manfred M. Junius (1929-2004) served as the production manager for spagyrics for Australerba Laboratories and was head of the Australian School of Ayurveda in Adelaide, Australia. His Western alchemical knowledge was obtained through many years of personal instruction from Augusto Pincaldi in Switzerland.

The Alchemy Reader: From Hermes Trismegistus to Isaac Newton by Stanton J. Linden - Editorial Reviews - 'Linden's introduction to the collection and the headnotes accompanying each selection, which testify to Linden's long experience and wide reading in the history and texts of alchemy, will help make this a much-used volume.' British Society for the History of Science

Review - "... a new and valuable source of how these complicated ideas were originally expressed." Seattle Weekly

"The ideas presented in Linden's introduction are thoughtfully represented by his slections of primary sources. The readings themsleves are each prefaced by biographical information and commentary on the authors and texts, and the extensive bibliography and reading lists offer direction for further research." Sixteenth Century Journal Aida Patient, University of Alberta

Product Description - Ranging from the pre-Christian era to Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton at the end of the seventeenth century, this Reader covers a broad range of alchemical authors and works. Organized chronologically, it includes around thirty selections in authoritative but lightly-modernized versions. The selections will provide the reader with a basic introduction to the field and its interdisciplinary links with science and medicine, philosophy, religion, and literature and the arts.

Book Description - The Alchemy Reader offers a convenient introduction to a wide range of alchemical authors and works, from the pre-Christian era to Robert Boyle and Isaac Newton at the end of the seventeenth century. Organised chronologically, it includes around thirty selections in authoritative but lightly-modernised versions. The selections and extensive apparatus aim to provide the reader with a solid point of entry to the field and to its interdisciplinary links with science and medicine, philosophy, religion, and literature and the arts.

About the Author - Stanton J. Linden is Professor Emeritus of English, Washington State University. His publications include Darke Hierogliphicks: Alchemy in English Literature from Chaucer to the Restoration (1996), Emblems and Alchemy (co-editor, 1998), and a critical edition of George Ripley's Compound of Alchymy (2001).

A Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery by Lyndy Abraham - Editorial Reviews - 'Lyndy Abraham's erudite but highly readable dictionary ... would be of great interest, even excitement, to historians, literary sleuths or artists, or to any general reader, who welcomes an insight into humankind's pursuit of power over nature or into its wrestling with metaphysical issues.' Veronica Sen, Canberra Times '... a valuable and much needed research tool ... I highly recommend this text for anyone, from the beginning scholar to the experienced scholar, working on the relationship between alchemy, culture, and literature.' Eugene R. Cunnar, Cauda Pavonis 'With its lavish illustrations and intertextual references, this volume certainly fills a niche.' Donald R. Dickson, Endeavour 'Beautifully produced and a credit to both Cambridge University Press and to its indefatigable author." Australian Book Review

Review - "...this is a rich and generous source of information, with many illustrations and copious cross-referencing. Abraham makes an arcane subject accessible without diminishing its rich complexity." Journal of Englih and Germanic Philology

"Lyndy Abraham's Dictionary of Alchemical Imagery represents an invaluable research and reference tool for the specialist in literary studies, the art historian, and the historian of science. Delving into a rich variety of alchemical writings from Aquinas to Zoroaster and a wide range of literary texts, the Dictionary supplies ample evidence for the myriad ways in which alchemical thinking and imagery entered into the broader culture of early modern Europe through poetry, drama, and literature." Deborah Harkness

"...Abraham presents an intellectual dense, highly focused view of alchemical images in a Renaissance context." Norman Weinstein, Parabola

"Accessible and well formatted, this work will find an audience with historians of literary culture, philosophy, science, and visual arts, as well as armchair scholars with an interest in alchemy and hermeticism. This book is recommended for large public and academic collections." Edmund F. Santa Vicca, Choice

Product Description - This dictionary documents alchemical symbolism from the early centuries AD to the late-twentieth century, for use by historians of literary culture, philosophy, science and the visual arts, and readers interested in alchemy and hermeticism. Each entry includes a definition of the symbol, giving the literal (physical) and figurative (spiritual) meanings, an example of the symbol used in alchemical writing, and a quotation from a literary source. There are fifty visual images of graphic woodcuts, copperplate engravings and hand-painted emblems, some reproduced here for the first time.

Book Description - This dictionary documents alchemical symbolism from the early centuries AD to the late-twentieth century, for use by historians of literary culture, philosophy, science and the visual arts, and readers interested in alchemy and hermeticism. Each entry includes a definition of the symbol, giving the literal (physical) and figurative (spiritual) meanings, an example of the symbol used in alchemical writing, and a quotation from a literary source. There are fifty visual images of graphic woodcuts, copperplate engravings and hand-painted emblems, some reproduced here for the first time.

The Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy: An Herbalist's Guide to Preparing Medicinal Essences, Tinctures, and Elixirs by Manfred M. Junius - Customer Review - Junius' Practical Handbook of Plant Alchemy is one of the finest and most complete books on working with plants from an alchemical perspective (or spagyrics) available today. It is filled with information and experiments that will take years if not lifetimes to exhaust. Extensive instructions take you through the process of making tinctures, plant stones, elixirs, the plant magistry of Paracelsus, and the Lesser or Minor Circulation for the preperation of elixirs. All of the work can be done with a few pieces of easily obtained laboratory equipment that can be used with inexpensive electric or gas heating sources. It is a book you will want two copies of - one for your bookshelf and the second for your laboratory. Required reading - and doing - for anyone serious about undertaking an alchemical journey.-- Mark Stavish, The Institute for Hermetic Studies

The Philosopher's Stone: A Quest for the Secrets of Alchemy by Peter Marshall - Editorial Review - St Thomas Aquinas, Isaac Newton, Carl Jung; these and other historians, scientists and philosophers devoted much of their life to the study of alchemy and the search for the ultimate prize: the philosopher's stone, which can transform base metal into gold and is said to hold the key to life itself. Marshall is no desk top researcher, but to write the book embarked on a journey in the footsteps of some of the key practitioners, a quest which takes him to Beijing, Egypt, France, Spain and beyond and leads to encounters with many contemporary philosophers, alchemists and scientists, all searching not so much for fame or fortune but for the ultimate prize of enlightenment. This appealing combination of travelogue and inner journey is well served by the author's friendly, conversational tone and his ability to make sometimes complex ideas thoroughly accessible without shortchanging the reader. Myth, magic , religion and intrigue come together here to offer an intriguing alternative view of the history of civilisation's development. (Kirkus UK)

Product Description - Following such luminaries as Newton, Jung, St. Thomas Aquinas and Zosimus, who devoted most of their lives to searching for the Philosopher's Stone, Peter Marshall set out to unearth the secrets of alchemy in the lands where it was traditionally practiced. The result is a fascinating piece of historical, scientific and philosophical detection, as well as an exciting physical and spiritual adventure. Exploring the beliefs and practices, the myths and the symbols of the alchemists, Peter Marshall takes us on an enthralling journey into this arcane world.

Saint Germain on Alchemy: Formulas For Self-Transformation by Saint Germain - Editorial Review - If you think alchemy is just some archaic sleight of hand for changing lead into gold, "Saint Germain on Alchemy" will set you straight. It's about transformation: transforming yourself first spiritually and then materially. But it doesn't stop there. Alchemy aims to transform the world itself, to guide the unfoldment of history. Don't say it's incredible until you've read the book, experimented with the techniques and seen the results for yourself. Then you'll know: Saint Germain is for real. -- Richard Nolle

Product Description - Alchemy is a powerful method of transformation. In this greatest of all self-help books, Saint Germain reveals techniques to help you transform your life, your town, your planet. He tells you how you can harness spiritual energy, control your emotions and get rid of anxiety. Includes sections on the mystical origins of America and Saint Germain as the Wonderman of Europe. Includes 117-page glossary of alchemical and spiritual terms.

Saint Germain: Master Alchemist (Meet the Master) by Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Customer Review - This is a paper pocketbook, about the size of a 4" x 6" photo with 160 pages. You can easily slip it in your pocket or purse and read it on your commute to work (assuming you are not driving, of course).

When I first became really interested in metaphysical concepts, Saint Germain's name was one of the first names that popped up--I cannot even tell you how. I started flipping around the internet, but couldn't find much on him at the time, other than that he was "the keeper of the violet flame". That meant very little to me at the time--what was this violet flame?. I assumed he was a Catholic Saint, because, after all, his name is "Saint" Germain. So, I'm glad to see there is a nice little book about him, recently published in 2004.

The book tells you about his alleged history as being reincarnated several times as: a high priest on Atlantis, the Prophet Samuel, St Joseph, Saint Alban, Master Teacher of the Neoplatonists, Merlin, Roger Bacon, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon, and Le Comte de Saint Germain and his lives as these individuals. He is said to be the ruler of the Aquarian Age [now] and the keeper of the violet flame. The book also tells you about his role today and what you should do to transcend the challenges of the physical/material world.

I know it probably will sound a little spacey to most people but this book is really only for a very select audience, at least in my opinion. You will most likely be drawn to it somehow if it is for you. Like me, you will probably just stumble across it by "accident" if it's meant for you. I guess you could call it "New Age" reading, although I find that term somewhat misleading. "New Age" stuff is often concepts that are thousands of years old, and are just brought back to the surface.

Believe what your heart tells you is truth. Namaste'. - Kathy W

The Tower of Alchemy: An Advanced Guide to the Great Work by David Goddard - Product Description - The Tower of Alchemy is the first book published in the West to openly reveal the teachings and practice of the Hermetic Art in plain language. In this advanced manual, the alchemical symbols and motifs cease to be a bewildering maze and become helpful signposts on the Path of Liberation. David Goddard clearly explains the interior practices that are the essence of the Great Work itself. By assimilating the knowledge and practicing the exercises contained in this book, you will find that the once-confusing alchemical illustrations are now illuminated mandalas. Using classical Qabalah, and traditions as diverse as the Grail legend, Yoga, and Tibetan Buddhism, Goddard allows students access to the higher Mysteries. His specific teachings and guided practices will enable you to attain the secret to all spiritual works, which can culminate in the completion of the Great Work.

Alchemy and Mysticism: Hermetic Museum (Klotz Series) by Alexander Roob - Editorial Review - A quite astonishing book. Almost as thick as it is tall, it has a ratio of text to illustrations which is something in the region of 1:650 - and this is one of its great advantages, for an important feature of the alchemic tradition is that to protect its secrets they were traditionally expressed in visual form. Here are illustrations (many in colour) from the history of the Cabbala, magic, Freemasonry and the Rosicrucians; visual expressions of animal riddles, the elements, the planets and stars, and divine geometry. There is no other book like it. (Kirkus UK)

Product Description - From the medieval cosmogram and images of Christian mysticism, this book explores the world of alchemy up to the art of the Romantic era.

Alchemy Rediscovered and Restored by Archibald Cockren - Editorial Review - From the Publisher - Kessinger Publishing reprints over 1,500 similar titles all available through --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

Product Description - Written in 1941 by a modern day Alchemist this book gives a history of the art of alchemy from the days of Paraclesus through to the Comte De St. Germain. Mr. Cockren also gives a discourse upon his own experimentations, with guidance and interpretations for those who wish to follow in the footsteps of those who seek The Philosopher's Stone. --This text refers to the Paperback edition.

The Book of Alchemy: Learn the Secrets of the Alchemists to Transform Mind, Body, and Soul by Francis Melville - Product Description - Alchemy—the ancient science that aims to transform various substances into different and more noble elements—remains one of the most misunderstood of the great wisdom traditions. Often scorned as a deceptive pseudo-science practiced by the greedy in pursuit of gold, alchemy is gaining renewed recognition by many today as a legitimate way to understand certain workings of nature. It is also seen as a complex key to our understanding of humanity's relationship to the universe and a means of improving our health and well-being. The Book of Alchemy teaches its readers how to penetrate the obscure symbolic language of the alchemists . . . understand how alchemical transformation can initiate a profound change of consciousness, claimed by practitioners to bring eventual union with the Divine . . . practice traditional meditations and exercises . . . prepare herbal alchemical elixirs to benefit the body . . . and discover how the alchemists' search for purity can become a twenty-first-century model for spiritual development. Readers will also find helpful meditations, brilliant illustrations of alchemical emblems, and instructions for making beneficial alchemical potions from easy-to-obtain herbs. The author shows readers how to harness the powers claimed for alchemy to improve their physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. Approximately 130 full-color illustrations.

From the Back Cover - Alchemy, the ancient science of transformation, remains one of the most mysterious and misunderstood of the great wisdom traditions. Often scorned as a deceptive pseudo-science practiced by the greedy and gullible in pursuit of gold, alchemy is gaining renewed recognition by many as a legitimate way to understand the workings of nature. It is also seen as a richly complex key to our understanding of humanity's relationship with the universe. The Book of Alchemy can teach you how to...

* Penetrate the obscure symbolic language of the alchemists * Recognize the archetypal processes of alchemical transformation * Understand how alchemical transformation can initiate profound changes of consciousness that may lead to eventual union with the Divine * Practice traditional meditations and exercises * Prepare herbal alchemical elixirs * Discover how the alchemists' search for purity and perfection can become a twenty-first-century model for spiritual development

Fulcanelli: Master Alchemist: Le Mystere des Cathedrales, Esoteric Intrepretation of the Hermetic Symbols of The Great Work (Le Mystere Des Cathedrales ... of the Hermetic Symbols of Great Work) by Fulcanelli - Product Description - In 1926 the fabled alchemist Fulcanelli left his remarkable manuscript concerning the Hermetic Study of Gothic Cathedral Construction with a student. He than disappeared. The book decodes the symbology found upon and within the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe which have openly displayed the secrets of alchemy for 700 years.

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