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Alkalized Water Is the Foundation of Good Health

You will find that drinking loads and loads of ionized water between whole, complete meals instead of snacking is one of the most essential aspects of wholeness and excellent health. Please learn more about an excellent source of water alkaline ionizers here: Water for Life USA - Live Healthy

Healing Dental Caries - Page 3

All Information Here Can be Found in my E-Book:
How to Heal Dental Caries With the Palaeolithic Diet

Much of what we have been taught about tooth decay in schools and colleges is either wrong or incomplete. Interesting research by Ramiel Nagel and Dr. Weston A. Price explains why incorrect nutrition is the real cause of tooth decay. This material presents alternative dental research.

Seven Steps to Wholeness

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You can heal your dental caries with alkaline mineral water, dolomite, Microhyrdrin, regular brushing with a tooth remineralization paste and correct nutrition, including a life-long alkaline-forming diet loaded with antioxidants, vitamin D and cod liver oil all of which are so vital for your dental health.

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Keep Your Saliva Alkaline

I would like to mention one most important factor for keeping one's teeth healthy is always having alkaline saliva. The alkalinity of one's saliva can vary greatly from individual to individual and from time to time depending on one's diet, source of drinking water, and genetic background.

The continuing existence of teeth in the mouth depends largely on the chemical composition and pH of one's saliva, which if too low (acidic) allows much more tooth decay to occur. Alkaline saliva helps to protect the tooth enamel from acidic residues and is always essential to have if one is serious about keeping one's teeth for life!

The best way to make sure one has high pH (alkaline) saliva is to always take some good mineral supplements high in calcium and magnesium such as the ocean product called coral calcium which contains not only an excellent source of calcium but also all the trace minerals essential for health. Drinking loads of alkalized water between meals instead of snacking is also essential for having more alkaline saliva.

Drink Alkalizing Water ("Mineral Milk") Instead of Snacking

Have at least four grams calcium and two grams magnesium per day which is provided by 6 grams dolomite. Add one teaspoon of dolomite for every 1.5 liters of ionized water, 1/2 teaspoon sea salt, and one capsule Microhydrin which literally has an extremely high pH (power of hydrogen). This alkalized water is to be taken between whole, complete meals instead of snacking. This habit alone would add years and years to your lifetime and prevent much dental decay and will help your body to create alkaline saliva most of the time which is also critical to preventing cavities.

Drinking this highly alkalized mineral water instead of snacking should also be a great help because its high pH balance of alkaline minerals and negatively ionized water temporarily neutralizes the acidic residues and byproducts from acidic foods and acid producing bacteria on teeth which are the main cause of dental caries.

One can also enhance the circulation with the power of cayenne pepper which seems to reduce and heal gum infection and reduce tooth-ache. The habit of snacking between meals is the worse thing for teeth, especially when it is the usual sugary junk food and phosphoric/citric/carbonic acid sodas so often consumed. However if one "snacked" instead on alkaline water and minerals between meals, one's saliva is bound to become much more alkaline which is critical for preventing tooth erosion.

Also one may not tend to feel as hungry because of the temporary neutralizing effect alkaline minerals and ionized water has on hunger. There is also a common malady in society known as "heartburn" and this symptom is rarely experienced after one is drinking so much highly alkalized water with alkaline minerals every day.

Additional Elements to Add To Your Regimen

Supplement your diet with extra calcium, magnesium, zinc and all other 72 minerals and trace elements, A, D, E, K, antioxidants, etc., liquid or granular lecithin which contains phosphorous in the form of phospholipids, and a liquid colloidal mineral formula containing all 74 macro and trace minerals, and vitamin antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, bioflavonoids, vitamin D, E, the herb turmeric, circulation enhancing herbs such as cayenne and ginger, and especially large quantities of CQ10 and green tea will help maintain heathy teeth and protect the gums.

Large amounts (more than 300 mg. a day) of the CQ10 might even help reverse gum loss. Gum disease can increase the presence of CRP (C-reactive protein) in the blood which is known to increase blood clotting, heart attacks and strokes. So for one's health, well being and longevity, one needs to have as little to do with gum disease as possible.

Best Toothpastes to Use

Use toothpastes containing only simple, healthy ingredients: After every meal, brush and soak teeth in a toothpaste containing CQ10, grapefruit seed extract, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), green tea, and calcium powder. Periobrite by Nature's Answer ( contains most of the above ingredients.

The above tooth paste and similar brands should be available in any health food store. However, avoid those products which contain fluoride which is a highly controversial substance. Fluoride only temporarily hardens enamel yet makes it even more susceptible to tooth decay later on and can be very toxic/fatal in large doses.

Carefully brushing teeth, gums (and maybe the tongue as well) after every meal is extremely important because brushing is essential for oral hygiene, brushing helps keep breath fresh, brushing prevents the build-up of unsightly stains, brushing helps to keep saliva more alkaline. Brushing removes particles of food that would otherwise leave damaging acidic residue on teeth.

Even more important, one can remineralize teeth with NovaMin which contains a calcium-sodium-phosphosilicate formula. One can quickly rebuild damaged and/or painful tooth surfaces with a product called "Dr. Collins Restore Remineralizing Toothpaste" (contains NO fluoride) which is my absolute favorite toothpaste. It helps to rebuild tooth enamel by an ionic release of minerals essential for healthy teeth such as calcium, phosphorous, sodium and silica.

NovaMin which uses calcium sodium phosphosilicate as the active ingredient, releases fully active calcium and phosphorus ions when in contact with water. NovaMin provides a higher concentration of the same ions that are naturally found in saliva. After brushing, NovaMin particles adhere to the tooth surface and continues to release ions for hours afterward. This process ensures and enhances the natural self-repair of your tooth surface. It works for me and I am very happy with it. It is a surprisingly inexpensive product for what it claims to do, so no reason not to give it a try. You can order this product at

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How to Heal Dental Caries With the Palaeolithic Diet

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