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I learned so much new stuff about astral projection, out of body experiences, prana, the etheric planes, astral planes, mental planes, celestial planes, etc. that I could not stop reading.
Our Ultimate Reality

Our Ultimate Reality, Alan Watts, Deepak Chopra, Campbell

Thursday, 3-23-2006, Article 33

Book Review of Adrian Cooper's OUR ULTIMATE REALITY

I just read all 685 pages of this intriguing book, yet I still can't put this book down! Wish I had more time to go back and study some of it's more interesting chapters!

The book is a PDF file. I had to print out all 685 pages of it so that I could read it without having to use the computer. It is awesome, awesome, awesome! I learned so much new stuff about astral projection, out of body experiences, prana, the etheric planes, astral planes, mental planes, celestial planes, cosmic planes, etc. Adrian Cooper even made an important distinction between out of body experiences and astral projection that I never before realized. I've had first hand experience of some of the phenomena he talks about and have much previous reading to compare it to. I wonder where and how he was able to compile so much information I have not yet seen?

A vast area of subjects are covered such as the universe, God, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, mentalism, vibration, energy, cause and effect, Emerald Tablet of Hermes, remote viewing, ghosts, the Kabbalah, suicide, life after death, the astral planes, celestial planes, cosmic planes, the astral body, mental body, soul, spirit guides, angels, psychics, instrumental transcommunication, channeling, clairvoyance, twin-hearts meditation, Reiki and pranic healing, lucid dreaming, the profound significance of unconditional love, attracting anything you need, and contacting your inner self to find true answers to life's most difficult problems. At least 114 different subjects (chapters) are covered.

Superhealth Through Modern Alchemy
Adrian Cooper's chapters on all the various methods and history of spirit communication are incredible. There is so much in that book, it has provided a year's worth of research and reading to go through. It covers so much detail on so many subjects ... His history of mysticism and spiritism, all the mediums, ectoplasm, prana, etc. he writes about are absolutely fascinating and well researched. For example, I now definitely want to buy and/or look further into all the amazing information and books on and by Patience Worth -- especially Patience Worth's incredibly detailed account of the life of Jesus Christus, The Sorry Tale: A Story of the Time of Christ (dictated from the spirit of Patience Worth in old English using an ouija board -- another huge book -- 640 pages) which is about the life of Christ from the perspective of actual souls who lived during the time and place of Jesus' life and crucifixion.

Adrian Cooper also says it is imperative that we always watch our thoughts no matter what plane of consciousness we are on. In the etheric and astral worlds, thoughts manifest instantly, so you end up experiencing what you think will happen! He says the physical world is no different, only that the vibration is so much lower and the density is so much greater things just take longer to manifest and only with the habitual ways of thinking and feeling. I am therefore always focusing on love, prosperity and other related "reality creation" positive scenarios. I have been for a long time anyway and had noticed some remarkable changes in my life in just the last couple of years, especially in the area of finding wholeness, relationships, success, and prosperity. This incredibly impressive book (maybe a little too ambitious?) while trying to cover every possible subject of metaphysics, religion and reality, has much to say about how to create many miraculous effects and goes into endless detail and all the step-by-step mental disciplines needed to achieve them. Can one really create miracles? In order to help along here, I will have to say that according to my personal experience, yes, you can attract good things in life by concentrating on them, this is definitely possible, this phenomena has definitely happened to me but not in the specific ways that Adrian talks about; I have had more general results and a few, rare and rather querky specific results.

Adrian Cooper includes a very nice history of the main religions, metaphysics, spiritualism, and the various stages of scientific knowledge including how the narrow-minded Newtonian three dimensional mechanical model must give way to the much more fluid and holistic concepts of quantum physics in which the entire universe is actually a giant hologram governed by Universal Mind of which our individual minds are an inseparable part. However, he does repeat himself occasionally. For instance, He made the statement, "David Bohm also most aptly referred the physical universe of matter as 'frozen light'" five times throughout the book. Being a profound truth,
supported by both science and Hindu mysticism he may have deliberately intended to repeat this statement. Some of the greatest yogis who have ever lived (including Paramhansa Yogananda) fully realized that matter is indeed made from frozen light. I found all Adrian Cooper's references to quantum physics very welcome, interesting and appropriate, however because of my personal interest in quantum physics, I would really have loved to have seen much, much more in-depth advanced scientific theory on this subject and much more detail as to how it could scientifically support the "you create your own reality" theory as well as all the strange psychic phenomena recorded throughout history. Certain chapters of Our Ultimate Reality remind me of the 2004 cult hit movie, What the (Bleep) Do We Know? by William Arntz, et al, and The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force in the Universe by Lynne McTaggart in which both authors also combine quantum physics and mysticism, but much more thoroughly.

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Unfortunately, no author is perfect! Some of the scientific information he has included is not up to par with my high standards. For example, he got the frequencies of infrared and ultraviolet radiation mixed up and does not seem to fully understand or go deeply enough as I would like him to into the full significance of quantum physics (which is really quite profound, complex and controversial) and how these concepts tie in with dimensions, the true nature and origin of prana, etc. I suppose I should give him plenty of credit for at least writing about some of the history of physics, how more advanced concepts developed from Einstein's theory of relativity and Ernest Rutherford's astounding discovery that atoms are in fact comprised of vast regions of space, and how all this relatively new knowledge ties in with our relationship with God and the universe. Adrian Cooper goes on to say that all matter in the universe is really just condensed energy in the form of vibration subject to the principles of mind power with all of it coming from the Source, First Cause or God.

Instead of continuing with his scientific approach throughout the whole book which I was hoping he would do, he kind of leaves it behind to go on into all the more usual, basic, non-scientific ways of writing about higher planes, karma, philosophy, reincarnation, astrology, positive thinking, metaphysics, etc. that he must have picked up from so many other books rather than just his personal experience and original scientific experimentation and research which I had hoped for. I am much more used to at least some scientific foundation or backing of every subject that one would write about, otherwise I tend to think of it as either fictional, dogmatic, imaginative or false.

I am still wondering who is Adrian Cooper and how he can be so certain that all his lessons and principles so thoroughly and meticulously laid out throughout this 685 page encyclopedia is the guaranteed truth? From where does he get the authority and insights to write all this information? He often leaves me guessing what or where he is getting his information. There are many sound metaphysical, karmic and moral principles including the idea that every living creature, plant, etc. is an all-important Expression of God which is great and I could not agree more with these concepts. However, I did not recall reading any of Adrian's actual personal experiences that would have greatly improved the balance of content which I would much rather have enjoyed reading about than having to go through dozens of chapters of impersonal knowledge, practice, and theory even though they seem quite practical and useful. Had he included his own personal adventures with meditation, astral projection, psychokinesis, or any other mystical practice or experience, it would have been much more interesting, credible, and easier to read and enjoy. I read somewhere that he had a near-death experience and would loved to have read something about that, hoping that his near-dealth experience was the source of and the authority behind all his information rather than it being just another rehash of the tons of literature on metaphysical subjects out there.

Although he finally wrote on the subject of health, importance of diet, control of lust and other depleating habits near the very end of the book, for the most part of this vast 685 page PDF document he was putting all the emphasis on the higher bodies (auric sheaves or koshas) and mind power alone as the key to all health and healing and nothing else. I would like to caution one that we really need to do everything possible to heal and maintain one's health and never just one approach such as mind power and metaphysics alone. That could be dangerous. We really need a balanced approach and everything in between.

In spite of all my criticisms, this material is still obviously a great collection of information full of incredible, fully detailed and valuable hard-to-find knowledge about some of the most amazing things in life such as how to attract what you need, how to astral project, how to meditate, how to move objects with mind power alone, how to contact or meet departed loved ones, how to contact your higher self, and how to do many, many more amazing things. Again, it would have been much more believable and interesting material if he just included some of his own successes, failures, and other personal adventures etc. with mysticism, and what caused or inspired him to write all these chapters in the first place? How successfully does he apply his own knowledge to achieving results in his own personal life? It leaves me wondering about his own attainments, trials and errors, etc. that he had to go through in order to get to the level of knowledge he now has. No "about the author" page either.

In conclusion, he is very good at explaining exactly how to achieve all the seeming miraculous feats. He writes chapter after chapter on just how to strengthen and discipline one's mind to the point that great results can be obtained. No details are left out! If you are up to the regular practice of hours and hours of the mental discipline and patience required for the degree of metaphysical success that he so confidently claims you can achieve (such as mastery of astral projection and telepathy) then this book is definitely for you. There is so much information covered in this vast PDF file that one cannot possibly remember everything from one read and must go back through it over and over again as a reference. This material is really much more like a reference encyclopedia than a book anyway.

Even after studying every page, and regardless of all the imperfections and omissions I have previoulsy mentioned, I am still fully convinced it is worth the $37 needed to purchase this vast resource of truely awesome material, and there are, along with access to his website's "Our Ultimate Relaity Forums," four bonus PDF books that come with this material too: The Science of Getting Rich, The Science of Being Well, The Science of Being Great, and The Power of Concentration.

Our Ultimate Reality
Life, the Universe and the Destiny of Mankind

This awesome 600+ page encyclopedia by Adrian Cooper answers every question about the human condition and its implications. This unbiased and objective material is a MUST read for anyone concerned about the afterlife and our place in the universal scheme of things. Learn how to contact and become at one with your real Source (the wholeness which is God), experience heaven, and attract everything true, good and beautiful into your life. Within seconds you could be well on your way to solving the ultimate mysteries of life and finding paths to freedom from the human condition. This awesome collection of knowledge discusses the greatest secrets behind every religion: how to attract wealth, joy and love into your life, what happens after one dies, how to astral project and experience the afterlife, how to meditate, how to do pranic healing, and most important of all, how to realize and find God. This book is vast in detail, history and scope. Illumined by the brilliant light of ancient wisdom and contemporary science, every page is beautifully written. 114 chapters! You will be filled with wonder! There is more than one can read for a long time. Follow this link for more details and an instant download.

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you know on FaceBook, through e-mail, and through other major social networking websites!

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